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Loner Conflict Finale, next round: 3

POSTED: Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:41 pm

Hello everyone! This is the final scuffle thread with the loners, AniWaya is positioned quite far back from the loners. I'd like to keep this thread going quickly, so after everyone interested has posted and joined a "team" I'll begin round two in which we'll send those loners packing! So, please post by September 1st!

Olivia could feel herself practically shaking with nervousness. Claudius stood near to her but she couldn't shake the feeling that this may be the wrong thing to happen. But they had listened to their tribe and this conflict had gone on long enough for everyone. They had been badgered and harassed by loners that claimed that the land was their own and at last the day of reckoning would happen and it would be over, once and for all.

The tawny she wolf had been at the stead of her tribe beside her uncle as those that had been willing to fight followed them. The loners smell had hung in the air thick and heavy as they got closer to the border. The invaders had not yet crossed the border but as Olivia and the rest arrived, the loners looked awfully mean standing there. She recognized many of them, some looked wary and others angry that the conflict had gone on so long. They had not yet seen AniWaya approaching, for the tribe had the wind on their side as they hid among the familiar trees.

Olivia looked back at her own family, many wore hard faces and some looked afraid as well. The young fighter summoned a sturdy face and turned around to look over them. It seemed right that she speak before them, up their moral. She didn't doubt that Claudius could do the same thing, but the young Tarasova wanted to do it herself.

"This has been a long time coming," She began, looking over the faces of those she knew and loved. Some were new but many more were old and familiar to her. "I have no doubt that we will come out of this conflict alive and well and free from this scourge. And we will set out a message that AniWaya isn't a tribe that is so easily cowed into giving in." The pale eyed female looked over them, her own eyes blazing with courage.

Some that she hadn't expected to come had arrived, Tiva the fire tender and Simcha the crastman had fallen into the ranks and looked grimly determined. Olivia realized that they were still small and numbers and would probably need to split up to surround the loners that mulled further along the path, lurking and advancing into the tribe's territory.

"Quickly," She intoned, looking at her tribe, "Let's split into two groups, one to charge straight towards the leaders and another to circle around. Claudius can lead the forward one while I circle around," She looked towards her uncle, "I think you'll make a bigger statement up front." She turned to the rest, "Let's get started."

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POSTED: Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:19 pm

<3 (+400)

Though the loners had backed off to lick their wounds for a while, the source of the conflict remained, and here they were again for another round. Hopefully this would be the last time, because the pack was not going anywhere.

Domovoi stood stiffly at his towering full height, icy eyes flashing as they peered through the treeline. He had exchanged blows with two of the interlopers at the Ranch, and as he caught their scents in particular, a shudder of anticipation wracked his frame. His muscles were coiled, tensed, ready to snap. Every little noise caused the wolfdog to jerk instinctively, lips twitching to bare fangs. Intense dread clutched in his chest, his gut, making hackles rise and his tail lash.

He was someone conditioned to expect combat at every turn — the hideous scars carved his violent history onto his hide for anyone to read. What was different today compared to any other day was that for the first time he did not stand alone. Other AniWayans stood ready to defend their home, and he was on their side. He had allies. He had a side to fight for — not a hopeless cause and a death wish.

He had promised to protect Olivia and Amorette. He had already failed one of those girls, but like hell would he allow the remaining AniWayan to go charging into battle without his support. Olivia spoke like a leader beside her uncle, and Dom watched her with a pained gaze as she radiated the same confidence and beauty as Ocèane. If she hadn't been as stubborn as her mother, too, he would have demanded she stay as far away from the conflict as she could.

He felt a quick flash of resentment toward Claudius for encouraging Olivia's involvement on the front line, but a brush of fur against his leg distracted him. His spirit guide. Ninovan was uncomfortable being visible in front of others, it seemed, but she was here for all to see. The wolverine glanced at him with a serious stare, all business, and he was mollified. He could not lose focus on where to direct his hostility.

Heart in his throat, the Ayastigi braced himself for what was to come. His fists shook at his sides as he struggled to control his rising passion. He would follow Olivia, and woe betide any loner who tried to lay hands on the little wolf who could be his daughter.

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POSTED: Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:02 pm

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When she was little, Ocèane had been a lover, not a fighter. She believed that in some corner of her that piece of her innocent childhood remained; but it was pacified. Years of traveling had hardened her once soft and fragile body- her mind was no longer open and so easily damaged. She’d broken bones, she’d spilled blood, and she’d cracked hearts, her own included. Now, as she stood among her fellow AniWayans, she had too much to lose. The woman ran a soft hand over her shoulder, where she could just feel the rough scar tissue hidden beneath her fur; a trophy of an earlier battle she’d waged against these very intruders. Her sea foam eyes, usually expressive and soft, glinted cold and sharp as she raked through their distant enemies’ ranks with her gaze. These loners had graduated from a nuisance to a danger, and damned was she not to fight for her home and her family, no matter how small and broken.

