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[Grace] ... Truth be told I'm lying.

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Short starter for you my dear. [369]

He'd been ranging further and further in search of prey recently, but he didn't mind; it got him out of the pack grounds and made him think back to the days when he and Bran had roved freely. Yeah, he missed the good ol' days, but he wouldn't trade in his life now to go back. He had a mate that he loved and that loved him, five wonderful children, and the extended family of his pack to make his life interesting and different everyday, but it still was nice to get away once in a while. He liked to have some quiet ranging time where it was just him and the open air and sprawling landscape. He'd managed to find the tracks of a medium sized herd of deer and had followed them for well over a day, despairing as he realised their slots showed that they were heading up into the mountains. He'd lose them in the rocky terrain, but he would persevere anyway; the pack always needed food and he enjoyed the work.

His easy paced lope slowed as he realised that he had run through midday and his stomach was protesting, as were his paws, that had begun to ache. He slowed to a stop and looked around for a place to sit and take his lunch, quickly spotting a nice outcropping of rock. He clambered up onto a relatively flat topped boulder and unslung his leather satchel from his scarred shoulders. His calloused finger pads brushed lightly against the bald stripes where Stein had raked him badly during the Ironside conflict. That had been so long ago now, but the memories rose to the surface quick enough. He recalled the chaos of that final battle; him and Sky taking on Stein together, the way Stein had died, with his throat in Niernan's mouth, his life blood flooding the Stormbringers maw. He shuddered and shook his head, as if the movement could loosen the memories and dump them from his mind. He flipped his satchel open and reached in for the jerky he had packed, settling on the rock to take his lunch and try not to think about the wolf he had killed last year.

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