I will lay down in the sand and let the ocean lead

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266 Using the tidal thread prompt so they have something to do while being awkward... :D

The firewood pile was low, and while he technically had the strength to chop down trees, Pascal was intelligent enough to search for what nature had already gathered. He traveled along the woods' edge grabbing up sticks and branches that had dropped off the cypresses and oaks, cracking under the weight of snow, and headed toward the shore. Living in a coastal pack had taught Pascal at a young age about the tides, and while he'd been too terrified to venture far from the hotel as a puppy, the warnings of others in the pack had stuck with him at that age. The ocean had been a scary, roaring place, too loud for his sensitive ears, and too cold. He'd likened it to a monster, to a dragon like in the stories, too dangerous for a child to confront in anything but his imagination.

Now he merely checked the sun, humming as he gathered his bundle of sticks, and when the time was right, went to the beach.

Signs of the high tide were everywhere, in the color of the pebbles and in the things left behind. Now that the tide was low, the water creeping back to its home revealed all the treasures that had washed ashore: a fish carcass here, already picked at by gulls, and some clam beds picked by predators, and—what he'd been looking for—driftwood. Pascal did not smile, but his tail beat behind him as he reached down and grasped the paled wood, testing its weight and beginning to stack a pile in the cold grass.

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all of the sosu rambles :D (384)

The ocean had claimed so many throughout the years. Eugene was beginning to respect it, finally, despite the fact that it was just a roaring mass of water. He did not fear the waves, however. There were things that were worse than the waves. Once again, his thoughts drifted to the loner at the borders and how he and Safire had managed to send the intruder running. The incident still struck fear into Eugene's heart, and he took the emotions and put it into his training, into his constant patrolling.

For the first time in the weeks during the attack, he was taking a break from training and spending his time around the borders making sure that there were no other incidents. His paws led him to the beach, and the beach led him to his brother.

The chocolate wolf watched for a moment as his strange sibling picked up driftwood and piled it up. Intent on trying to improve the two's relationship, Eugene headed forwards, hoping that his footfall would alert the other Sadira boy of his presence. "Hi, Pascal," Gene greeted, looking at the pile of driftwood and wondering why he was collecting it, knowing nothing of the lack of firewood. "Want any help with that?" he asked with a small grin spread across his muzzle as the words slipped past his tan-dusted maw.

Lately, Gene had been focused on his training and the patrolling of the borders, and he rarely spent any time with his brother; he was far too focused on ranking up and impressing Silvano. Besides, their relationship had never really been good. Pascal was obviously different from everyone else within the pack, and Gene had no idea why. He didn't necessarily want to find out why, either, or bother to try and conform to his brother and his strangeness. That being so, he generally avoided his littermate, putting his efforts into something useful instead of trying to understand his sibling a bit better.

Now that he was beginning to grow up, Gene realized that this probably wasn't the best way to approach things and wanted to remedy his misconceptions, or at least try to. He didn't know how Pascal would react to him taking more interest in his life and didn't want to strain their relationship even further.

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