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POSTED: Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:47 pm

A pair of old caravans were illuminated by the light of a campfire; just beyond it sat a large shack situated adjacent to several, crudely reinforced outbuildings. A sturdy-looking fence of branches and rusted wire surrounded the immediate area, but it was the heavy scent of coyote that best reinforced that this was private land. The loud singing and drum playing that occurred late into the night was hard to miss, too.

"We found monsters in the dark, oh my sisters and my brothers,
They came bearing twisted hearts, oh they made us run for cover,
And though we found our strength, oh every night we ached,
Because strength doesn't matter, when the wounds are still raw!"

Surrounding a crackling fire were seven women and two men; a conglomerate of Luperci with visible coyote lineage. A pair of sun-kissed siblings — appearing identical as twins if not for their physical sex — sang as they pounded out a beat on two heavy-looking drums. This was the main attraction around which an older female roasted meat on a crude spit, a trio of kissing lovers were half-hidden beyond the light of the flame, and a wolf-heavy hybrid — who towered over the rest of the commune's membership — sewed a patch into a thick cloak. Further back from the fire sat a pair of scarred women; each had an old blanket they'd draped over themselves and each other.

"The scars just wouldn't fade, oh my sisters and my brothers,
Help always came too late, oh they left us for the buzzards,
And though we hid our pain, oh we couldn't hide our shame,
Because the pain doesn't matter, when no one else saw!"

Delilah smiled weakly as she listened to the music, her head resting in the lap of a lithe coywolf several months her senior. The older woman's brass-colored eyes were shielded by wavy, charcoal hair that framed her face; the rest of the band could not see the female's expression, but it wouldn't be a stretch to assume it was something pleasant. Only the cocoa-hued hybrid could — if she were to glance up, of course — see the look of simple contentment on her friend's face. Be privy to the bridge of off-black on the female's muzzle; the same color that tipped her ears, tail, and toes. "May I touch your hair, love?" Magdalene asked softly, pulling the cocoa-hued woman out of her musings.

"Yet we've forged on through the nights, oh my sisters and my brothers,
Found a home beyond the fright, oh no longer will we suffer,
And though the world seems dark, oh we'll heal our broken hearts,
Because the dark doesn't matter, when our words become law!"

"Feel free," Delilah murmured in response. The younger woman felt comfortable around her new friend; the charcoal and ash woman wouldn't hurt her. That was why she let her eyes flutter shut when Magdalene's thin fingers began to stroke her hair; this wasn't home, but it was close enough to it that it felt safe.

"Mags! Stop cosying up to our guest and help me with supper!" The commune's resident cook called from beside the fire.

The charcoal-hued coywolf responded with a cry of, "Coming, mum!" Magdalene shot up out from under Delilah, whose head hit the dirt with a soft thump; while Mags was frozen in place by the "horror" of what she'd just done, the earth-hued hybrid simply rolled with it and stole the older female's blanket as a pillow.

"Magdalene Josepha Affinity!"

Delilah offered her companion a broken smile as the soot-colored woman practically sprinted to her mother's side. It wasn't home, but it would do for now.
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