Her daughter’s voice brought her to attention, and she listened to Olivia quietly, her expression a mix of too many things to be described simply. There was real pride there; despite having spent the majority of her life in Lac Sakami, the girl had her feet planted firmly in the ground that she knew was hers. It was more than she could have hoped for, the Tarasova’s loyalty for her home. But there was also some amount of fear there. She was taking responsibility- almost too much for a mother to handle with ease. Olivia could get hurt, standing in the midst of things. But Ocèane trusted her brother’s judgment, and knew that Claudius saw something resilient in the girl, just as she did. There was an unspoken agreement between all of them; to keep her safe.

The order was given to break ranks, Ocèane followed Olivia and Domovoi without a second of hesitation. Insane was anybody to think she wasn’t going to follow what was left of her family into a battle. The Fire Maker steeled herself silently, running the cold of her claws along her arm to distract her flitting thoughts as the remainder of the groups gathered. She tried to organize what she was thinking, but it was impossible. Her eyes rested on Olivia, and then Domovoi, and she had only one concrete promise that she could hold onto; to protect what she loved.

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In the group that gathered, all Claudius could think was that this was the tribe, his family. Every single member of the tribe was family in some manner and he valued Simcha, Tiva, Ocèane, Olivia, and Domovoi, for being here with them. Somehow, and without much warning, Olivia had turned out to be an integral part of his leadership role now that Ulilohi had departed. It was sudden, but it made sense: she was calm, confident, but still young, so always questioning. While Claudius was jaded and bitter, worn down from past battles, she still saw the light. Claudius felt the hollow echoes of past mistakes and only hoped that the wind blowing through his bones wouldn’t knock him over. The air cut him physically as he had ridden to the gathering place and it would cut him again as he rushed at the intruders.

He had his spear with him, and this time, it was a spear and not his usual staff. Today, it carried a blade. He had been working at improving his skills, particularly while mounted. Before, he had been terrified of the massive creatures; now, they were a vital part of his war strategy.

Mino had braided the horse’s mane for him so that it would distract him less and reduce the chance of him getting his spear caught. Although Claudius had improved, he was by no means an expert. He would have to ask an Ayastigi for further training.

Claudius nodded as Olivia listed off the formations and held his spear up high for the tribesmembers to see.

Unlike other days, this time, Iman was at his side. He exchanged a grim frown with his spirit guide, who had committed to help protect the tribe. They both knew that the time for Claudius' silly independence was over. He was able to accept her now and she him.

“Fuh-first suh-strike team… wuh-with me then,” he said, and guided the horse to lead the attack.
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So as he had groomed Orleans and continued training the boy preparing for battle all along there was a battle in his homeland brewing. Shameful,certainly pitiful. He felt sickened hearing of this damned news realizing the blessing he and his mate had avoiding such conflict and poor Orleans he decided to keep the boy out of it for now. He was beginning to gain confidence but Fen knew the sight of others being slashed or god forbid his pack mates or even himself the boy may lose all faith. it was too much for him right now. He had sent the boy to the training ground they have been working on to further develop his skills. It was funny and brought a pained smile to know both of them were testing what they had learn. This was the day he showed what a grand sage could do and why he earned the title.

As he joined the crowd it had occurred to him that he wasn't fighting with the sage title, no to his foes he was an AniWaya, rank, title, and name meant nothing. He was fighting for his home, his family. This day would end in bloodshed and certainly a good amount of scrapes and bruises but no one would die. He swore to defend their lives. He was saved by these people and they had saved his love. He owed them more than his own life. They earned his heart, mind and soul. Fenrir knew the faces and was shocked to see Ocèane and her offspring in this gathering. Although it was to be expected they all were children of this pack even if they came from different lands all were family here and as family they fought, lived, and died together. It was honorable and he would gift them later for such deeds.

