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POSTED: Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:47 pm

Puppy Naming Ceremony: Ausa Vatni
Date: October 20, 2014.
Setting: Vinátta Pack Lands, Grand Lake
Time: Noon
Info: The first round is only for leadership and participating family. Second round is mandatory for everyone else, you have to post at least once or your character risks demotion. If your character has an IC reason not to attend, PM the VN account to let us know. Otherwise, all members (including NPCs and those on Absentee) are assumed to be present by the second round, and food and alcoholic beverages are available. Closing date will be Dec 1st.

+3 With pNPC Miskunn. Parents hop in next! (Played puppies don't have to post in Round 1 if they'd rather wait.) Assuming Colibri and the kids will arrive with Niernan ;)

Autumn was in full blazing color at the lake's edge. Fallen leaves formed a thick carpet over the shores, and whenever the brisk wind picked up, flashes of red and gold were sent skidding over the water's glassy surface. The sun crept closer to high noon, though the pale light its rays offered did little to warm the chill air. The colder, darker months were upon the north, and it would be some time before their land would thaw again.

Florina was pleased by this. She reveled in the fall and winter, when her arctic coat grew in thick and pallid, and the hunting became plentiful. Vinátta had survived another season and had not crumbled. She was pleased by this as well, though there had never been any doubt that they were strong — stronger than ever under her. She left them all to their own devices throughout the summer, letting them adjust to her presence, and their families had grown. It was time to call them together as tradition dictated, and bless the puppies that had been born during her reign. They needed their pendants to forge a bond to this land.

The wolfdog sounded a powerful howl, her low alto voice ringing over the gentle slopes. The ceremony would be held outdoors since it was not yet too cold for the pups (and Florina thought it better to get them used to the elements anyway; she was fairly certain her Ausa Vatni had been around this time of year). The priestess Miskunn was nearby, hands folded in her habit sleeves, silver eyes inscrutable. It had been at the Godja's persistent urging that Florina finally agreed to summon the pack. The two-year-old was reluctant to deal with those who might still resent her, but it would behoove her to have a presence in the lives of the Aeska. She stood stiffly with the lake at her back -- the only movement in her rigid figure came from the wind tossing strands of her long mane -- and waited.

Despite the Sannindi's austere expression, it was not to be a solemn occasion. Oaken tables and seats had been dragged to the lawn with the assistance of Axle, Grit, Jin, and Joon, and though the quartet of friends would shoulder the patrols for the day, they had furnished refreshments for their packmates to enjoy in their stead. Game meat, fish, eggs, cheese, even some harvest vegetables had been arranged in baskets for the Vináttans to feast upon. Wine and ale would be distributed for the toast. They would celebrate their youngest generation together once the formalities were completed.

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POSTED: Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:09 am

OOC: Optimeee! Thof is prowling around somewhere.

As always, Ascher had donned his doe and Frithr pendants before heading out, but added to them was every bead the diligent scholar had procured since coming to Vinatta. He was aware of them bumping and jangling against his bare chest as he moved along, one arm swinging loosely at his side while his other hand gripped Aspen's lightly.

The day was chilly but nothing Asch couldn't handle as he walked with his family to the Grand Lake – and nothing short of a snowstorm would keep him from celebrating this day. Even Thofnir had deigned to trail ahead of the branch of Stormbringers; the cat was probably hoping for a glimpse of her own children as the pack gathered, but Ascher knew she saw some of them around Jordheim anyway. Even Ascher had glimpsed Thofnir's daughter with Lila.

“Now, remember, you two are the oldest – you can set an example to the other Aeska,” Ascher reminded his daughters in his customary gentle tones. Ode nodded her pretty, pale head solemnly, and Asch didn't need to look at Shore to imagine that she was already relishing the responsibility – or simply the opportunity to boss her slightly younger cousins around, though she would be lucky to do so with Sylven and Taro and Chloe's rambunctious lot in the mix.

Tears glinted in Ascher's eyes at the thought of the rite his youngest children were about to undertake, but the Eljun Rikr wasn't filled with emotion solely because of the occasion – but rather thanks to the events which had led up to it. Ascher, Aspen and the children had come through a lot even in the short few months since Ode and Shore had been born, and they remained a family. Now was the time to welcome them into the wider family of Vinatta, officially.

Ascher's emotions were on the brink of overflowing, but they were also mixed: he had barely set eyes on Florina since his return and they had still not really spoken directly since the meeting where Colibri had stepped down. As with all those Ascher didn't know well, he was nervous about seeing the silver-eyed Sannindi. Although he felt he owed her nothing personally, Ascher also felt that he had let the pack down in not returning Saul, Runi or Solieri to them, and Florina oversaw the pack.

