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Word Count: 731 - Date: 2 weeks before Desi leaves for Souls - Time: around 4pm - Location: Soul-Austral homestead

Eyes of green and blue gazed lovingly at her family from where Hanna was seated outside the cabin that her mate had built. All but a few of the sizable family were visible from her rocking chair on the front porch, and even those whom she could not see, she had a vague idea of their whereabouts.

Esmerelda was in the house, preparing their dinner. Though Hanna could not smell the meal in its entirety yet to know what was being cooked, she could hear the gentle clinking of pestle against mortar as her daughter ground herbs to rub into the meat, and could faintly smell the spices themselves. Essie had taken to cooking from a young age, and seemed to enjoy the activity far more than the more physical chores her siblings took part in. The girl had always been a little more frail than any of Hanna's other children because of her premature birth, and Hanna had not risked her overmuch. Her brunette daughter also enjoyed healing nearly as much as Hanna did herself. Of all her children, it would be Essie that would take over Hanna's legacy, at least where medicine was concerned.

Désirée was in the stables. Or the paddock. Or on a horse's back somewhere between here and the Moon. Desi had become quite the horsewoman since she had bartered for Fuerte. She had had to in order to make the stallion listen to her -- he had been very attached to his previous owner according to the stories Desi had told, and had fought hard against his new owner. But she had eventually come to an understanding with him. He was still fiery, but nothing like what he had been. Besides him, Desi often cared for everyone else's horses, especially Hanna's own Galilahi. Gali had been Hanna's since shortly after she joined AniWaya, but the aging wolf had problems sometimes getting on the mare's back. Beyond her, there was also Saxif's palomino stallion, Leon's black Clydesdale mare, the horses they had acquired for the rest of the family to ride, and various ages of foals, mostly reds and blacks with a line down their back and stripes on their legs courtesy of the grullo Andalusian.

Reuce and Rakibri were in the woods beyond the house felling trees so that a fair supply of firewood could be laid in before winter descended on the farm. Already the nights were chilled; it would not be long before they were frigid. Each time a tree crashed to the ground, the boys would appear soon thereafter with a team of four mules hauling the tree. Then they would cut the wood, and Leon would split while the boys went back into the forest. Her baby boys, though babies no longer, had taken after their father, in stature and in manners. She was so proud of them.

Leon was busily splitting the firewood that the boys had already hauled in from the forest, the muscles in the Spaniard's back rippling as he brought the axe to bear on the stump. Hanna's bi-colored eyes lingered long and lasciviously on the brown male before turning at last to the rutted path leading south away from the house.

Their wagon, pulled by two industrious bullocks from their herd of plenty out back of the house was being loaded with supplies to be taken to Freetown for trade. Saxif was speaking to Bri Lynn and Maria, and Neoxi and Neoli were loading the cart and tying leads that were attached, in turn, to sheep and goats, even a cow. Hanna thought Saxif and her boys were staying at the farm, that her daughters would be conducting this trip, but she might be wrong; she kind of hoped she was, because Bri and Maria were relatively young, yet.

Her attention was arrested from the wagon by the appearance of her speckled first daughter moving with a purpose from around the east side of the house. She appeared to be upset by something, heading toward Leon, but Hanna would be unable to hear well from her position, and so she got to her feet and stepped down from the porch. She got no further, however, as Desi rounded and began to lead Leon back to Hanna's seat, presumably so they could talk.


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OOC: I'm assuming Desi (and Hanna) has learned fair French between her time in Louisiana and Leon. Though she probably would have picked up more Creole down south. Word Count: 453

Desi was mad, though about what she could not put her finger on. Her hand held a brush that scraped perhaps a little too hard against the sleek side of her horse, who stamped a foot and blew through his nose to tell her of his displeasure. The wolfdog decreased the pressure, murmuring an apology to Fuerte, who nickered at her in return and whisked his tail about to flick across her back. Supongo que me merecía, eh? Moving slowly so as not to spook the horse, Desi placed the brush back with the rest of the tools in a wooden bucket, then let the grullo out into the pasture. She wanted nothing more to be astride his back, but she needed to figure out what had her so upset.

