[m] The Survival Games of an Assassin

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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

“You’ve done well Son,” the old leader told him but his words lacked any sincerity, “As your final test and conclusion, you will have to survive a night alone in the woods-”

“That’s easy! I do that all time,” Solas interjected, confidence beaming off of him.

“You’ll not be permitted to have any weapons with you. And be prepared for anything,” Galvin continued as if not missing a beat, his voice fully intending that this was not as forthcoming as it seemed. The redheaded boy felt slightly apprehensive at not having any weapons, but figured he could improvise if needed.

“Yes father,” the yearling nodded. As the solitary dictator of the pack of Justus, Galvin did not permit anyone to call him anything other than his name or address him with respect. Solas was the only one in the pack permitted to address their mighty Alpha so casually, which was just one of the few perks in being a prince. Galvin ruled with an iron paw and his word was law. There was no denying his request.

“Good! I know you will do just fine as you always do,” the ivory wolf soothed with a smile. All the Justus boy could do at that point was hope that he did not screw up and prove Galvin wrong.


Dusk could not come soon enough for the young assassin in training. Kailani had been with him the whole day, irritatingly enough. That he remembered clearly. The prod of a hand jabbed the sleeping wolf. He did not remember how he had fallen asleep but darkness had fallen onto the earth when his flame colored eyes opened.

“Wh—what did you give me Kail?” Solas asked accusingly to the silvery female that was still with him. His last thoughts were of eating something with her, because his mentor Lucifana had insisted that they do so.

“I don’t know what you are talking about silly,” giggled the wolfess. If she wasn’t so dumb with her stupid laughing, she might have been pretty, but Solas could never find a brainless canine of any sorts attractive.

“How did we get here? I don’t remember walking this far…” Solas contemplated a loud. There was something he was supposed to do, but he had been unable to think past his pounding headache that day.

“Well we did, don’t you remember? We went right past this that tree, right before you kissed me,”
Kailani answered with a flutter of her lashes.

“I did what?!?!? That’s ridiculous!” the yearling snorted with an offended expression on his thoroughly confused face. She had to be lying.

“No it isn’t” she answered waving her finger at him, “You said you wanted to make love to me, and well Tiger, I’ll have you know that I’m all your’s for the taking.” When she finished her voice had gone huskier. When he did not react to her, silver hands warped around his muscular shoulders and fingers began to wonder on his chest, “Galvin will understand.”

“No he won’t….I had something important to do…” Solas frowned through clenched teeth. Why could he not remember what that was?

“Yeah, that important thing had to do with me…and you…” they young maiden answered coyly.

Even if he felt no attachment towards Kail, her seduction was tempting. The prince wished that he could the leisure of doing whatever pleased. If he did not have such heavy responsibilities and have Galvin breathing down his neck all the time, he would have not hesitated to pounce on his companion and push her up against the tree that they had been standing under. Her over willingness however, was a huge turn off. Solas was use to everything being a challenge so he would expect nothing less from such a situation as this.

“Get your filthy claws off me,”
he growled, shaking her further wondering hands off, “You are a pathetic waste of air. I don’t know what’s going on here, but you need to leave.”

“You’re no fun,” she pouted as she had attempted to linger still.

“You did something to me!” The Justus boy snarled venomously. If she wants to play with fire, let her get burned, he had thought darkly. “You’re story is nonsense! What did I just pass out half way through our kiss? I mean come on Kail. Do you really think I’m foolish enough to believe any of your crap?”

He pressed closer to her, grabbing her out of what appeared to be fury but in all actuality, Solas had been very calm considering everything else. She was limp in his powerful grasp and looked up at him attempting to put out the fire, when she had just been trying to build sparks of passion just seconds before. “Now leave, lest you want your throat pulled out,” the red male whispered into her ear, completely serious.

At last she had seemed to get the hint and nodded vigorously with wide eyes.

The snap of a branched caused his attention to be diverted as he looked into the pitch blackness. “Did you hear that?” he asked with his face frozen still in a snarl that he had yet to remove from his lips. Solas was taught to have the reflexes and intuition of a cat. He had seriously been schooled with cougars. Galvin had him watch and track them for weeks so that the boy could learn not just how they move about, but in order to get close enough without losing an eye, he had to learn equal stealth. Kailani had all but slunk away by time he had turned back towards her.

