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Due to his extensive traveling, Constantine knew how to find new and interesting things even when all else appeared normal or bare. This particular trait could also be attributed to his personal frame of mind, because he seemed the type to find beauty and purpose in most things others did not; regardless it was easy for him to be entertained, and therefore easy for him to entertain. The skill lie in his blood.

He had left Sapient once more, seeking something that was neither in his home or in his mind. Vista trotted gracefully beneath him, the old dappled mare finding no displeasure in toting her rider around on another hapless journey. It was fortunate for her that he did not wish to travel far—it was too cold, he thought, to be more than a day's travel from Sapient—but he did not even head that far. Constantine beelined for the coast, but was still a ways from it when he came across an abandoned brick cottage.

The place was quite discreet, hidden away from those not actively looking for it. It had been completely by chance that he had seen the building, though it was considerably less shrouded now that most of the land was blank with winter's face upon it. He knew that come spring and summer the place would be so overgrown that finding it again would be next to impossible.

Tying Vista to a nearby tree, he thought to explore the ancient and lone-standing house, taking only the pair of daggers he kept on each hip, hidden by his long, black cloak. The house had no roads or paths that led to it, and he figured that whoever had once lived here, had done so with the expectation of receiving very few guests in their time here. Or either, this place was only discoverable by word of mouth.

The door, half hung by its last remaining hinges, was easy enough to get through without knocking the entire thing down. On the inside, the first thing one would notice is that only half of the one-story structure was actually accessible. The other half was barred by a partially caved roof, all of it now posed with softened and broken beams, slats, and shingles. He ignored the sight, as the rest of the singular room seemed to still be in good shape, if not exactly the way it was left before the Apocalypse.

Though the place seemed prehistoric and with a hundred layers of dust, he still had some semblance of what this place used to be. The scent of the cottage was moldy at best, and yet there was a deep-rooted smell of spices, incense, and roses—neither altogether pleasant or revolting. There were shelves all around the room, filled with glass jars and vials, containing an inexhaustible amount of unidentified liquids and herbs.

What stood out the most to him was a small round table, with a tall-backed armchair on either side of it. On the table was a crystal ball, and when he approached the setting, he noticed a pile of human remains in the chair whose back had been facing him at first. Whoever had died, had died sitting in that chair, and over time the skeleton had sunken in and collapsed, leaving little to appreciate in regards to anatomical structure. He thought it was a shame really. Maximilian would have liked an intact human skeleton to "play" with.

He picked up the crystal ball from its stand, brushing it free of caked on grime, and turning over the shiny globe in his long, sleek hands. He stepped across a strangely plush rug on his way back out, taking the ball with him as it was the only thing he saw of interest, though it was impractical of him to take. There was no way this could serve Sapient in any way.

He was still turning it back and forth in his hands when he stepped away from the porch of the house, making his way back to Vista.

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Despite her original plan to go to the Outpost and acquire a slave honestly, it seemed that breaking Luperci codes called to her. Maybe it was because she was born in Anathema, surrounded by thieves and traitors, or maybe it was the Napier blood in her that craved chaos. Either way, after watching the slave trader and his caravan on the road for the past few days, Lithia had ultimately decided to ditch the Outpost idea and bum rush the trader for all that he was worth. She had brought Azalea with her because her mother insisted, but it seemed that Azalea would make herself useful in other ways now.

She had been watching the golden dog, the trader, for the last couple of days. He moved slowly whenever he did travel using his caravan, and however stupid, only had one companion. The dog was an older, disgusting man. He repeatedly spat on the ground wherever he walked and was overall filthy. His caravan was a patchwork of planks and holes; the wheels were squeaky and rickety and the slaves that were chained to the back of it seemed to be just the same. Her eyes fell upon the white, scarred man who stood out like a swan in a swamp; even the slave next to him was of a darker color. Both slaves were bound by their wrists and neck and the rest of the rope was tied to the cart. There was no way they could have gotten out of the tight rope binding them without hurting themselves.

It seemed as though the slave driver had been going to the Outpost as well, but he brought with him a small trade. Two slaves? That was it? She wondered what he would get for just two slaves. She couldn’t imagine very much, and besides, they were of pitiful condition. It was good that the man stopped very often because it gave Lithia and Azalea time to make camp without worrying too much that he would get too far ahead of them, especially since they had horses.

He seemed to camp often, so they had a lot of time to rest. They made camp further North, almost by Sapient, but closer to Fort Cumberland. They kept their distance as to not spook the man so that they could build a fire and feed the horses without worrying much. Lithia left Azalea at the camp, telling her that she would return with food for them. She took her bow and quiver and set out into the forest like the shadow that she was pretending to be.

Eventually, however, she came upon something intriguing. It was a house, but one that smelled strange. There was a florally scent underneath a thick layer of mold. She had not planned to go into the house, but the strange smell had her lingering nearby. She eyed another seemingly leaving the structure with a strange crystal globe in his hands. With her bow lowered, but an arrow still notched, she approached from the trees. She clearly had freed herself of her cover, but even as she knowingly approached him, she had not said anything yet. She studied his face – he was not the trader nor his seasoned assistant, and that calmed her nerves some.

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