The spread at the lake looked picture perfect in spite of the chill in the air, and Ascher was smiling, dry-eyed, by the time the family approached. He gave a courteous nod to Florina before approaching his aunt with a proudly waving tail. He offered quiet words of greeting, but he knew Miskunn would be busy preparing for the ceremony so he broke away quickly.

Kneeling to kiss Shore and Ode, Ascher tried to think of some words of wisdom for his daughters. “I'm so proud of both of you, always will be,” he finally murmured. “Best get ready – your Aunts, Uncle Bran and your cousins will be here soon.” With an anxious look to Aspen, Asch straightened and began to fiddle with the beads slung around his neck.


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Juno, Bjorn and Robin are ready! C:
Word Count → 300+

It was time for a special ceremony that Taro had been looking forward to since the three pups had been born. They had thrived and grown stronger with each passing day and now they looked the picture of strength, gaining quickly to be almost three months old now. And in the morning, Taro woke with a grin and quickly began arranging the children and getting them ready. He supposed it was his excitement that made him the pusher of this ceremony. He had lived in Vinatta his entire life and breathed its culture. Chloe, while it seemed like she accepted it, would never be as eager as he in all of its little formalities.

Placing his own Frithr necklace upon his neck reverently, he had placed the three children before him before they had even ventured out. "Now you three, this is a very important day. You'll get your first gift and be honored by the rest of the pack, do you understand?" The orange male asked looking at the three of them fidget and scoot as he spoke. Bjorn and Robin nodded readily but Juno had been distracted. "Juno," He patiently prompted before she too nodded her head.

Chuckling, he shook his head and ruffled the fur atop their heads and turned to make his way to where the ceremony was taking place. The children bolted out in front on him in their excitement to be out in the cool autumn air. They didn't wander too far and the walk was swift. Florina was present among many others and Ascher and Aspen already stood about with their children.

His Aeska squawked excited greetings but at a look, they settled down to a tame roar as they puttered closer to the older children reverently and bounced near them. Taro could forgive their behavior if they behaved later and felt himself puff out with pride. Ascher seemed like he was ready to burst from emotion while Taro ran the possibility of swelling to twice his original size.

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It was finally time for the puppies to receive their Frithr necklaces, and Aspen was nervous. It meant standing up in front of the rest of the pack, and being close to Florina, for whom she still felt only fear and nothing else. Aspen knew her scent well, having found it on her way to the stables and other livestock, but otherwise she personally saw little of Florina. Despite this seemingly consistent absence, the pack had grown.

Aspen listened to Ascher talk to their puppies and felt a new wave of nervousness. At least it would not just be the two of them up in front of everyone. There would be a group of them, and, she reminded herself, the attention would be on the large group of puppies and not necessarily the parents.

She avoided looking at Florina when they arrived at the hall and instead kept her eyes on the puppies. Aspen managed to keep her ears from flattening and then watched as Ascher greeted Miskunn. She nodded to his words to the puppies and smiled at him before standing with her hands clasped, wishing someone else would arrive as well.

The wait wasn't long and then Taro arrived with his trio and she smiled as Shore bounded a couple steps over to greet them. Ode's greeting was a bit more subdued, but still excited as Aspen looked up to smile at Taro. She said nothing, though, because she was not sure she would be able to keep her voice steady. She then reached out to take Ascher's hand while looking for Drin.

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like an angel

The Firebringer pups had quickly grown into free-thinking and speaking little beasties, a handful really for both Palaydrian and Bran, but the viking mother was used to running a full and chaotic household. Her top most concern lately, pertained to her mate. She worried sometimes that they were a bit too much for him. Bran hadn’t wanted to be a father in the beginning and she couldn’t blame him for taking so much longer to warm up to his own offspring, but Drin couldn’t help but notice the amount of time he spent away from the house rather than in it, and with his family. Of course, the Council pair had plenty of duties to uphold and being busy was a norm for their lives, she unfortunately couldn’t keep the worries at bay all the time, but today, the Aor Vald intended to push them well away.

How many days or even moons had it been since she’d inquired to Miskunn why there hadn’t been an Ausa Vatni for the all the new Aeska and older ones living amongst the pack? It bothered her that with Winter well on it’s way, her children and grandchildren were still without their Frithr pendants, the wooden symbols of their belonging to the fold. She’d come close to practically imploring the Godja to hold a private ceremony then at the Soul household if nothing was to be done, but the wizened elder had assured Palaydrian that she’d see this honored tradition to fruition. Time would only tell of course, her opinions of the proxy youth had not changed much since the last meeting, and Florina’s presence remained a rare occurrence in the parts Palaydrian most frequented. It was almost as if she’d left them again.

