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(2394) Thread between Lithia and Leticia Aniama. She's teaching Lith how to do a tarot reading :)

Coming back from a brisk walk about the borders, Lithia crossed the threshold into the castle. The air changed, as well as the light and darkness, and it took a moment for Lithia’s eyes to adjust. The air in the castle was stagnant, but at least with the absence of a closed door, there was air that filtered through the place when it wasn’t blisteringly cold. She crossed through the Grand Hall towards the north wing, with the intent to see someone very specific. She came upon the doorway, one of the first few on her right and stopped to stare at the back of the woman’s head. Her big ears stood tall, one flicked back to note that she had a watcher. Her hair had been pulled back into a messy ponytail, tied with a string. Sitting on a pile of furs on the floor, Leticia had several rows of cards set before her. Many of them were not flipped over face up yet, but then again, some of them had been. ”What do you need?” she called, not bothering to look at her visitor; she flipped another card over in its small pile and sighed. Her tone hadn’t been rude; it had been thoughtful if anything, like she expected someone to come and ask her for something.

”What are you doing?” Lithia asked, now stepping into the room took get a better look at the cards on the floor. Lithia stood beside the sitting coyote, wondering what these cards were used for. She saw several human-looking figures on the upward facing ones, and decorated golden backs on the others. There was nothing that told Lithia exactly what they were.

”A tarot reading,” she answered lazily. She flipped over another card, looking at it for a moment, before sighing again and gathering all the cards back up into a pile. ”Would you like one?” Leticia had now looked up at Lithia, meeting her eyes with her own brown. She patted the rock floor across from her, and struggled to take a fur from beneath her. As Lithia came to sit, Leticia put the fur down on the floor for her. ”Sit down. Let me shuffle the cards for a moment,” she spoke again, looking away from the Napier daughter to shuffle the cards carefully.

Instead of being demanding like she usually was, Lithia sat down on the floor, upon the given fur, and watched the Aniama woman shuffle those strange cards. ”What kind of cards are those?” she finally asked, as Leticia was finishing up.

”Tarot cards,” Leticia answered, cutting the deck and replacing the second half upon the first half. She then fanned the cards out and held them out to Lithia with both hands. ”Pick three cards from the deck without looking at them and place them in a row on the floor between us.”

Since Lithia hadn’t known there were different kinds of Tarot cards, she didn’t push the question further. Instead, she just chose three cards that really called to her and placed them in a row on the floor. She hadn’t known how this worked, so at this point, she didn’t know which card would represent what. Once she had chosen, Leticia brought the cards back in a stack and set them aside. The Prophetes pointed to the card in the middle, ”This is your present-day card. This card tells you about things that are happening right now in your life.” Leticia moved to the card on Lithia’s right, ”This card tells your future, something that will happen soon. And this,” Leticia pointed to the last card, the third, the one on Lithia’s left, ”Tells of your past, something that has happened already. I will go in order from Present-day, to Future then to Past, but first – what do you want to know most about? Love? Health? Rank? Spirituality? Riches?” Leticia paused, waiting for Lithia to decide.

Pausing to think, Lithia raised her pink hues to the heavens for a moment. What did she want to know most about? Was it too early to prophesize about Kentaro? Maybe she should focus on Ranks… but what if it were too early for that too? What if she was bound to get rich soon and not even know it? There were too many possibilities. Despite it all, ”Love.” Leticia’s eyes lingered upon Lithia and a playful smiled played upon her lips. She had no idea who Lithia had her eyes on, but maybe the cards would tell her.

Leticia moved to the middle card, flipping it over before Lithia. It was Temperance, and the card was upside down. ”This is Temperance Reversed. This can mean that there is no balance in your love life. Perhaps you should look at your own effort and look at your lover’s effort, and decide whether it is really worth it. Or if you do not have a lover--”

”I have a lover,” Lithia said, curtly. Leticia closed her mouth and nodded, placing her hand upon the next card. Lithia’s mind reeled to Kentaro, and considered Leticia’s words to be true. Lithia had known her feelings for Kentaro, but Kentaro didn’t know she existed. There was a severe imbalance here indeed, but she was not willing to give up yet. ”Future?” she asked, waiting for Leticia to flip the next card.

