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POSTED: Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:20 am

Morty was in a state of mirth. The hide of a freshly killed rabbit were no match to her swift blades as they sliced through the ripe flesh of youth. Skinning was rather second nature to her, one of the most enjoyable tasks that she could think of doing. All the blood, guts and gore that she could ever wish for and the pleasure of a job well done when she had a raw pelt before her and a meal was always in the future.

Taking a step back from the hanging rabbit, she wiped gore stained hands on her legs as she looked at it. It was quite the mess as she looked at it, sliced open from tail to chin, empty of its organs that were discarded to the side. With a little giggle, she went in to finish the job, pealing the pelt away from the sinewy muscle of the animal bit by bit. And before long, there was nothing left but the meat as she appreciated the soft fur of the animal.

She would have to find someone else to tan it though, while her skills stretched far and wide, there was a certain lack of it in the tanning department. Tossing it aside, she appraised the bloody meat and grinned pulling it off the string that held it aloft. Another good meal and she placed it on a worn, slightly bloodied table along side her skinning tools. Lunch was always better when she prepared it herself.

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