Hardly a surprise, she balked near the borders in mid-patrol with Rok when an unfamiliar voice sounded across the lands. A hard moment of thought dismissed all wishful thinking. It seemed their Sannindi had decided to make herself known once more and rejoin the realm of the living. Miskunn apparently, had made good on her promise, and the note she’d sent to Drin the other day hadn’t been a complete shot in the dark. The naming ceremony was happening! Finally, she mumbled under her breath, whistling to the crow full grown, before turning back to head towards the Jordheim. Now she understood why her Vald had been so busy, and a slight smile made it’s way to her seal pointed lips.

Because today you’re recognized as real vikings in the pack, Palaydrian explained for the upteenth time to the inquiring Akara, gently smoothing back the tuft of unruly fur between her chocolate kissed ears. Bran-love, grab the boys would you, we can’t be late! The Aor Vald instructed, giving Izrian the once over again before scooting her out the door. She continued the informative lesson along the way, pointing out her own Frithr pendant flanked in beads that rested above the crescent brand. Occasionally she caught Bran’s eye and grinned, reaching for his hand and a quick squeeze before ending up having to hoist a daughter under each arm to make up the rest of the distance to the lake.

They weren’t the first to arrive, but she hadn’t expected that. Rounding up a house of six was a feat in itself. She quickly found her friends, and set the squirming girls down so they congregate and talk excitedly with the other Aeska. Straightening up with a laugh, she offered Aspen an affectionate hug before greeting her son and daughter-in-law with kisses. Scared yours will be taken away? She gently teased the Eljun Rikr touching his pendant, acknowledging the nostalgic look in Ascher’s eyes with a beaming smile of her own. The impressive spread surely made up for the aloof absence, but even this minor concern could hardly compete with the swelling pride Palaydrian felt for the yet “unnamed” Aeska.

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It all seemed so incredibly unreal. If anyone had told him, even just a year ago, that he’d be making his way to his kid’s naming ceremony, the caramel pelted male would have laughed in their face. Bran never made plans, finding it far easier to let himself go wherever life took him, which had often been into the company of beautiful females, but there had always seemed one truth he’d accepted, embraced even, he would never have kids. So it had come as a bit of a surprise when he’d discovered the female his heart truly ached for, lived less than a hundred paces away. Of course, if that had been a shock, there were not really any words to describe the news of the pregnancy. Oh yes, he knew how it had happened, but he was pretty sure that only Drin could have convinced him kids were a good idea.

His trepidation had grown somewhat as Drin had gotten larger, but when his cubs were born and that magical love that Niernan, Saul and even Ascher promised him would happen, didn’t appear, he was sure there was something wrong. It was a hard feeling to describe, he did not dislike the pups, or resent them, but there was just apathy there when he thought of them. His love for his mate did not diminish though and he did his best to protect and provide for his new family, increasing patrols, bringing back food and making sure he took on greater efforts around the borders.

The irony of the situation created by the intruders Taro and himself had rebuffed wasn’t lost on him. It had been after the fight, and after one of them had grabbed his cubs that something had…been dislodged was perhaps the best expression, and the bond had finally started to wrap itself about his heart. It also was a little clearer why he’d spent so much more time out of the house, and it had been something he’d not even consciously considered.

”Okay darlin’”. Bran said in answer to Drin’s request. ”Come on fellas, we’re off, and yur mum told me t’ grab yu so…” He scooped the two wriggling pups, planting one on each shoulder, and holding them in secure, but not uncomfortable grip, following after his mate as she led the way to the lake. Again it struck the caramel pelted Araedi as unreal that he would be standing with the other parents. The walk wasn’t far, and he relaxed into the sounds and scents of his family about him as they moved through their home, allowing his trademarked crooked grin to appear as he spotted those who’d gathered already, falling Drin towards Aspen and Ascher, and finally putting his two boys on the ground at his feet.

Glancing about him, the Aor Stormbringer took in the faces of his pack mates. Ascher and Taro appeared to be positively vibrating with pride, and obviously there was no hiding the fact that Drin had been waiting for this day with just as much excitement as if their cubs had been her first litter. His eyes also fell on the one bitter pill in the whole situation. Florina’s light-touch leadership bordered on absentee, and the pack had maintained itself, putting into question her role at all. However Bran would continue to do what he’d been doing since he became Araedi, watching the borders and protecting the pack, as long as there was no interference with that, he’d continue to focus on the rest of his pack and leave Florina alone.

Once He’d greeted the other parents, Bran stood, watching his cubs, still adjusting to being one of the luperci stood here, rather than in the crowd.

