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POSTED: Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:53 am

Nothing matched the pride he felt when he earned his new rank in the Council. All doubt others had placed in him, all distaste he'd had thrown his way due to his heritage had washed away, as he now sat below none but his leaders. The position of the loyal guard dog was his to keep, and for the past several days, he'd been training harder than ever to prove it. Patrols, sparring, and keeping an eye on the pups (and Brumaire) were all juggled amidst the days, leaving little time to himself.

Tonight, however, he'd found a small corner of time to stare at the sky. He lie on the grassy moor in his Lupus form, four legs poised lazily in the air, and tongue hanging out of his mouth as always. The sky was brilliant and beautiful tonight, the stars pinpricks of white against a starkly black canvas.

Suddenly, something shifted. Nathaniel craned his head, attempting to find what it was - it happened again, lasting longer this time, streaking across the sky in a brilliant blaze. Was that a star, falling? He'd heard about the collapsing heavens, although he'd never really had time to witness it before. Now that he took to the night more often, however, he'd seen more and more of the dark sky, populated with stars. Dying stars, now, he thought as another one ran across the night.

thread prompt #2: "Between the 9th and the 14th, a spectacular meteor shower can be seen in the sky. These Perseids have been active for centuries and are most easily seen between midnight and 3am, and often streak across the sky as often as every minute." 233 words

by Miyu!

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An astronomer Micah Lykoi was not, but one to appreciate he was. More often was he found among flowers and birds and greens, but the night sky was just as glorious an experience to behold each night. Had stargazing not brought back nostalgic memories of his mother's loving comparisons of the sky to his fur, the man might have gazed up more often.

Sonata and Soprano asleep wherever they may be and Bark dozing or late-night grazing in the fields of the Moors, Micah crept out by himself under veil of darkness to avoid the interaction of packmates and consequential dialogue about hostility with non-coyotes that had fired up often as of late. The Lykoi did not share in such views; he was a peaceful type, he kept to himself. He knew every man could make himself an exception to an assumed rule. He knew there were good Lykoi among a once terrible reputation, and he knew himself one of them.

His intention had been to stretch his legs, to venture from the Riperian Moors in which he self-isolated, to perhaps scrounge some meager nocturnal meal. Instead Micah found himself distracted by the strange turning of stars, a circumstance not foreign in concept to him but extremely rare. He thought he had seen a falling star, once; now, he saw many.

And in his distracted meanderings, Micah nearly tripped over a coy of blazing colors as if the sun had hidden within him, afraid of the dark.

"Oh," he said, surprised, tail tucking. He tried not to be awkward and ducked Lupus head respectfully closer to the ground. "Huh-hello, uh, I-I'm sorry, I didn't see you. It's—they're nice, the stars, aren't they?"

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