She went to sit under the pine tree that was in the backyard of the big house that had been built for her, her mother, and all her family, burying her face in her hands to think. Since returning from New Orleans, from meeting her womanizer of a father, Desi had been restless, not quite happy, even when doing the things that she loved to do most. She had thought it was because of Jacquez' behavior, but that was not quite right. She had known, had been warned, what he was like before she ever sought him out. There was not enough there to explain this.

Watching her brothers come from the forest, though, an answer came to her. Her youngest siblings were now two, and old enough to think about starting a family; she thought that they might have already found love in a nearby pack, or at least a fling. But Desi was three years older than them, and since leaving Souls had never found that special someone. Her life, her chance to procreate, was slipping away, and she was complacently letting it do so. No more, she decided. Now she would take the bull by the horns.

Getting to her feet, Desi marched herself around the house, going straight to Leon. Though she did not see him as a father figure with only a few scant months of age separating their births, he was the male leader of their family through mateship with her mother and he needed to be included in any issue that arose along with Hanna. She would not care if Saxif were invited to join as well, but in her opinion the female was not nearly as important to things as the other two, though she would never say as much. Clearing her throat, Desi said firmly, Leon, J'ai besoin de vous parler et de Mama. Il est important. Pouvons-nous discuter de cela?

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OOC: Leon is just shouting Saxif over.
WC: 573

The years, they had passed by almost without notice. At first times had been rough their family dynamic had been up-heaved on the trek here. Traveling with two pregnant females, and two young boys had been difficult and at times the Austral-Soul had been pushed almost to his limits on what he could do. Securing their home out amongst the others in the area had been tough too and León bore the scars of some unhappy campers. But for three years now they had lived here, raising their livestock and growing their crops. He had returned to the life he had started out at, that of a farmer. Most of his children were now grown, adults. The only exception being the two that Saxif had recently birthed, Takan and Rosa were their second litter of children. For the moment now the brother and sister pair were being taken care of by their older sister Analise.

The summer was pulling in to a close and winter was rapidly approaching sparking off a flurry of activity amongst the Austral-Soul-Goldenfeather family. To finish up chopping the last of the firewood that had been selected this year, to sell the last of their products and animals that had been slated for sale. The cart was being hitched up and secured for transport to take the last of their goods. What they traded for would last them throughout the winter. With the surplus of skilled individuals they never lacked for anything, not food or provisions or warmth. Just like every winter before them they had handled it well. Takan and Rosa would have the best possible start in life. Just like those who had come along before them.

The Spaniard was a proud family man and home owner, and he had built their home and their barn and stables himself from the ground upwards. It had taken him the better part of a year to fully complete all three structures. The helps from his sons and daughters had sped the building up considerably. Muscles rippled beneath his brown fur as he systematically brought his axe up and swung it down. Halving and quartering the rounds of wood that his sons brought him. He could feel Susquehannah's eyes upon him and his white eyes sparkled with mischief as his tongue lolled out, panting in the midday sun. He loved them, the pair of them, equally. He had been a man who had firmly believed that he could only love one woman and that woman had been Kailypso. He had been proven wrong over and over again. He still missed and mourned his dead mate but time had dulled the sharpness and it was more of a regret-fulness of what might have been rather than what had been.

He lowered his axe though as Desi marched towards him. Hannah's first child and he had always gotten along just fine, he had done his best to teach her what he taught his own children though she was already a very knowledgeable female. "Si, Dési?"
Concern pulled the white eyes male's brows together. He dropped his axe at the chopping area and followed the female towards where his first mate was sat watching over her empire. Turning quickly he shouted towards the golden femme that made up the second half of his mateship. "Saxif, por aquí!" The Goldenfeather female cut off her conversation with Maria and swiftly made her way over, questioning in her gaze too.