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I've come to burn your kingdom down

Prophet knew that she should go out and meet more of Inferni but she had been too focused on her own projects to concern herself with making friends. But after what had happened with Messiah she was starting to realize that she could use some friends before the clan could think to turn on her as well. She really couldn't afford to have that happening. Still she wasn't exactly certain how to approach others when she could easily be marked with the taint that surrounded Messiah just for being his kin. Because she didn't know what to say with others she decided on just placing herself out in a public setting and just testing the waters that way.

The robed female had taken a seat upon the porch of the Mansion. She figured that if she was outside and out front then those coming and going certainly couldn't miss her. Of course it might also be seen as foolish for her to be outside when snow resided upon the ground in her brittle condition. But it wasn't like she could stay tucked away either.

Her panted breaths fogged the air in front of her muzzle but her concentration was on the small pieces that she was piecing together in her hands. In her lap was pieces of bone, namely small bird skulls, and some feathers as well as her staff. Her fingers were working deftly at tying together a couple of femurs in the shape of a cross. For all the frailness that her body seemed to possess with her constant panting and wheezing and coughing fits her fingers were able to create small and tight little knots. The sickly looking female had a clear purpose in mind for what she was making and it showed in the concentrated furrow of her brow.

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The more he accompained Kasia into the wild, the more he got used to the cold. By then, Yari was already able to move on the snow on both his feet without stuttering very much. Even his pelt had begun showing a thin layer of isulating fur, much to his relief. He was getting tired of pacing around his room in the mansion while Kasia was out, unable to even play his drum. He could try to meet new members, and he had even goten to know the cook, Maddox. But still, four walls around him was not always a pleasant feeling. So, under request, Kasia took him to check on the traps that she had set around the day before. However, he decided to stay on top of Mariama after accidentally stepping on a hole that left him laying belly down on the snow.

By the time they finished, the old jackal had decided that the top of the horse's back was a much better refuge than the ground, so they decided to go back to the mansion to cook the hares that had fallen in the traps during the night. While she led the mare to the garden so she could join the other horses, Yari went straight to the porch, eager to get his feet off the snow. However, he found his path blocked by a cloaked figure that seemed to be wheezing and coughing too much, despite remaining outside. The jackal would've passed her had it not been for the trinkets that she held in her hands. So, with a silent pace, he walked past her and approached her from behind, watching her work from above her shoulder. "Aye see fine work. You do it?" He asked in his broken english, hoping that she would get it. Meanwhile, Kasia returned to the main entrance, and watched how Yari, once again, came ahead as the social one. She just limited herself to leaning against one of the pillars and observing the old woman's work.
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I've come to burn your kingdom down

This was just one of a number of things that she had made. She enjoyed having busy work to do while she waited for her other projects to require her attention again. She had made a simple necklace for her younger sister and she had it in mind to give this piece to someone else. She wasn't certain if it would be accepted or even appreciated. Even so she felt fairly certain that he would recognize the symbolism to it. She supposed if he refused it then she could pass it on to someone else. It wasn't like she didn't have a number of siblings that she could gift things to. But this one wasn't meant for family, or at least not immediate family.

The robed female shifted out of the way to allow the male to pass but was surprised when he came around to stand behind her. She tilted her head back in order to be able to look up at the male. She held up what she was working on for his inspection. She had managed to get the leg bones tied together in the shape of a cross. The female had started to add skulls to the string that she was working with to make a necklace.

"Yes. I did it." She placed her work back in her lap so that she could continue to add to it. She added a couple more bird skulls before adding on a vertebrae. She was sitting so he could see what she was doing and how quickly her fingers worked to tie in knots to keep everything in place. Her breath continued to rattle in her chest and she had to pause in her work as she was overcome by a coughing fit that made her double over and fight for breath.

It took a couple of minutes before she had caught her breath enough to speak again. "I am Prophet de le Poer, and you and your friend are?" The words were wheezed at and a hand was opened and motioned to where the woman was standing silent and motionless against a pillar as if she were part of the architecture of the mansion.

