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Amatha was sitting in the doorway of the courthouse, looking up at the snow that was beginning to lightly fall. She had never seen anything so pretty and was wondering why it was doing that. Wanting to learn more about it, the small pup bounded out into the courtyard, jumping up to try and catch each snowflake. Surprisingly enough, it was wet and kind of cold, causing confusion for the pup. She wanted to know what it was and why it was so odd. Looking over, she noticed her Luna, Aly inside the fort. Aly! She raced up to the woman and stopped inches away from her, tail wagging furiously. Aly! There's white stuff falling from the sky!
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That's Our Kind of Love
The pups were tuckered out from their playing, and before Alyssum even knew it, they had piled upon one another, Alexander being at the bottom of the little heap. It perplexed the mother how the sisters treated their little brother, as if they knew he was smaller and were always there to be by his side, especially when it came to naps and cuddling for their meals against her stomach. They would squish the small boy between them, as if protecting him from both sides. While the coywolf knew it was probably a coincidence than anything else, she had the belief that perhaps they were acting as such because the children wanted to shelter their brother. Whatever the case, she found their behavior incredibly endearing.

Still in her lupine form, she quietly trotted out of the room and down stairs to the main hall of the courthouse, on her way out to get some fresh air. But, before she could get halfway through the building she saw a fleeting figure among the slowly falling snow. Then, a loud, young voice called out to her, and the Luna smiled as Amatha appeared before her, excited as only a child could be. She waited with patience as the girl explained what was going on, and Alyssum raised her own tail in a happy sway. That's snow, Amatha, the hybrid said as she took a few steps towards the door, and stopped at the frame, staring out into the world where it was lightly coated with the pure downfall.

It's like rain, but much colder and not as wet, but must have already knew that. It something that happens when the summer leaves and winter comes.

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