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POSTED: Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:58 pm

Word Count: 527 :: Lets burn some stuff! Set just as the sun is falling on the 4th, in a clearing near Hera’s Stairway. Coyotes currently present are left ambiguous; several/all are Pnpcs but feel free to rp your character as having been already here if you wish. Kaena will light the fire my next post. ::

Even those who had been there since the very start weren’t quite sure how it had happened. It had started early morning, with an almost joking comment from one coyote to another that a nice fire to stave off the cold would be appreciated and things had snowballed from there: the idea had been termed a good one, wood had been gathered, other coyotes recruited to help and “suddenly” it was almost sunset and a massive bonfire had been assembled.

Saut had become aware of the proceedings earlier that day when some of the coyote working on the bonfire had visited the Great Village to collect axes for chopping wood, and had spent the rest of the day dashing about excitably, hauling about small branches and getting underfoot of the coyote doing the heavier work. Good cheer had kept Saut on the good side of the workers, who had spent the day giving the puppy small errands to keep him busy and out of the way as much as possible.

It was a fairly impressive sight that the assembled coyotes had created over the day. A wide area had been swept mostly clear of snow and a circle of large logs dragged into place for Luperci to sit on. At the center of this clearing stood the masterpiece itself, the bonfire; an impressive collection of logs, branches and other bits of wood and flammable materials tied together in a rough pyramid.. The unknowing enthusiasm of the general volunteers had been tempered with just enough knowledge about actual fire-starting that enough kindling had been spread about the structure to ensure that it would actually catch light, and thick stones moved into place inside shallow trenches ringing the structure to ensure that they didn’t burn the entire forest down.

With the sun just beginning to drop down below the horizon, the final touches were being placed on the bonfire, which was now rose above all but the tallest of the assembled infernians. A couple of coyote were lurking around the structure, making last minute additions or tweaks, but many more were either settling down for the show or leaving to spread the word. Rather atypically, Saut had actually managed to convince Kaena to come out of the house with him. The elderly woman was sat on one of the logs ringing the clear space, fiddling with a bottle of alcohol and a cloth with a purposeful look on her face.

Saut was still dashing about the clearing like a small, dull coloured bolt of lightning, dropping any dry twigs he could find in the lower regions of the bonfire. After several laps around the structure doing this he peeled off towards Kaena, spinning in a circle several times before dropping down at her feet. Saut had never seen a fire anywhere near as big as it looked like this one was going to be and he could feel the excitement urging him to start running around again but he forced himself to stay still, tail drumming a rapid beat between Kaena’s leg and the log as his head flittered quickly between the bonfire and the arriving coyotes.

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Gossip gathered several coyotes north to the great staircase in the mountain and the fire to be had there. When some Luperci, including an axe-toting Asher, visited the village, she smirked at the thought of a great bonfire and agreed to come. The coyote traveled to the mansion, first, to collect her daughter and a couple bottles of moonshine left over from Rémy's experiments.

Vicira and Vesper ascended the mountain now, the silver girl standing a head over her small, scarred mother, who had gotten fancy for the occasion. Of course, fancy for Vesper meant that she was in her Optime form at all; additionally, she'd dragged a brush through her normally feral and close-cropped mane. It hung, oddly soft, in a cut about her jaw, framing a mischievous grin. She hoisted the alcohol to show some of the others gathered there (a few yips and whoops ensued), finding a nice log to sit on. She remained standing before it, though, looking over the gathered kindling and the eager, socializing coyotes with a certain amount of pride.

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Hearing of a bonfire going on at Hera’s Stairway, Belial was one of the first to attend such an event. He brought a bottle of his own alcohol stash with him, and sat beside the flames sipping it and staring into them for a while. The flames always reminded him of his mother, and the way they licked up the sides of the logs or whatever was burning reminded him of how they quickly sucked the water from her precious skin. However, remembering that he was in a public place surrounded by those of his pack, Belial took to watching Saut run around instead. The pup raced around like a crazy, hyperactive child and eventually encircled Kaena a few times before settling at her feet. Belial rested his eyes upon him for a few seconds with a smile caressing his lips before he tipped his bottle back, took a swig and fixated his eyes back on the fire.

It was only when Vesper had come, bringing her beautiful daughter in tow, did Belial look away from the bright flames again. Belial tried to catch Vicira’s eye and offer a charming smile to her. Even though he was trying to catch the eye of her daughter, if Vesper had looked his way, he was planning to offer her a smile as well, and a dip of his maw. She had brought more alcohol and much of the crowd that had gathered around whooped and hooted at that. He would have been quite happy himself if he hadn’t had a whole half of a bottle to finish on his own.