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I'll check the post for typos later. By now, here are their reactions :3

When Yari examined the objects more closely, he noticed the numerous skeletons that were turning slowly into nice looking jewelery pieces. He had not seen bone art like this since he arrived to America. Most of the work was done with other materials, like wood or metal, but he prefered bone better. There was just something unique with having something dead turned into a beautiful thing, adding a touch of life to somebody already living. He kept looking at her hands carefully. "Très beau." He said, suddenly forgetting that she probably did not speak french. She spoke again, introducing herself and asking for both of their identities. "Me, Yari, Yari Keita. She Kasia, doesn't speak much." He said, pointing a frail finger towards him first, and then towards Kasia, who stood away from the place she was leaning against and walked towards the pair. "Prophet, I believe I've seen you before." She said, recognizing the female from a couple of times before. "I hope that you are taking care of that coughing. It is getting too cold to be outside." She said, actually pitiful for the woman's state. She was not looking very well health-wise. Yari rolled his eyes at it, of course he knew it. His paws had almost frozen a couple of times, and his articulations were starting to ache, despite the purple robe that covered most of his body. "Aye kno', too cold for both, then. I almost froze my paws." He replied, blowing a warm breath in the hand that wasn't holding the prey that they had catched.

Prophen went on with her task, and Kasia soon found what made Yari so interested, joining him by crouching beside him. "I had seen bone art before, but only with vertebrae." She wishpered. fascinated by the dexterity of those frail-looking hands, and how carefully she was turning those empty skulls into something worth looking at.

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I've come to burn your kingdom down

"What was that?" The female paused in her work to look up at the male at the unfamiliar words that it was that he spoke. There were only a couple of languages that she could speak. There was English, of course, and Spanish as well. She could understand a bit of Latin. Honestly she could speak more Latin than she could understand. There were only a few words in Latin that she could pick out and translate.

"Why doesn't she speak?" Prophet questioned the male since he seemed to be doing all of the talking for both of them. "I had a brother who didn't speak either." She said, thinking of Nephilim. Her brother's lips would move but no sound would pass through them. She couldn't say she knew what caused that other than him being addled. Such wasn't the only odd thing about her deceased brother.

The robed female turned her attention to the other female and offered her up a smile. She was glad that she was recognized at least. Of course she could be recognized for the wrong thing. Had Kasia been at her brother's trial and that was where she knew her from? Either way she was working on separating herself from the insanity that she proclaimed her brother to have possessed. "They say fresh air is good for the body." She explained why she was sitting outside despite the cold. "I go to the hospital and get some lavender and honey for a soothing tea." She assured the other female. "There is no need to be concerned that it is catching. This is a condition I have had since before I could shift." After all if her siblings hadn't caught it then there was no need to worry about anyone else becoming afflicted.

The female continued to wheeze and it seemed as if every words she spoke was a struggle for her. "Have you tried wrapping them? Get some thick and warm hide to place around them. I can show you how if you get me a couple of pelts." She made her offer to help out another clan member. She figured that would be positive marks in her favor and would further separate her from the crimes of her brother. "I can show you as well." She looked to the female and made her the same offer. "They won't look all that pretty but they should do the job. Once again the female had to pause and struggle for her breath back.

Even though she couldn't speak at the moment she reached into her robe to pull out the necklace that she wore. Her necklace was a rosary that she kept tucked away and hidden from few to keep it safe. While this one hadn't been made by her it was an example of what she was going for with the skulls that she was using to mimic the beads. "Didn't make this one." She figured that she should make that clear as she tucked it away again. "I have another but it broke and I need to fix it." She had a simple bone necklace that she had made for herself, her very first project, but she had made it too tight about the throat and so the tension eventually broke it.

"I can make something for you as well if you desire it. Just tell me what it is you want and what you want me to use." She didn't figure that the other cared for a rosary as it was a religious symbol and the other hadn't seemed to take notice of what it was that she was making but had simply marked it was a pretty piece of jewelry.

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Don't worry, I don't mind having to read at all.

The old woman showed surprise for his language, but he did not pay her much attention. He knew that his words would probably sound strange to her, but limited himself to one single word as an answer: "French." He said, not even bothering to take his eyes away from the pieces in her hands.

