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POSTED: Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:03 pm

The new mother and father had been very secretive and quite since the birth of the pups. The New Dawn princess had been more protective and feral than she had originally believed she would be. Anyone who drew near the den was met with a warning growl from the mocha mother who was not accepting visitors. Even in the birthing process she had only allowed Lucia in to check on the pups medically for a brief moment before pushing her out of the den.

The pups had started their transition to regurgitated meat less then three suns ago, a development that Veyra had been waiting for patiently as a sign to move them to the communal den. Callum and her had moved the pups, with extra help from Lucia, to the communal den the evening before. Much to the dismay of many of the pack members the four boys had a difficult night of fighting and squirming.

The sun had risen too early for the new mother and father. Neither Callum nor Veyra had slept a full night since the pups began kicking in her belly. Now that her initial over protective streak had worn down to normal concern the mocha Gamma hoped that they would be able to sleep a proper night, with the aid of the pack around them.

The mates pair relaxed just outside of the den, their four multi-colored boys tumbling over each other in a group play fight a few feet away. Veyra watched with amusement, having been one of four pups herself she knew that this was a very common behaviour. Soon the four would make their own mini hierarchy, which would help determine their roles in the pack when they grew up. With a yawn she leaned into Callum’s white fur.

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Thoirni had been aware of the movements of the pack during the past few moons. He had seen little families growing and existing families grow stronger. His own line seemed like it would come to some fruition after taking Kiara as a mate. He was in no rush for his body was still strong and while his bones ached on a frigid morning, he kept up with the vigor of the rest of the pack. He accounted this mostly to him not being of a high standing, those with stress constantly weighing over them grew gray whiskers before their time. He had seen his own father grey when he had led their little back.

It was better to enjoy things mostly from the sidelines for he got the same rewards with less of the worry. The thing that had been fascinating him were some of the newest additions to the pack. They were little and squeaked but he hadn't seen them close up until they were much older and Thoirni had been even more curious when they had entered into the communcal dead where he slept as well.

Keeping his distance the first night, he felt some of his curiosity bleed away in annoyance but when the sun rose he felt rested and the family had already moved into the light of day. Crawled from the earthen entrance, he slipped tot he side was watched the four children tumble together. He remembered his own two brothers, if somewhat vaguely. They had been a strong litter born into the spring. The four he looked at looked as though they would be strong as well.

Thoirni edged forward, "It looks like they're growing stronger by the moment," He commented with the trace of a small smile. Soon the small pups would grow lanky legs and despite Thoirni's preference, they would shift one day perhaps. There was much for them left to see. "When they get bigger, please allow me to take them on a good old moose hunt. Four strapping boys, myself and we'd have ourselves a hunt." Thoirni didn't expect her to give him much of an answer, at this moment the thought of their children battling moose was not a happy one.

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