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+7 Shiloh PPed with permission. :> The pack is all assumed to have arrived by now, so posting is now open in any order! Party time!

Florina watched silently as packmates and family gradually filled the clearing — some taking seats around the table and claiming drinks for the toast they knew would come, and others remaining on their paws, edging closer to see. The Sannindi caught sight of her mother in the back of the crowd, slight but smiling with her youngest trio, and let her silver eyes wander back to the foreground.

The parents greeted each other with warm affection, expressions ranging from pride to anxiety, but kept their leader at arms length. To be honest, the emotional displays of joy and tears left Florina a little prickly and uncomfortable, so even if their coolness was meant to be taken as disapproval, she rather preferred things this way. (It was easier to deal with than ranting and raving to incite a riot.) Miskunn was quiet nearby, but the way her arms rustled in her habit sleeves, Florina assumed she was preparing to begin.

The wolfdog tilted her head and let her unblinking gaze land on the veritable herd of Aeska. Bran and Palaydrian had a litter of four in earth tones of brown and grey. Ascher and Aspen had two silver daughters. Shiloh's pair were stark light and shadow at her feet. Taro and Chloé had a colorful trio who seemed to be the noisiest. There were so many children, and they all appeared healthy and strong enough to last the winter. They would be worthy vikings. Her curiosity appeased, Florina nodded to Miskunn, and the priestess raised her staff to signal for silence.

Today we welcome eleven of our Aeska into the Vináttan family with our blessings and their own Frithr pendants, Florina barked gruffly. It was surreal to open the ceremony when she had once been a puppy at the Godja's feet herself. In her calloused hands were the pendants to be bestowed, collected from the storage house. They would need more after this. We feast to celebrate and honor the occasion of their naming day.

Miskunn's voice rang out, undiminished by the seasons that had passed her by. Through the Ausa Vatni, we bless the Aeska with the elements of our home: earth and water. The Aeska are laid upon the ground, recognizing the source of all life, 'jord'. Then each child is raised to receive the element of water, a power of healing and good. Once the puppies were all stilled, Miskunn gestured for the parents to raise them each for their turn underneath the pine switch.

It is sprinkled three times -- first in the name of Thor whose hammer we wear, again in the name of Freyr, and lastly in the name of Njord. Miskunn knelt gracefully to sweep her pine branch over the lake surface, adorning the needles with clear drops. When she rose and stepped forward, Florina loomed in her shadow, a necklace cord threaded on her claw. The Godja flawlessly intoned the blessing in the old tongue for each babe, and flicked the lake water harmlessly against their downy fur. Ek verp vatni þetta barn a, ok gef honum nafnit... Ode, she began, turning to the eldest sisters, ...Shore.

Florina carefully looped the necklace cord over each pup's neck once they received their name-blessing. She made eye contact, however brief, with each parent holding them — knowing there was tension and trust involved due to mixed feelings about her reign. They did not have to like her, but they should know how much the pack meant to her. Ek verp vatni þetta barn a, ok gef honum nafnit... Bjorn, Juno, Robin. Miskunn swept onward to the next family, and the next. ...Myrkr, Thyri. With one last flourish, the Godja sprinkled droplets onto the last quartet. ...Sylven, Akara, Izrian, Ahti.

Once the last necklace was secured on its recipient for life, Florina straightened tall and cast her gaze out on the assembly. She raised her fist in the air, Miskunn echoing the movement with her staff. It was the unspoken signal to raise their glasses and cheer. Heilir Aesir! Heilar Asynjur! Heil su in fjolnyta fold! Florina roared. Her pronunciation was slightly rougher than Miskunn's, but the words had been well practiced. Hail! The ceremony was over, and the time to feast had begun.

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Andira had followed her mothers to the feast, gathering with the other pack members. Many seasons had passed since her own Ausa Vatni, her memory of it only fuzzy and mostly patched together by the stories her mothers had told her of that day. Her mother Anu had many fond memories of the ceremony, recalling it as the first true moment to bind her to the traditions of Vinátta. But Andi could not think of the silver mother without the beliefs of the Norse, it was such a deep part of Andira's view of her.

Shoulder to shoulder with her brothers the merle woman watched, taking in the words of their Sannindi and eying the pale gold female curiously. She knew so little of Florina, only of the past others had spoken of. Too bad her own goals kept her away and at the borders, or training in solitude. Though the desire to socialize and know the alpha was not as great as her need to practice.

The ceremony was the same as the others she'd witnessed, and at a time she looked over to her gray-mother's face. She wore a look of happiness, the emotion and sentiment clearly visible. It brought her own feelings forward and when the cheer arose Andi's voice was clearly among the others.