When she adressed the reason why Kasia did not speak too much, the coyote chuckled. She was not a mute, as Prophet initially believed, but the irony of this was funny, since it was Yari who often pointed out that she almost seemed like one. However, since joining inferni she had begun to loosen up her tongue a little bit. Maybe it had to do with the fact that, given that her other clanmates did not know her all too well, she would have to state out loud what she thought or what she needed, unlike with Yari, with whom the undestanding was mutual without the need of words. And as to make that point stronger, the side-striped jackal answered to that misled statement. "She can speak. She just doesn't." While he said so, he turned towards Kasia, who was heading towards them. She announced her recognition and concerns regarding the woman, who was surprisingly well used to her illness. She even smiled, which the Salazar woman found unusual, and also quite pretty. Since the winter started, she had barely seen anybody smile; the cold was way too harsh to do so, apparently hardening the features of everyone, ridding them of most emotions.

She also snorted at Yari's complaint. Of course, his old bones did not endure the northern weather very well. But he had been the one to offer himself to go with her. She would have to remember to search for something that would protect him from the weather, but before she said something on the matter, Prophet made the offer herself. Yari smiled at this, shaking his head. "Would be nice, but not necessary." He showed some humility, but he actually wished that she would attach to her words, and help him with a remedy for his feet, making his adventuring outside slightly less harsh.

Kasia remained crouched for most of the time, only shifting her weight after she made the statement of her liking of the piece that Prophet was working on. The latter then took a necklace similar in nature to the one she was making and showed it to them. It was white, and very pretty, with a cross in one of its extremes. The brownish female eyed it with curiosity before its owner tucked it back under her cloak. And then, she surprisingly offered herself to make some jewelery for her. Kasia was a bit taken aback. Why would she do that? but before she could answer, Yari did so in her place. "That be lovely! Something like a necklace. It look beautiful on you!" The old jackal was unusually obssessed with dressing her up like a doll, but most of the time she would try shrug it off. She already had too much with the mask that he had made her wear to hide the lack of hair in her nape, covering it with feathers and beads. She felt it unnecessary, especially since her job, smithing, did not require physical beauty at all. Only skill and strength. But, no matter how many annoyed looks she gave Yari, the old jackal would always get away with what he wanted. "That would be nice, thank you." She said, trying to put a smile on her face not to make the old woman feel bad. Maybe a necklace would not be such a bad idea, if hers was like the one that was already being worked on.

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I've come to burn your kingdom down

Prophet accepted the explanation with a nod of her head and didn't push for more. At least now she knew the origin of the language and it would be a matter of finding someone else who could speak it in order to inquire after the meaning to the words. But it wasn't that big of a concern to her and just something she would pursue when she could find nothing else at all to occupy her time with.

"My brother couldn't speak at all. He thought he was because his lips would move but he never actually said anything." Of course now he was deceased and so there was no need to concern herself with that matter any longer. Nephilim was gone and hopefully the spilling of his blood would help to was away some of the sin that surrounded their family name. He had been ill and now he was out of his misery.

"It wouldn't take long at all to do. They will just take some getting used to. It will be hard to walk in them at first but they will help to keep the cold out." She had only a simple wrap job in mind, just something enough to cover the pads and keep the cold out of them. She had nothing special in mind but just a simple solution, though it would produce other problems of its own.

Prophet took a long moment to study the woman and her breath rattled in her chest. "Feathers for you, I think." She was trying to think of something that it would look nice to pair the feathers with. She was considering alternating between feathers and bones, perhaps a wing bone would look nice. "I will work on yours after I finish this one. In the meantime I will look for things to make it with."

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Now, I believe that I carried off with the writing. Thanks for the offer, by the way. I believe that Cartier is already being helpful, with the arrow thing, especially to get the Smith Co-rank.

The lack of the ability to speak was not a strange thing for the coyote, but she had not heard about the choice of not speaking, especially due to the belief of the inability to do so. This seemed both strange and bizarre to her, and the nostalgic tone of the woman also gave it a misterious edge. She would have inquired further, but that was not her issue. She had other things to focus on.

Yari was the one who seemed to enjoy the meeting the best, and showed a wide grin when Prophen, out of benevolence she assumed, agreed to fix the wraps on his feet. The eather was being harsh to him now. The snow was soft, yes, but there was a point when he could no longer feel his paws, and walking felt more like stepping on a wild porcupine. And the cherry of the cake was the fact that his arthritis was getting worse. Usually he would just have a light pain for a couple of hours when waking up after a particularly cold night, but the venture outside had left them aching even worse. His movements were slow in consequence, and as much as he wanted to sit cross-legged beside the ladies, he felt like he would not be able to bend that much. "That be appreciated. Very much. It will be re...relieving."

