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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

The dim, blue light of dusk had marked the end of her patrol cycle. It also marked a temporary end to her freedom; at least when the coywolf decided to wander from the clan's borders for a quick exploratory stroll. Delilah had been about to call out to Sindri when she remembered that the god forsaken bird had been feeling especially greedy that day; he'd demanded more berries than the coywolf had thought to bring him. While the raven would've undoubtedly gone on patrol with his partner after some coaxing, Delilah hadn't felt it worth the trouble.

When she felt an arrow gouge itself into the thickest part of her shoulder, the hybrid didn't have the time to question the graveness of her mistake. She'd felt the sting of arrows before, but this one burned like nothing Delilah had ever experienced. Her shrill whine was perfectly justified due to the near-searing pain radiating from the wound. The projectile was nothing more than a distraction; someone slammed into Delilah from the opposite direction of the mystery bowman within seconds of the arrow piercing her flesh. Every cell in her body wanted to fight, but she simply couldn't when she was pinned to the ground. The hybrid then saw a flash of too-black eyes; a sack was yanked over her head before Delilah could get a better look at her second mystery assailant. Her breathing began to get labored; the coywolf was beginning to panic.

He — as Delilah identified from the male's scent — tied a stretch of rope around her wrists. He didn't seem to notice the way the female he was restraining had separated her wrists slightly; she knew any slack in the rope could help her escape. The coywolf's wrists being tied were followed by a makeshift collar — seemingly as simple a rope as her other restraints were — knotted tight around the woman's neck; it was attached to what she could only assume was a crude lead.

Her stomach dropped. Fuck, this was actually happening. It took all she had not to start hyperventilating.

By the time Delilah recovered her voice from having the wind knocked out of her, she found that any attempts at vocalizing brought with it a nearly-suffocating tug against her throat. Delilah wouldn't have been acting herself if she hadn't immediately discovered that the same punishment was considered appropriate for any escape attempts. Her kidnapper half-shoved half-dragged Delilah even further from Inferni's border until she was certain he felt they were out of her clan's earshot. Shit.

Then she heard him.

Delilah shouted despite herself; what the fuck did Ellery think he was doing? "You bastard!" The coywolf felt her collar nearly drag her off her feet as it simultaneously constricted her airway. Coughing inside the too-warm sack, the captive woman had to admit the outburst hadn't been her best idea of the night.

Ellery then stepped in front of her; she could practically hear his cocky grin. "At least I'm not a whore, Delilah." Oh, she knew she'd regret what she was about to do.

The top of the coywolf's skull collided with her idiot captor's muzzle before he could scramble out of the way. In response, Delilah was dragged to the ground by her lead and pinned by a third assailant; a large female who was very nearly crushing the air out of the captured hybrid's lungs. To make matters worse, the shaft of the arrow embedded in her shoulder had snapped on impact with the ground; this only dug the tip deeper into her flesh. Given the way the bastard squealed after Delilah headbutted him, it was almost worth the suffering and fresh burn. Then the arrow was yanked out of her, which caused a fresh gush of blood to be spilled from the female's flesh.

Delilah barely heard Ellery demand that someone tie her ankles together; she was too busy gasping for breath from the weight of the she-wolf, in addition to how taut the rope was being held, and the pain in her shoulder. Finally, when he felt she was properly restrained, she was given some breathing room. "You're fucking lucky we have horses, you bitch. Otherwise we'd have to drag you to our little camp," Ellery spat.

She had to resist the urge to snort, even though she was still panicking inside; Delilah knew she wasn't in any way at an advantage right now, but she would be. She'd have to be. Her primary restraints had the slightest bit of give to them, or so the coywolf hoped. Surely they'd remove the sack once they felt they'd taken her sufficiently far enough from Inferni's land. If the woman was lucky, they'd do so sooner than later.

Delilah inhaled sharply; she was suddenly lifted up off the ground and dropped unceremoniously on the back of what seemed like a very large horse. Her lead was tied to the horse's saddle; an extra precaution, the hybrid assumed. Given that there was nothing useful that Delilah could do at that moment, she focused on how much she did not remotely miss the odor of horses.

The hybrid was taken out of her disgusted musings as her female assailant climbed onto the animal's back and made sure one hand was gripping Delilah's lead tightly; this was more proof that Ellery didn't particularly want the coywolf dead. Maybe wounded and as bait for Celia, assuming that was still who the bastard was after, but not dead. Not yet, anyway.

Delilah felt her stomach drop again as the sound of hoof beats suddenly assaulted her ears; it was only a fraction of a second later when the horse she was on lurched forward.