Something had been wrong with the entire situation from the get-go and the male felt naked without his handy blowgun and dart combination. But one could not cry over spilt milk if they wished to survive, so he instead reached down to improvise with some stones. Lowering himself to the ground to grasp that jagged rocks at foot, Solas remained low so that he was in a more solid and battle ready position. Luficana had demonstrated to him time and time again, how being tall was a disadvantage at times when face to face with an enemy. It just made one’s self a larger target.

A massive shape emerged from the darkness, spear at hand, intent to plunge itself deep within his organs. Solas stood his ground, not flinching until the ebony canine was just about to do away with him, at which point he proceeded to roll away, sticking his long, white dipped leg out, and succeeded in tripping the shallow minded canine. With the attacker was down, he proceeded to pull the spear away from him and put it to his throat.

“Who are you and what are you do-” he started to demand, before he recognized one of Galvin’s minions. “What the hell are you doing here?” Solas fumed, “Did father set you up for this?”

“You’re to survive the night alone in the woods remember,” croaked the canine who still had the blade firmly at his throat. That’s when it all hit him! Yes. He did remember now. He had been looking forward to this all day. Lucifana! She must have gave him some sort of herb or mushroom she had been teaching him about for mind and hallucination control! How could he have been so stupid to not figure this out before? Their toxins must still be wearing off.

At his distracted status, just as Solas expected, the canine attempted to pull the spear away from him, but the trainee would have none of it, and actually knew that the other would do such a thing. But when someone hit him over the top of the head with an object, he was actually taken by surprise. Why had he not expected that?

The rocks and spear plummeted from the red and white luperci’s hands and onto the ground, which his heavy body soon followed. For a moment everything had been black for Solas, but this he was trained for as well. Close fighting was not his strong point, so his confidence had dropped when had been knocked to the ground. He wondered if they would actually kill him, but he soon decided that he did not want to find out.

He could feel the air shifting as the object was lifted to strike him again but before it could be brought down, Solas forced himself up and lunched forward, hurdling himself straight at the other’s chest and stomach. The object did hit him in the back as he did so, but it lacked any of the strength it could have had. The two males tumbled to the ground in a growling heap of brawns and muscle. With the unknown object dislodged from the minion’s grasp, they were on an equal playing field – or almost any way. Solas was still very much young and not quite done physically maturing, while these other males were in their prime.

A third male came to the scene just as Solas found a tight grip on the other’s throat, and was once again, knocked to the ground in a clash of teeth and claws. Fur flew but no blood was yet drawn. All the battering that he had endured was wearing the young wolf out. All these others were fresh and taking turns beating him down and pounding at him.

Solas was remembering more and more now. This was his last major test, like a final exam. That recognitions fueled his determination. He had trained for so many months for this, day and night. His stamina had been tested and push to the limit far longer than this, though this was his first time with the hot breath of a foe breathing down his neck, trying to sink their teeth into his pulsing neck. And he had certainly not been getting punched and knocked out up the side of his head either while doing those grueling task.

Somehow the other male had got the red canine flipped over on to his back and Solas became pinned to the ground unable to move. Chucking the ebony male flashed his teeth and brought them down to the yearling’s neck, saliva dripping down and soaking his fur.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,” growled the black wolf. Dumbass. Only a cowardly fool spoke before killing someone and drew the process out for their pure enjoyment. Oh well. All the better for him. While in the middle of the speech, Solas found strength from somewhere within to lift himself enough to find the other canines neck, both their arms grasped by the other, and knees pushed against each other to than neither could kick and, so only snapping jaws could be used against each other. Solas’s gaping maws had found the side of the minion’s neck, prepared to kill as blood flowed into his mouth.

That’s when a knife was jabbed at his muzzle, causing him to recoil before he could finish the other off. His endurance was fading. The exhilaration of the fights draining away. His bare hands trembled as he fought to catch his breath, but the third fellow assassin was not going to give him the chance. Panting heavily, Solas dodged an attack. But the first was now up with spear ready again, and the scarlet wolf could hardly believe that he could handle two at once. So the boy considered other options. There was fight, or flight.