But as stiff as his body felt, he still tried to sprint towards the mansion when Prophet mentioned the feathers as the material for Kasia's necklace. The alluded stared at the point where he disappeared with a little confusion, but turned towards the Immunes afterwards. "Feathers would be nice. Maybe the crows could provide them, or the birds after the winter passes." She suggested. She didn't care much about the procedence of the materials, but if it made the woman happy, then she would at least make an effort to participate. She eyed at the point where Yari was standing a few minutes ago, and saw the two rabbits that they had collected earlier in the morning. She took one of them and held it with both hands. "We can offer this as payment." The animal was medium sized, but still meaty enough to make a decent meal.

Shortly after came Yari, panting of course, with a piece of leather in her hands. It was Kasia's mask, one that both had crafted after he complained about her cutting of the hair from her nape up. She had explained that this was so she had her eyesight clear when working near fire, but he still saw it as lacking of grace and beauty. So, in an effort to disguise her "bald" spot, both made the piece at his request. The mask was small, covering only the forehead, the brows, the cheekbones and part of the muzzle. Falling behind it had several leather strings, all with small bone and wooden beads, painted in different colors. at the ends of the strings hung feathers of a wide variety of hues: brown, cream, cinnamon, black and white. It was secured to the head by a braided string that held it in place. It was a little bit heavy, but still manageable. And apparently it made the jackal prone to brag about it. "This we made Kasia and I. The wood beads are from Africa, the bone are from here. Maybe necklace can combine it." He suggested, lending the piece for Prophet to observe. Sometimes she wondered what happened inside the Yari's mind.

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I've come to burn your kingdom down

"I will see what I can do then." She would have to find hides that would work well enough but she doubted that would be too much of a problem. Maddox made her meals, by Stigmata's request, and so she could probably get some skins off of her as she cooked meals. It probably wasn't the best plan in the world but it was all that she had for now. It would be the easiest way for her to obtain what it was that she wanted.

Prophet looked confused as the male headed inside. "Cold, perhaps?" Maybe he could no longer stand the harsh weather as he wasn't built for it. Still it was an abrupt departure. "Perhaps both even." The robed female responded to the suggestion that she was given. She hardly knew what it was that she was going to do with a piece until she had started to work on it. It was the materials that spoke to her and guided her hands.

"Thank you." The woman accepted the rabbit graciously. Perhaps she could use the fur from this in order to keep her promise to Yari. She only hoped that there would be enough there in order to cover both feet. That simply wasn't something that she would know until she had set to work on the task. This would be a trial and error sort of thing for her as she hadn't attempted it before but she did have a plan in mind. Only time would tell if it would work or not.

The male came back with something in his hands and proudly presented it to Prophet. The rabbit was placed down next to her so that she could take the mask and look it over. She was taking in the details of it as she turned it slowly about in her hand. "Do you mind if I borrow this?" She asked, looking between the male and the female. If a matching piece was wanted then she would need the mask as a guide on what she would need to match up.

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Prophet showed such kindness towards this pair that she had just met, that Kasia could not avoid feeling a tinge of something aching to gratefulness, and even compassion. This caught her off guard, since she was not used to these feelings. She kept to herself most of the time, avoiding contact, or even developing some sort of feelings towards her equals. That was her natural state, neutrality, or even apathy. Feeling anything other than that was strange, it felt odd to her. Was the fact that she was living in a community getting to her? Was she softening?

Her dilemma did nnot show in her features, save for a small flinch that came when a cold breeze blew in her direction, disguising her twitch with a tremble due to the cold. Yari was gone already, so he did not percieve this. They were both too busy with the woman to actually focus on anything else at the moment. Prophet wondered if his departure had been due to the low temperature, but Kasia knew him and that was not a valid reason. Well, his issues were his'. He did take his time to come back, holding her mask and offering it to their new acqaintance. She observed it, while Kasia observed her, and then Yari. "Was that really necessary?" He looked at her with a triumphant grin. "Finally make you look belle...pretty." His obssession with physical beauty sometimes annoyed her.

Prophet asked for the mask, to which Kasia nodded. "Not at all, I won't use it soon anyway." This time Yari glared at her. Her tone was rather relieved. She was not really eager to dance (much less put a show) during winter.

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