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They had spent all day with his mother and father. And his sisters that remained within the pack. Their catch up had been painful for him, he had learned that more of his siblings had left too and two of the remaining three were preparing to leave too. He had also learned that his son had left too, to seek adventure in the wild world. The snowy male was disheartened and all but crushed at the revelation. All but one of his children were gone as well as his siblings. The Cercatori he returned to felt a lot colder and impersonal than when he had left. Kjintora waited for him as he stabled his faithful steed Artan, noticing with a tinge of despair that the stall Artan had always taken was empty. Had his mother done that? Kept it open in case her son returned. Honrin sighed and rubbed at his face. THe other horses welcomed him back with enthusiasm, he hadn't been gone long enough for them to forget him. There were some new additions that didn't yet know him.

He didn't take much time and Artan was soon comfortable in his stall like he had never even left. The absence of Dust clawed at his soul. The stallion would likely never again call these stables home. Honrin pulled at his hair, feeling the burning in his nose that heralded the tears. But he had promised himself he wouldn't fall apart until his daughter was safe and sound. He had to hold himself together just a little bit longer. He could feel the tide within rising though and there wasn't much more the Denahlii male could endure without cracking and breaking down.

Before he knew it the door was before him and through a veil he saw himself raise a hand and knock. Kjintora was by his side, her arms wrapped around his own, clutching his elbow and holding herself close to him. She had grown and now she was her adult height, six foot four inches. The knocks dimly registered and from within he could hear claws clicking against a wooden floor. He couldn't face returning to the house that had been theirs and was hoping fervently that Myrddin would let them stay with him. If not then they would stay with Pandora.

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There was a knock at his door. This Rhiannon male set down the book he was reading, running his fingers through his shaggy brown mane. A slight scowl touched his lips at being interrupted in his studies. His gaze darted back to his book before standing up, stretching. His hands well above his head as he stretched, he spoke into the stillness of the room, knowing the visitor would hear his reply. "be there in just a moment."

He eased his body to the left and then to the right, working out the links from his latest session with Jace. He knew he was still improving, but even his scholarly physique was showing signs of his work with her. He no longer looked soft, his edges were more defined, he carried himself with more certainty, more strength. He was stronger than he had ever known in many ways.

Stretching over, he approached the door, pulling it open. His gaze drifted over the duo, uncomprehending for a moment. And then mismatched eyes lit up, blazing with love and acceptance. The slender male wrapped his arms around the larger warrior, embracing his missing lover. He didn't care why the male was there, only that he was there.

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