Puppy Trouble

POSTED: Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:49 pm

OOC: Backdated this to 25th October, after the pups first night in Casa. Naughty Munroe made me write this.

So this was the other place Dad had been taking them all too, it was all so . . . . . BIG and everyone here was so much bigger too. Well, that was the impression that the golden pup were under - but considering how small he was everything he tended to come into contact with was so much bigger than him. But that didn't matter all too much to Munroe, bigger places meant more places to explore right? And since there was so much more here to explore here compared to home or at least more of these huge wooden or stone thingy's, there weren't any of those at home so those at least were worth any trouble that Munroe was no doubt to find himself in when he got caught.

But from the time in which Munroe had woken and the very thought of daring to sneak off to explore the small pup had not even dared to consider this, why would he? All he cared about was just what was to be found around here and how interesting it all could be, anything that would happen as a result ofhis dissaperance didn't matter for now.

Despite having slept much of the previous day away while travelling here, Munroe had still managed to sleep virtually the whole night through the small pup had found himself waking long before his parents and brothers. Despite knowing that he really should have stayed with his family and not gone off anywhere, boredom had been quick to settle in and with it a sense of restlessness especially with all the new sounds and scents that came with a new place. This was all it took to get the puppy taking careful measured steps - to avoid waking anyone and naturally alerting them to his plans - that Munroe finally managed to find a way to 'escape' and begin his explorations.

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It was impossible to keep them—the pups, that is—cooped up inside the room, even though the mother was hesitant about allowing them outside of even the courthouse. An incident had occurred when she had last brought them out of their cozy room, although it had occurred past the borders. Valerie shook her head as she remembered the frantic scene and followed after the disproportionate puppies, tails wagging behind them as they ambled through the hallways, heading towards the entrance to the Courthouse.

Valerie heaved the door open and glanced behind her into the dimly lit courthouse before turning to see River and Malcolm running through the grasses laid out before them, kicking up leaves that had fallen from their branches. "Don't go out of the Fort!" she called after them, her tail twitching behind her as she eased the door closed. The Knight woman turned and brushed her hands off on the skirt that she wore, equipped with a ratty tan sweater that she had gotten on her last trip outside of the territories. It was much more comfortable than the leather shirt she normally wore for training, and seeing as cold weather was upon them she wanted to keep herself as warm as possible, even though she had quit a bit of thick black fur to keep her warm as well.

Her ears perked up at the yips of the pups as they circled around and started heading back towards her, tumbling halfway there and ending up in a pile of fur and over-sized paw. The occurrence made a chuckle rise up in the coywolf's throat. Her nose twitched briefly and, among the scents of Casa di Cavlieri, she caught the distinct aroma of one of the northern packs. Seeing as she had been quite out of the loop lately, she had no idea that Callum was around, thus she had no idea his pups would be here. She headed towards the scent, spotting a tiny pup wandering around near the courthouse, wondering what he was doing.

The fact that there was a New Dawn pup around made her somewhat confused, although she quickly realized that her nephew must be visiting, for she knew he had taken a mate in New Dawn. "You're one of Callum's kiddos, aren't you?" she asked, glancing behind her. She spotted River padding up, her darker brother in tow, although they remained fairly quiet as Valerie waited for a response from the pup, probably thinking about asking him to play with them or something along those lines—puppies seemed to be willing to talk to virtually anybody, that Valerie had noticed quickly.

Hope you don't mind me throwing valerie and her kiddos in here. I assumed he wasn't in the courthouse anymore because I didn't really see any specification xD

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OOC: Yes sorry - I really should make sure to do that more often. Just figured in this case would let whoever joined decide just how far Munroe got.

Everything was so different here - instead of what was effectively a large hole in the ground where everyone slept during the night, there was these large structure's above ground where they stayed! This in itself was certainly more than enough to fascinate the small golden boy, that along with the sounds and scents in which followed. All these thrown together had certainly been more than enough for the young small male to fail to take note of just how far he had allowed himself to wander off, well who could blame a puppy for wanting to explore any new surroundings? Especially considering all this was in every sense a foreign place compared to what things were like back in New Dawn, he were just lucky that so far there had been no one around to reprimand Munroe for wandering away from his family.

Though in reality it didn't take all too long for Munroe to finally notice just how far he had come, blue eyes eventually registering his surroundings as they wandered over all that lay around him. Ears starting to flatten against his head while tail lowered a little, he really had walked further than he had previously expected - so much that he could not be entirely certain which way he had come and in turn would need to go in order to return to his parents. These thoughts were more than enough to at least begin to cause some concern for the small boy, at least for a short time at least.

The sounds of pups playing having reached his ears, this eased his worry for a short time - maybe his brothers were coming outside and it were playtime! Or maybe he were just hoping for a little too much in that respect, it took a few moments for Munroe to realize that they didn't sound like his brothers - that and the female voice in which followed wasn't mom. Blue orbs seeking out the source of the noises before the other two pups - and their mother? - came into view, ear's remaining flattened for a time before perking up a little and tail wagged from side to side for a time. The temptation to go play was almost too strong to resist, though he did and when he were spoken to that kept him from approaching.

It was only then a faintly puzzled look gradually form upon his features, Callum? Who was th-? OH! it was his dad right? Munroe remembered him being called that by everyone, that was more than enough to get the small pup nodding. "Uh huh, that's me. I'm Munroe. How do you know Dad?" he answered a mixture of cheerfullness and caution evident in his voice.

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