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p. Valerie

POSTED: Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:01 am

Health checks were often the least of her worries. The pack around her was robust and active, more interesting in serving and becoming stronger than being weighed down by any illnesses. But she always sought to keep the youngest and the oldest incredibly healthy even if it took away from more exciting procedures. She knew that rambunctious yearlings would always find their way to her room with many different kinds of bumps and bruises.

But some where still too little to get into that kind of trouble and she found the newest additions to her pack were susceptible to many different kinds of sicknesses. Puppy cough was bad but could lead to worse things and the little creatures were often far more sensitive to the world than those that were grown. The medic was hoping she wouldn't have to treat anything but she was prepared and had a bag of basic medicinal plants that were mild enough for a puppy but strong enough to fight off something that was ailing them.

Hoisting the bag up, she hoped that she hadn't over packed and slowly made her way to Valerie's room. She was mother to some of the younger pups but Morty didn't like to disturb them until she figured they were comfortable with visitors. She'd been snapped at by too many protective mothers to get nosy before it was appropriate. It always seemed that every mother thought their spawn was the picture of perfect health and beauty. Morty never had the heart to tell them their fat, squalling puppy had some room to improve.

Scoffing at her own joke, she straightened her appearance out and knocked on the door. She didn't like the lower level area usually, often thinking of it as almost dungeon-esque. It hadn't changed much for her and she wished they could at least find a way for sunlight to make an appearance.

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