Flight got the better of the warrior to be this time and he began spinning around and sprinting away, up the mountainside, like someone had lite a torch under his tail. With his unexpected actions, the young male was able to pull away disappearing into the blackness where he knew he could find a place to safely shift. Solas wished shifting could be instantaneous it was a tiring process that took one to stop. Darting under the falls, he ran along the slippery cliff sides where he knew a cave was.
Readying himself to change into the median of the three forms, Solas was not at all expecting to see Galvin there inside. His bipedal feet scrambled to a halt. Completely taken back, fear glinted into his orange gaze.

“F-father? What are you doing here?” uttered the boy.

“What is this? My boy is fleeing? What are you a pansy? No son of mine retreats in the middle of battle, now get your sorry ass out there!” Galvin roared. Solas had no idea how the ivory male found his secrete place out, but was not going to question him.

“I’m-I’m sorry,” scampered the yearling, backing out with arms up in an nonthreatening way.

Just then the sound of approaching feet had him trapped. Bidding on the element of surprise, Solas erupted from the cave with a ferocious bark that managed to surprise his pursuers. Their feet lost traction and the first began to fall over the edge, but not before grasping desperately for his comrade in an instinctive act of self-preservation. The two minions disappeared beneath the thundering mist of the falls. Solas figured the other must not be coming from the wound to his neck.

“See father, I was not running, I was simply drawing them into a trap,” announced the prince to Justus’s king, “I knew I could not take them both, so I had to do something different.” His words were completely bogus but he was simply rolling with it at this point.

“Wonderful, I am so pleased to see this for myself in person,” Galvin said with a sudden change of heart. The father and son stood side by side for a long moment before the white brute, without warning, rammed into the young male, sending him over the cliff side as well.

“What are you doing!?!?” Solas yelped as his fingertips caught the edge.

“The night’s not over,”
Galvin smirked before stepping onto his hands so that he was forced to lose his grip.

And just like that the ruddy canine was sent flailing all the way down the water fall, too petrified to even call out on his way down. The impact with the surface was nothing like he would have thought. Solas had never imagined water as a solid unless it was perhaps frozen, but this was very much flowing, liquefied water that he would slam into, the collision no different than hitting a wall.

The wind was knocked out of him and he had been unable to replace his need for oxygen because he was now underwater, the force of the waterfall pushing him deeper under water, unable to surface. He struggled to free himself from the current, until his body found another whirlpool that actually shot him upward miraculously like he wanted.

Solas bobbed at the surface and swam ashore, his muscles feeling like stones, unable to move from the exhaustion that he had felt. He laid sprawled out with heaving sides and water streaming from his pelt. At the break of dawn Galvin and Kailani were standing there over him. He must have dozed off for a second but was promptly on his feet with fur bristling.

“What the hell did you do that for?”
prompted Solas. “I about drowned!”

“But you didn’t. Well done” his father shrugged indifferent to the what ifs and praised just as neutrally.

“And what is she doing here? You almost got me killed to!”
Solas yelled, temper rising.

“He put me up to it, Galvin made me,” she answered pointedly.

“On second thought,” spoke the Alpha with a glare, “You have one more assignment and then your training is complete.”

“Joy,” Solas said with an adolescent roll of his eyes, “What is it?”

“Kill her,” Galvin told him with a growing grin, which took Solas a couple of glances to tell if he was serious or not, but there was no humor in his coldhearted eyes. The wolf really did not want to kill her, not like this anyway.

Nevertheless he nodded with an equally cold expression masking his inner hesitation, “Gladly.”

Before the wolfess had a chance to escape his deadly grasp he was on his decoyed temptress and pinched her air way off. Her struggle was far more than what Solas had anticipated, but nothing he could not handle. He was simply tired, but the act of actually taking someone’s was giving him a thrilling high, especially because Galvin was there to watch and witness his son turn into a man with this feat. He was a true assassin now and no one, not even his father could say differently.


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