The two plans seemed simple but damned as he saw all head towards the wrap around tactic. He saw his friend hold his spear high and Fen couldn't help but chuckle with a smirk of determination and pride as he held his own spear high to show his own loyalty and agreement to follow Claudius. Fen stood beside the man as he knew the frontal assault would be the most brutal of them all. " And so the curtain call rings through the lands on these intruders, what do you say my dear friends shall we give these pariahs a thorough bashing?" The question was rhetorical but meant to raise the adrenaline and spirit of the group as it seemed they were slightly smaller than the flanking party.
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She had never been much of a fighter. She had never trained in the art of battle although she had torn flesh with teeth and claws. She had fought the devil Lucifer, her own father, to gain her freedom, she had fought the demon Liam, her own nephew, to protect her children. The fire tender had stood with AniWaya for so long that it was hard to think of a time where she did not belong to the tribe. Some of the newer members she didn't know so well but she only had herself to blame for that. Ulilohi's departure had taken a lot out of her and the female felt the keen loss of her lover and good friend. But she stood never the less, she stood with a spear clenched between her snowy paws and her face hard with anger. AniWaya had been pushed and pushed, but no more would they stand to be harassed. The beautiful sapphire eyes were almost fierce in their glinting light.

At her side was her one remaining child. Payne had not left her mother, had not abandoned her birth tribe. The warrior was a fully grown female, no longer a skinny lanky girl. Upon her back a bow and a quiver of arrows. Within her hand a deadly spear and tied to her waist a wicked looking battle axe. The daughter of Guiseppe had far surpassed her father. She was mounted upon Neo, the stallion trained to charge to war. Gemma had given up her horse to her daughter, hoping it would give Payne Xhexania the advantage. Neo would protect the female with his life if he had to, his hooves were sharp and his weight massive, he would crush anyone who stood in his way. The stallion's sides heaved and his nostrils quivered with excitement but he stood still, not breaking from his position.

Just as she thought he would not come, so too did Light make an appearance, the scarred veteran dressed in the manner of his own tribal people, painted with dyes with his golden eyes blazing. Frodo was not far behind astride his own mount Strider. She greeted both of them with a terse nod. She listened to Olivia, silently admiring the girl for her calm demeanor in the face of this possible tragedy. Gemma and Payne moved to follow Claudius along with Light and Frodo, Gemma lifting her spear high into the air too, her lilting voice steady despite the rapid beating of her heart,

"For AniWaya!"
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The barn did not offer much in the way of weaponry as Ibycus looked around the building. Despite the fact that he did not have any idea on how to use such weaponry even in the unlikely event he found one did not deter him in looking. There were various objects and tools that were there for either storage or use in stall cleaning and other animal care tasks. With the lack of actual tools of war being contained within the structure, he started considering the items that he did come across and their possible enlistment in the current turf war that Aniwaya got pulled into.

In his search and selection for an appropriate tool for the task that it will be called to do, Ibycus realized that he was woefully unschooled in the arts of fighting and warfare. He wondered how he had managed to travel half way around the globe and not get into a fight or even killed. From the stories he had heard from others and the scars on their bodies, it was a total surprise to him that not only was he still alive, but also without major scars marking up some part of his body.

It happened that he was with the stock and making sure they were doing ok and with plenty of water and food when the word came down that the pack were taking arms against the loners. He had decided to join the others which had brought him to search out something that would help him increase his effectiveness in a battle. His selection of a common farming implement finally made saw him to the scene where the battle was to take place. Joining the ranks of Aniwayans a large wolfdog that wielded a pitchfork, a tool that Ibycus thought would be a good weapon for warfare because it clearly told whomever it was that it pointed to that they were at the wrong end of a long, pointy and very sharp object and that whomever was at the correct end meant business.

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Thanks for joining everyone! Please allow Tammi to post first with Claudius for frontal attack and then no/little order, let's keep the thread moving! Here are the loner's information. Illiam and Behram are up front, others spread about.

Olivia was glad to see her pack rally around her. It was an inspiring show and even though they were a small pack, much of them had showed up to show their support. Some were fighters but many were peaceful folk, only joining to see the tribe through one of their largest struggles in quite a long time. Olivia tried to commit this moment to memory, the adrenaline, the feeling of family. There was little time for thought as her tribe members sifted to either side, many joining with Claudius and several joining with Olivia as well.

She was glad to see both her mother and father with her and she immediately felt safer with them. A smile of determination spread across her face. "Let's show these loners that they can't mess with us anymore," She growled, hackles rising, her thickly furred body puffing up with both excitement and a good deal of fear. "Side group, follow me! For AniWaya!"

As she pulled to the side, she led her small group threw a densely grown path, her feet whispering across the ground. Her movements were silent and planned as she skirted around the place where she knew the loners were. Their smell intruded upon her senses but she continued walking, leading the group until they were far to the side of the group. Then, low to the ground, they waited for a moment, listening for Claudius to make his own charge towards them, drawing the group towards them.