The coywolf had no idea how long they'd traveled when she heard a whistle coming from her female captor, followed by the horses slowing down, and then stopping. The earth-toned female could only assume that the whistle — plus some hand gestures — had been used to signal that the small band of kidnappers should take a break. All she genuinely knew was that her stomach was growling fiercely and her throat was parched. "C'mon," The she-wolf suddenly murmured, patting Delilah's side, "let's get you something to drink." The gentleness in her assailant's voice sent up a huge red flag for Delilah; this bitch wasn't trying to get on the hybrid's good side, was she? She then warned, "You bite me and you're dead; you got that?" The sack was then roughly yanked just above Delilah's muzzle for easy access. Well, so much for being gentle.

The hybrid didn't wait for any cues before opening her maw in anticipation of water to quench her thirst; thankfully, it came as a slow pour and not a sudden dump into the coywolf's throat. Ellery would have tried to practically drown her; Delilah was certain of that.

The horses, their riders, and the captive hybrid moved on shortly thereafter; Delilah was still hungry, but at least she was suitably hydrated.

The journey continued like this for an immeasurable amount of time; immeasurable for the band's captive, at any rate. Delilah heard more than a few jokes at her expense, but she'd expect no less from anyone Ellery could rope into a kidnapping scheme. Her wound was painfully disinfected a few times, they stopped for what seemed like fairly regular water breaks, and Delilah even got to scarf down part of a rabbit when her groaning stomach became obnoxiously loud. She tried to listen to the rivers they passed, the sound the horses' hooves made, and any scents that somehow managed to permeate the bubble of horse odor. Eventually, light began to filter through the sack covering Delilah's head. At least now the woman had a sense of how long they'd been traveling.

A mocking cheer rang out from Ellery a while later; they'd arrived, and he wanted his captive to know it. Delilah couldn't help but grin manically despite herself; if she was lucky, she'd be given her sight back. That could be the ticket to her escape. The coywolf felt the slight pull on her lead as it was untied from the horse's saddle. The crackling of a fire could be heard from nearby, but she thought nothing of it.

Delilah yelped as she was suddenly shoved to the ground; her muscles ached in protest, but that was the least of her worries. She'd realize that soon.

"You're such a filthy whore," Ellery suddenly said, and Delilah just knew he was the one who was now tugging on her lead, "You've done all sorts of nasty things with my sister, and I think you deserve to have some nasty things done to you." The hybrid felt the heat of the brand before the pain, but her scream was cut off by a painful yank on her collar. The brand was situated right below her wound; Delilah didn't even know what the brand looked like, but she hated it. She'd cut it off of herself if need be when she escaped. If she escaped.

Her thoughts were cut off by the brand being pressed on the same spot, again. Then again. Delilah wasn't sure how badly he'd burned her skin before she passed out from the pain. Delilah had been prepared for many things, but being kidnapped and subjected to torture had not been on the agenda. Especially not from an individual that she'd vastly underestimated in the past.

Hours later, Delilah awoke to a gag in her mouth and such a strong feeling of having been violated that she'd have rather died than spent another second with the ache. Not being blinded by the sack only made it worse. Her captors were monsters, all of them.

The male with the too-black eyes was weak, though. Ellery certainly didn't feel sympathy for the coywolf; the dark-furred she-wolf didn't either. After all, they both regularly partook in raping and abusing their captive while she was unconscious. The smoke-colored brute who'd originally restrained her felt pity and regret, though. That was all Delilah needed.

Soon, the pair talked late into the night. Delilah would sob about the atrocities performed on her; he would listen and offer extra rations to try and comfort her. He would release her from her restraints, beside her lead, every night. Just so she could "stretch her legs." That's all Delilah claimed to have wanted. He was an idiot, but he was useful. Especially since her "prisoner's area" where too-black eyes stood guard was just barely out of the main campsite's line of sight.

The hybrid kept her strength up over the many weeks of being held captive; thankfully, it took about a week for Ellery to get bored of rape and assault. Another two weeks until his female companion became tired of it as well. Instead, they paraded their captive around as a sort of pet. They reapplied the brand on Delilah's shoulder once a week, made her shift from form to form at their will, and beat her until she was bruised and aching. How Celia could have such a demented half-brother alluded Delilah; that wasn't important, though. What was important was wearing down her chance at escape. She almost found it funny how too-black eyes would break every rule Ellery had made him swear not to break, beside the one about revealing his name to Delilah.

Delilah lost track of the time by the first night too-black eyes hadn't held the lead while she stretched. The hybrid now knew he trusted her; after all, they practically knew each other's life stories at this point. It didn't surprise her when he claimed he was falling in love with her, and she immediately feigned interest in him to keep up the charade. It was almost too easy when she begged him to run away with her, if only the coywolf knew she could completely trust him. Her requirement had seemed innocent enough; the male was to let her sleep beside him for a whole night without restraints.

He'd agreed without hesitation. Delilah let him fall asleep holding her close, "woke up" in the middle of the night to "take a piss", and then tracked down the knife Ellery had been taunting her with for the entirety of her captivity at the camp.

She'd sliced her captors' throats as they slept and then ran.

Delilah was free.
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