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His mouth watered with desire; it smelled like a meal just waiting to be caught. The herds had traveled through here some time back, their heads holding aloft antlers like tree branches that threatened to take out anyone trying to take them down. This one, though, lingered, its head bare and its head swung low to seek out any grass that remained from the frost. The young coywolf had never been part of a large hunt before, certainly he knew he couldn't take down one by himself. Even his childish confidence would not lead him to that kind of foolhardy action. Kallistos was aware of his own mortality, at least to a degree.

So it was that he poked his nose in the air to sniff and see if someone else was nearby that he could smell. Was there a group that might join him in starting to take down the reindeer that stood so obliviously on Inferni territory? The boy backed up a few paces and called out into the air with a howl peppered with yips. Was anyone near who wanted to hunt? His gaze turned to the reindeer, which had raised its head at the noise and appeared unsettled. Good. He hoped it had reason to be unsettled, because he intended to take it down.
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Belle had finally begun to settle into Inferni somewhat, although she was still very clearly one of the newest clans members. She did not know everybody’s name just yet, and it was slightly more difficult to get herself introduced to everyone because it seemed as if many of the clan members were holding up in their homes to stay out of the cold. Belle could hardly blame them – it was cold outside. And yet, she couldn’t stay in the little room of hers for very long. She had done a little to decorate it, to make it a little more her, but all the same it was a box with four walls. Belle needed space, to be free. Despite the cold, she found herself venturing outside a lot.

Vivid red eyes turned suddenly, as golden ears caught the call of one of Inferni’s own. It was an interesting notion, and Belle’s curiosity prevented her from ignoring it. She wasn’t particularly excitable about hunting, but it was something to do none the less. The girl was no stranger with a blade, of course, but she much preferred watching the life drain from sinners rather than ruminants.

The boy she came across was not one she immediately recognized, but a smile found her lips nonetheless. He was certainly cute, with hints of blood other than coyote apparent in his coloring and those peculiar ears of his. They were quite endearing, in fact, and Belle had to bite her lip to remind herself that he was a member of the clan. Behave, she whispered harshly to herself, her arms curling behind her back so that her fingers could play with the end of her ponytail.

What do we have here? She called softly, closing the distance between her and Kallistos. Her gaze left the boy for a moment, seeking out the reindeer he had set his sights on. It was a large, older male it seemed whom had shed his antlers – seemingly easy prey if they went about the hunt wisely.

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He was impatient for someone to respond, his gaze shifting over the reindeer. Even decrepit as it was, he didn't think he could take it down alone. There needed to be someone else to assist him. If he left to go find his fathers and Dami, though, the reindeer would wander off somewhere else. Maybe it would even leave Inferni lands and this pocket of good fortune would be lost to him and to his clan. The boy huffed, shifting his gaze around to try and catch someone approaching.

As luck would have it, someone was coming. A girl, a smile upon her lips. She bit her lip and he tilted his head slightly at the gesture, but didn't focus on it too much. Girls did lots of weird things he didn't understand, they were girls. Having grown up with two fathers and a brother, they were almost as unfamiliar to him as purebred wolves. Although he had been around his cousins and aunts a lot, it was different. This was a pretty girl who (as far as he knew) did not share a bloodline with him.

"Food." he replied with a confident grin, his tail swaying lightly. "Think we can take it down with just the two of us?" Kalli turned hopefully to Belle.
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There was something about this boy that Belle instantly appreciated. Perhaps it was the confidence in his stare, or the cheeky way he responded to her. He somewhat reminded Belle of herself, when she had been just a pup. Kalli wasn’t a child anymore, that much was apparent, but he was no adult either. The boy was still growing into his frame, and his adolescence was endearing. Belle had to try to keep her mischievous grin at bay. Young minds could be molded, and Kallistos was such a tempting offer.

Food, huh? You hungry? Her ruby gaze once again regarded the deer, before settling back upon the Sciens. I think we have a fair chance, she told him. A clawed hand reached for the edge of her skirt, snaking up underneath it to pull one of the knives from the leather garter that circled a thigh. The blade she produced was a short four inches long, but the edge was sharp and had nonetheless proved useful in the past. Perhaps they didn’t have strength in numbers, but all they needed to do was bury the blade into the stupid beast’s neck.

I’m up for a challenge, if you are, she said with a shrug and a grin.

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He was glad that she didn't run away scared. Of course, Kallistos had grown up with strong willed females all of his life so he had never thought that females were in any way a weaker or more easily cared gender. It was just that any coyote might have decided to leave if there was an opportunity to avoid those wide sweeping antlers and the vicious hooves of a reindeer. They weren't exactly going to lie down and just let themselves be eaten, after all, it was going to be a cruel fight. Any fight in the wild could result in predator dying instead of prey.

"I'm always hungry." he replied. Weren't they all always hungry or was that because he was a growing coyote? Maybe a mix of both. Certainly he had never turned down a meal when it was offered, even if he had just eaten. There weren't a lot of meals that involved being able to gorge yourself, though; especially not for a coyote. This reindeer might be an exception, because it was huge and if just the pair of them took it down and ate, it was going to be a very large meal for them both.

His eyes were drawn to her leg when she pulled a knife and he felt a strange flush catch in his throat. It was incredibly hot to see a girl draw a knife from her thigh. The body part itself was not particularly scandalous, since all of them walked around without clothes sometimes... but the motion itself drew attention to certain places and certain parts. He was just coming into a familiarity with that kind of feeling, as he aged up into adulthood. Pretty females, pretty males: both interested him in different ways and he was still figuring out what all of that meant.

He grinned back at her. "Alright, well I am guessing we want that to end up in its throat... so I probably should distract it so you can do that. Might be better in Secui form so I can weigh it down?" he suggested, looking for any corrections since he was young and he assumed since she was old(er) she would know better.
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Kyrini was exploring the forest. She always loved the snow and caught a snowflake or two on her tongue once one fell. The crunch of the snow under her always calmed her, then she saw two coyotes plotting something. She approached them, standing behind them, waiting for a turn to talk.

They didn't look familiar to Kyrini, but she could tell one was male and one was female. She couldn't wait any longer. "Excuse me," she began, "What might you two be talking about?" Kyrini stood there, then noticed a reindeer standing near them. Kyrini whispered, "You two gonna hunt that reindeer over there? I could help if you guys want."


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