Beside him, a space was empty for someone to sit beside him. Belial had always invited others to come by him, but he was not the type to sit beside someone and strike up conversation that way. So, naturally, as he initially chose a seat, he chose one without anyone nearby. Besides that, he didn’t mind sitting by himself to reflect on memories brought on by the fire anyway.

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Word Count: 300 ::: OOC ::

Slowly other coyote began to arrive in bits and pieces, some arriving along and others in small groups. If Kaena and the other coyotes already here were the caretakers of the bonfire, than Saut was the greeter, dashing about to offer excited yips and nips to all who arrived. The youngster gave Belial an enthusiastic bark when the older male’s eyes rested on Saut, the puppy’s eyes only briefly darting upwards to the patch of empty space above his shoulder before they dropped back down, satisfied that no weirdness was happening tonight.

Saut had darted upwards from his perch at Kaena’s feet when he noticed Aunt Ves and her daughter arriving. The boy sent a series of happy yips there way and rushed over towards them, running circles around them, winding between their feet and just generally making a nuisance of himself for a few seconds before some other new arrival caught his attention. After making the rounds of the new arrivals a few times Saut started to weave how way through the crowd and back towards Gramma Kaena, just in time to witness the elderly coyote let out a cry of triumph as the rag she had stuffed into her bottle finally caught light. Kaena held the flaming bottle aloft to the gathered coyote to and received a series of whoops and yips in return, before letting loose one of her own and throwing the bottle straight into the bonfire.

With a big whomp that Saut could almost feel, the bottle exploded and a cloud of flame rushed out to engulf the bonfire. Saut added his own high pitched voice to the sudden clamour that arose from the assembled coyotes, their cried echoing through the night as the fire caught, settled and began to burn merrily.

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Aether had been the one to tell Wraith about the bonfire and insisted she come along. Not really bothered too much by the request, and curious to see what was going on, Wraith more or less happily complied. She grumbled a bit since it was her motherly duty – Aether could have been taking her away from important things, whatever they were – but her daughter knew that she was just messing around.

Wraith and Aether arrived just in time to hear the crack of glass shattering and feel the sudden and intense burst of flame warm their fur. They grinned at one another and Aether immediately set to seeing who else had gathered. Apparently, her daughter had been assisting in the bonfire all day.

Spotting Vesper and her daughter, Wraith began to make her way over to the pair. On the way, she spotted Belial and stopped for a moment.

“Heya Belial, here for the fire an’ burnin’ an’ shit?” she asked, mostly rhetorically. She’d seen him around the clan, most recently at the trial of Messiah, which had ended in both his and his brother, Nephilim’s, death. Their family was so fucked.

It was then that Wraith realized that the alcohol wasn’t just burning away in the fire, but that many of the attendees had brought some booze.

“Aww, shit, I didn’t even bring any whiskey, man,” she complained. “Jesus, Aether, ya didn’t prepare me for this at all!” she shouted, to wherever her daughter had gotten off to. Aether probably would have just shrugged.
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Vesper grinned as the old grey coyote caught the soaked rag on fire, flinging it into the kindling with a burst of color and light and heat. She raised her arm to shield her eyes from the sparks and brightness then added her voice to the yipping cries of the gathered Infernians, her own howl long and melodic, almost wolfish but for its yapping start.

Ves nodded at Belial when he looked their way (Vicira ducked her head with a shy smile) then laughed as Wraith shouted after her daughter. I don't mind sharin', she said, hoisting her bottle. She tilted it, letting the fiery drink fall into her mouth, splashing on her tongue. It wasn't often that she drank, but surrounded by good company and staving off the cold, it was perfect to her.

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Belial sat quietly for the most part, but joined the yapping bunch when the bonfire was actually initiated. His call was lower than the others, being one of the few males in the bunch who wasn’t a child. Their call lasted for about a minute before they quieted down, their laughter and talking commenced again. It was then that he looked up, after taking a swig of rum, and spotted Wraith coming towards him. ”Hey,” he answered smoothly, swiftly looking over his cousin for any changes that he might’ve missed. Her daughter had flitted off mingle with other companies of the bonfire, and Belial watched as Wraith passed him by as well.

He almost was able to slip back into his trance, but Wraith had been shouting, complaining that she had not brought alcohol for the occasion. He lifted his bottle towards her, even though Vesper had offered to share as well. ”Here,” he said loud enough for her to hear him, despite the distance between them. ”It’s not whisky, but I’m sure it’ll do.”

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