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I've come to burn your kingdom down

Stigmata had been true to his word and he had gotten someone else to tend to her and make certain that she was fed. A plate had been dropped off at her door and she found it when she opened up her door and prepared to step out. Her current plans changed as she sat down right in her doorway and picked up her plate, placing it on her robed lap along with her staff. Fingers picked at the food that had been left for her. It was a bit on the cool side but it hardly mattered. She was used to her food raw and so lukewarm cooked food wasn't a big deal to her. It was better than having to blow her cover and actually hunt for herself.

She would have to ask her brother as to who had prepared the meal. Perhaps he would know and perhaps he wouldn't. She was curious as to who he had tasked with her care and feeding. She would have to make certain that she thanked whoever had prepared and delivered her meal. She didn't want to come across as ungrateful. It was her role to appear amiable as well as sickly. Her job consisted of gathering information on everyone else so that she could report back to Stigmata and then they could work on swaying the minds of the unfaithful together. She also didn't mind spreading a little discord as well. Wolves needed to pay for what they had put all of them through. Of course Prophet had a further mission than that. She wanted the de le Poer wolves destroyed. They didn't deserve the name. With them gone the coyotes would be able to reclaim the name and make it grand. She hadn't spoken to Stigmata on this mission of hers but it wasn't like she told her brother absolutely everything.

Prophet finished her plate and struggled her way back to her feet. She was actually quite capable to do it without assistance but one could never be too careful. Any could be watching her and she would give no one something to tattle on. She would only present herself as an invalid so that when she really got into her work none would think her capable of atrocities, or at least that is how some seemed to deem them. Prophet simply seen it as offering salvation to those whom needed it the most.

The robed female made her way to the stairs, wheezing the entire way. She stood at the top of the stairs and leaned heavily against her staff as if she were truly trying to catch her breath before attempting such a large feat that awaited her. The way that she looked at the stairs she made it seem as if it were a daunting task. He glanced to the plate in one hand and the staff in the other as if she was trying to figure out how she was about to manage her way down the stairs without a free hand to grip the banister with.

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It was the sounding of struggling breath that awoke her, and Belle found herself disoriented as she blinked in the filtered light of her bedroom. The coyote girl had been sleeping in a room beside her sister’s for the time being, although Belle wasn’t yet sure if she’d make it her permanent place. The few possessions she had brought with her from the Commune had been settled inside the small box of a room, but otherwise it was relatively empty. A dirty, ripped animal skin hung in the one window, blocking most of the light from outside. Belle herself was curled in a bundle of other furs and she was quick to stretch her long limbs and rise from her sleep. How had she managed to sleep in so long? It wasn’t like her to miss the sunrise.

The wheezing found her ears again, and the coyote girl spun gracefully to try and determine just where this noise was coming from. Tiptoeing lightly towards the bedroom’s door frame, the de le Poer stuck her head out into the hall and found the origin of the noise. Are you alright? She called out softly to the woman standing at the top of the stairs. Her back was to her, so Belle could not make out what she was holding or whom she actually was, but her interest was piqued nonetheless. Taking a few curious steps out into the hall, Belle made her way down towards the woman.

Do you need some help? She tilted her head slightly to one side, disheveled waves of gold spilling over her shoulders. Belle had not dressed either, presenting herself to Prophet with the au naturel look of a soul just risen from slumber. Perhaps it was not how she preferred to be perceived by others and would regret not taking the time to make herself presentable, but Belle’s curiosity had gotten the better of her.

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