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+654 Lila's got an Orvar as a companion; PP approved by Jace.

Lila froze, her ears swiveling to capture the dying notes of the Sannindi's call to the pack. Her eyes grew wide; the howl had come from the northern part of the pack, which meant that the gathering was at the Great Lake. There were few enough places set up for all of Vinátta to gather at once, and it seemed the Lake was Florina's favorite among them.

She had been tidying her home, but now the broom clattered against the wall as she laid it aside. She needed to get her fear under control now, before she had to attend this meeting. She probably could have begged off, most Vináttans knew of her past and would not question it. But she wanted to go. She knew from her mother that this was to be her adopted siblings' blessing day, and she wanted to be in attendance. Even if she didn't live with them she was still their big sister.

As she took deep breaths, trying to steady her nerves, a rapid tapping at her door followed by the entrance of the tall frame of her best friend, his tail wagging quickly behind him, took her attention. She greeted him with a hug, but her heart was beating rapidly in her chest and her voice was unsteady as she spoke. "Hi, Orvar, excited for the Ausa Vatni?" His half-siblings would be receiving their Frithr pendants as well; he had every right to be ecstatic.

Sharp as a tack, the grey-clad teen zeroed in on her wobbling voice. "What's wrong?" She shrugged, but knew he would only ask again if she put him off. And unlike those who were unfamiliar with her, her easy-going friend would never pass judgement over the one thing that freaked her out. "Florina called from the lake," she replied, and that was really all she needed to say.

A grey arm encircled her shoulders, hugged her close, and his voice was soothing in her ear. "It'll be okay. You can hold my hand or hide behind me.. if you want to." A smile took her face, and she nodded and leaned into the warm chest. Abruptly she stood straight and shooed him out the door. The parents would surely have assembled by now with all the pups, and they would be missed. True to his word, when Lila slipped her small white hand into his, the Stormbringer squeezed it tightly, a show of solidarity.

There was speed, but not really a sense of urgency in their walk to the lake. As she had expected, when she drew to within sight of the glittering water as well as the throng of pack mates, her breath shortened and her tongue drooped as she panted; her eyes dilated and she began to drag her heels, wanting to get away. Orvar was aware of and had been watching for this sign; many were the times Lila had been "it" in a game of tag, but been the one chased when he and Bel ventured too near the Lake.

Calmly, he moved only as far as he had to to join the crowd and then pushed Lila behind him, capturing her left arm with his and holding it against his abdomen to prevent her making a run for it. Lila remained like this, her head pressed against Orvar's back, fingers digging into his belly as though he might disappear, and surprisingly enough her heartbeat began to slow to the point she could pay attention to the ceremony.

Despite her misgivings about being so near the water, Lila peeked from under Orvar's arm more than once to watch this ceremony that she had not had, and her voice was raised clearly among the others for the toast to these young ones and to the gods, though it was nothing in volume compared to Orvar's.

Lila Jordans

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POSTED: Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:58 am

Within a blink, it seemed, Ascher's youngest children had grown into little wolves who at least feigned taking him seriously when he said they could set an example; Ode moreso than Shore.

The Eljun Rikr averted his eyes when they began to prickle with joyful tears, turning to wave as the rest of the proud parents arrived with varying degrees of puppy insanity in tow: Taro with his boisterous trio; Bran and Drin with their large litter of Firebringers, a name so impressive that Asch wondered idly at times if fate had had a hand in things; and Shiloh with her two surviving pups. Asch moved a step closer to his only remaining Vinattan sibling to kiss her cheek. He cracked a grin at Drin's joke but found himself too choked up to respond verbally except with a low chuckle.

As the rest of the pack filtered in and the ceremony began, Asch kept a tight grip on Aspen's hand. He let his blue-eyed gaze settle over the pack but couldn't keep his eyes off his daughters for long as Miskunn uttered words which were always familiar yet always different, just like the multitude of Aeska being welcomed into the pack.

It was through eyes hazy with tears that the Eljun Rikr spotted Orvar, who appeared to have acquired a Lila-shaped growth. Ascher tried not to display his surprise at seeing the two together openly, instead opting to be glad that his eldest child had made a friend in the form of the black and white girl. Orvar was normally so quiet that Ascher had been truly worried about that for a time. His gaze lingered on the pair for a couple of seconds before a smile grew on his face. Today was not the time for fretting.

Asch turned back to watch the closing words of the ceremony, and he lifted his voice with the others, although it was a somewhat strangled shout as he found himself fighting back proud tears. This was where he should have been all along, nurturing the next generation of Vinattans.


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