"We'll charge at the sound of commotion," She whispered to her group, "Catch them off guard from behind." The waiting was tense but when Claudius charged forward with the sound of hooves, she signaled for them to advance and make their attack. And when Olivia ran, she flew and with a snarl and the strength of the group on her back, she fell against the closest rogue she could find, catching him by surprise.

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POSTED: Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:06 pm

Thanks for joining in, everyone! Here are the teams that I gleaned from the posts. I also put Tiva and Simcha in Olivia's team. Temo, feel free to join either team!

Team Olivia: Domovoi, Ocèane, Tiva (NPC), Simcha (NPC)

Team Claudius: Fenrir, Gemma, Payne (NPC), Light (NPC), Frodo (NPC)

Unspecified: Ibycus

Fenrir’s own spear mirrored Claudius’, held proud and high in the air. Claudius took this resolute determination and ran with it – he’d need all the help he could get. Though AniWaya’s ranks did not swell with warriors, it was definitely filled with loyal members and this fact alone made Claudius think that they could overcome the loners. They were smaller in number and AniWaya had too much at stake. They had fought time and time again for their home and they would do it again. Claudius cheered at Fenrir’s question, and was heartened to see that shortly after, Gemma arrived with a veritable contingent of tribesmembers.

Light, astride his horse, and Frodo too, as well as Payne – and the ringleader herself, Gemma – joined the first attack group. This might just work.

Claudius waved over the mounted tribesmembers and they stalked into battle first, taking up the charge to scare and overrun the loners. If anything, now the first attack group had enough to both startle and sweep the loners. If they timed it right, it might work.

“Muh-mounted fuh-first – suh-startle them and suh-circle back juh-just in time suh-so that thuh-those on foot can strike. Suh-strike if you can, shoot t-t-to wuh-wound – we nuh-need not… death… i-if a-anyone… suh-surrenders, duh-do not kill. Suh-stay suh-safe – do wuh… what you must t-t-t-to return… alive. U-under-suh-stood?” He hoped they would because there wasn’t any more time to say more.

Claudius gestured to Payne and Frodo to right next to him, with enough space of course, to lead the first attack. He couldn’t look behind to see if anyone stumbled, so he rode straight.
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<3 tl;dr Dom jumps on Dart! another proud chapter in his history of violence against women, ffff~ (+500)

He was thrumming with tension — practically vibrating out of his skin as he waited for the signal — and somehow he still managed to choke at the sight of her. Words could not adequately describe the pang that shot through Domovoi's heart when Ocèane joined his side, but it was the only thing that could pull his pained gaze from Olivia. The steel in her stare and the poise in her dancer's figure spoke the raw emotion she so rarely dared to show. She was achingly beautiful in that moment.

He realized he was staring with strange intensity at Ocèane when the ambush group began moving into position, and with great effort he tore his eyes away and struggled to maintain some semblance of control. He couldn't even tell what expression his countenance showed; he was a jumble of racing thoughts and nerves. His fists trembled still, but it was not out of fear for himself. His entire world was riding on how this played out — he could lose everything all over again.

Thundering hooves marked the forward squadron's charge, and their signal to join the fray. As shouts and barks rent the air, Domovoi plunged after Olivia, his long sighthound muzzle twisted into a ferocious snarl. His thoughts scattered with the wind, leaving only the unfiltered reactions of pure feeling. Claudius ordered them not to kill, and Domovoi did not want to kill, was sick of death, but he knew how it felt to lose his mind and do all the things he did not mean to. He hoped Ninovan would know how to stop him.

The breath whooshed from his lungs as he crashed to the ground, grappling a warm body that kicked and clawed underneath him. Through the haze he recognized the coyote features of the female horse thief, and an angry growl tore from his throat when he recalled what she'd done. His growl was cut short by a swift knee to the gut, and the limber thief gripped a fistful of his curly hair and yanked him off-balance.

He would not be denied this time. Dom's fist swung in blindly and clipped the side of her face. As she jerked back from the impact, he clambered back on top to pin her roughly in the dirt. His second fist connected with her eye socket, eliciting a yowl, and as she thrashed to free herself, he grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms splayed above her head.

There was a momentary pause where the panting fighters made eye contact. Then Dom tightened his grip in warning, bending her deft little hands at an uncomfortable angle.

"I don't remember which wrist Oce bit, but I'm guessing you don't want me to break it again," Dom snarled in dark warning.

The thief squirmed, biting her lip as she gauged her options. Her lavender eyes shone much too brightly, glassy with either pain or fear, he wasn't sure — and as he bent her hands another threatening fraction of an inch, she submitted. Her head tipped back, exposing her throat, and she stopped struggling.

"I surrender," she hissed bitterly, and Dom gave a hoarse cry of triumph.

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