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POSTED: Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:21 pm

dated back to the 2nd of this month, Laurel is taking a stroll in the 'Ocean of Green' where she'll go into labour, so someone else can pop in before the father come into the scene ^.^(249)

The day was sunny but a little nippy, winter would be arriving sooner than she though and Her belly was now a ballon and a half, she wondered how many she'd be having... She wasn't afraid of the pain that was to come, she'd be brining a life into the world, so she was more happy than afraid.

She wanted to sit on a little hilly incline, "okay... Just beeeend," she tried to sit down but - "Nope," she straightened up with a small giggle and a sigh, rubbing her very much swollen belly, "don't want mum to relax huh? and as she looked down she suddenly felt a rather uncomfortable oain, and she frowned, and a small pause crossed her demeanour, she stood, wating to see if it was just another kick like last time.

But to her surprise, it wasn't, the pain persisted and the third one was much greater than the last, making her crouch and when she touched the grass it was wet... Which was a perfect sign that she was ready, "really? Now? Ha! Great... Perfect timing sweetheart... Perfect timing..." she eventually sat down and the pain was getting worse and worse, she looked around and tried to stay calm, "Help!," she called out, "Someone!?.. Ah," her hands went to her stomach, "okay, okay, I get it... You- You want out... Just... Give mummy a l- little more time," Though talking to her unborn child was fruitless, so she hoped someone was around to help her out.

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POSTED: Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:55 pm

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It was far too early to tell yet but she knew. She just knew. Regret swam within her but not for them, never for them, she regretted the other two that had made it possible. She condemned her own lack of self control, she had thought that...she had been better than that. The pale AniWayan stroked her stomach tenderly, there was no bulge yet, no physical obviousness to what had happened. But she had been through it far too many times and knew just how fertile and receptive her body was.

Of course she could never regret her children, no matter who they had come from, the situation wasn't ideal but she would make her way through it just like the four times before, she wasn't afraid of being a mother again, indeed it was her greatest achievement in life. She took for a walk though, wanted to get away from Tal and the closeness of the village, so beyond the working fields she strolled and out into the more wilder territories that AniWaya held. She was lost in her thoughts, wondering how many it would be this time and if she should tell Kohaku or not. She was leaning towards Not. A voice plucked her from her own deliberations and she finally looked about herself truly and saw the other pale female on the floor. With now purpose to her stride Gemma was beside her inside of a minute. She guessed that this was Laurel, the mate that Fenrir had talked so reverently about.

She was calm, there was no paniced flapping for her, she had long grown from that. Instead she took hold of the other's hand and squeezed it gently,

"Laurel? You're going to be okay, we'll get you through this. Now, do you want to stay here or shall we move towards the Village?" The innate sadness to Gemma's eyes though, the sparkling sapphires, revealed what Gemma knew. About Laurel's previous failed litter, but there was empathy and understanding there, Gemma too knew what it was like to have your most precious things torn from you in their most innocent and vulnerable.

If Laurel indicated that she wished to return to the village then Gemma would move to help the round stomached female to her feet, if not then she would settle down on the ground with her.
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POSTED: Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:36 pm


It felt like an age till someone had come to her aid, it was a pale woman but when Laurel had a look at her she had an ear missing and part of her face was scarred, which to her only wondered how and why it was that way, but no matter, she was grateful that this fair lady was here, she didn't even care that she knew her name, it was puppy time and things had to move along quickly for this to go well, "yes, I'm- im laurel, and I rather not move at this point," she tensed and another contraction came along, "would it be okay if- if you could just fetch my mate... Fenrir, I need him here."

She threw her head aback a little, blinking at the sky as the pain was getting a little too much for her, "i hope I can do this," she murmured, but she wasn't afraid, but she was slightly doubting her abilities right now, she now needed all the help she can get, "thank you.. For- for showing up," she said finally before the stabbing pains came back and time her face tensed and she groaned in pain.

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POSTED: Sat Nov 15, 2014 2:27 am

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She had never assisted in helping another female give birth although she had experienced it herself many times. The only time she had seen it was when her own mother had gone into labor with Lucifer's second litter, Gemma had been her battering doll for the pain and the reason she had ended up with a broken front leg. Her mother's litter had been stillborn and a few days afterwards the albino coyote had chased off her injured daughter to face the elements with no knowledge on how to survive. Gemma haad made it, only just and there had been countless times she had stood at death's door for her own lack of skills.

She introduced herself, "I'm Gemma." Figuring a name would help rather than being just an unknown stranger, and then nodded for the laboring woman's request. Letting go of the woman's hand she got to her feet and took a few steps away from the female, tipping her head back and howling for Fenrir to come post haste, urgency ringing in her hybrid call.

She returned to Laurel's side just in time to catch the word's she muttered to herself, "I promise you that you can do this. You'll be a Mama before you know it." She smiled, blue eyes bright and laughed lightly at the woman's thank you, "We all need help sometimes." She held out her hand again for LAurel to take and squeeze if she wanted to.


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POSTED: Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:00 pm

The day was long and horrid. Fen had been rushing. He had to prepare for the little one. He had to get as many toys and comforts ready so that the young one may be happy upon entry into this world. He wanted to be the model father and so he prepared the little one's room. Pelts in the corner a number of whimsical items to chew on and some trinkets for them to wear on special occasions.

But then came a calling. Oh no, what was happening? Fen felt himself become anxious as Alicanto flew out to the source ahead of his master. The sage sighed and put on his cloak rushing out to discover why he was called. The scents hit him hard as he dashed towards the two. Oh god he felt a ton of bricks on his chest as he couldn't figure out what could cause it.

He saw his mate in the classic state. The pup! Their having a child! Fen dashed to Laurel's side grasping her hand. "Thank you Gemma," he spoke quickly looking at his dear mate. "I'm so sorry for running behind I should've walked you home." It was obvious the man was a new dad and he was nervous.
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POSTED: Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:19 pm


It wasn't too long of a wait till Fen came to her side, a wave a relief washed over her when Fen arrived, and he blurted out an apology which she didn't really care for, she knew how nervous he was from the day her belly began to show the signs of her pregnancy, she was exited, though also a tad nervous, but she was wanting this more than anything.

As Fen took her hand she was about to say something till a concession came around and she closed her mouth and her body began to do the work, he didn't exactly know If she was pushing, she only tensed, as if she was naturally trying to ease the pain, she threw her head back and groaned loudly, this little one was clearly going to be a whopper... And how could she blame it, it had a father who was massive in height so, "Fen... You- you don't need to apologise... Just- just," her body tensed again as another contraction came around, and she bit back the scream she wanted to make, "think of the pup honey... Just think of the-" and then came another, and that time she cried out a little.

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POSTED: Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:30 pm

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It wasn't long before she could see the half blind warrior rushing towards the pair of them, Gemma breathed a silent sigh of relief. She did not want to go through this with Laurel alone, she knew how much Fenrir had been looking forwards to his children's birth. She nodded her head to him as he thanked her, "We are all family, there is nothing to thank." His nerves were obvious to both of them, but Gemma didn't feel all too comfortable intervening.

In fact with the warrior now here Gemma felt a little awkward, should she go or should she stay? Would they want her to witness this very intimate thing. But she worried that if she left and Laurel got into trouble, they wouldn't have someone with experience to watch over them. Laurel's instincts should guide her but sometimes those instincts needed a little more help from experience and knowledge.

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