Leticia flipped the first card, the card on Lithia’s right, the card of the future. It revealed The Devil. ”The Devil. The Devil can mean that your relationship is going to go downhill in the future. This could be due to a number of reasons such as your desperation, loss of interest, poor communication, among others. It is up to you to pay attention to what’s going on there and fix what you are able, or abandon ship.” Leticia wasn’t sure who Lithia’s lover was… but she was getting all the wrong cards today. ”Past,” she said after a moment, and flipped the last card. ”Strength. In your past, your love life was going strong. There were no complications and you were happy. Your confidence was up and nothing was able to touch you.” For a moment, Leticia seemed to notice a trend with Lithia’s love life; it seemed that the cards were telling her to give up with her current infatuation, but Leticia kept the interpretation to herself. Lithia looked flustered enough already.

Lithia couldn’t understand it. Why was she getting all these bad omens for her love for Kentaro? Was it because he was a dark king already, and maybe he was made for a dark queen – and she was neither dark nor queen enough for him. Despite all the bad signs, she was eager to fix these things. She was eager to change the outcome of these fortunes. And despite being momentarily upset, Lithia lifted her pink eyes to those of Leticia’s brown and she asked, ”Can you teach me how to do a Tarot reading? Do you know where I can get Tarot cards?” Lithia was eager to learn these ways. She wanted to know more about the future, but also didn’t want to have anyone else interpret it for her. Even so, she wondered if there were any other ways to tell fortunes… Was it only done through means of cards?

”It’s fairly simple. I pretty much just showed you. You ask your fortune-seeker to pick three cards from the deck and place them in a row of their choice, without looking at the cards. Then once they have them picked, decipher what the cards mean for their choice fortune. People often request their Love, Riches, Duties, Health or Spirituality fortunes to be told, but if they are unable to specify one for you, you can just give them a general reading as well. Each card has a specific meaning, even the ‘reversed’, or upside down, ones.” Leticia explained, getting up from her seat of furs to dig around in a wooden box set atop a dusty dark wood table. After a moment, she produced an old pack of cards that she handed to Lithia. ”Practice. It would be nice to have my fortune read by someone else for a change.”

Lithia received the cards, displeased with their dog-eared, deteriorating state. She opened the pack and took out the first card: The Magician. She picked through the rest of them, making sure they were all there, but not really knowing how many there were supposed to be. ”Is this the only way to tell the future?” Lithia asked, putting the cards back and closing their old box.

”No, of course not. There are many others such as augury, cleromancy, hydromancy, and reading tea leaves and deciphering shapes. I can’t say that I am too familiar with any of the ones I had just said, aside from reading Tarot cards and tea leaves. Basically, Augury is reading birds in flight, Cleromancy is reading the way stones or rocks fall in a certain way, and Hydromancy is reading the ripples in the water. If you come back another day, I’ll make sure to save some herbs for us to make tea from so I can show you, if you want.”

”Sure,” Lithia replied, looking down at the cards in her hands. She liked the job of the Prophetes – tell people lies. While Lithia only assumed it was a sleight of hand, she hadn’t understood that it was all played by chance. Leticia hadn’t picked the cards for her, nor did she know what cards would be picked and placed where. The tall-eared coyote settled herself back upon her furs and began shuffling the cards, ”If you have any questions about Tarot Readings, let me know. I’ll be happy to help you.”

”I do have a question, actually. Is this the only way to tell a fortune through cards? Are there other ways?”

”Yes. There are other, more complicated ways, such as the way the Celtics did it. They shaped the cards they drew into the shape of a Celtic cross, and each card had its place and a different meaning in each position. Instead of asking the fortune-seeker which area they’d prefer to focus, the Celtics’ way of doing it touched based on everything.”

”Do you know how to do it that way?”

”Unfortunately, no. This way is the only way I know, but I do know how to do other spreads for different requests. The three card method is the simplest, but there are others that go into much more detail and deal with many more cards.”

”Can you teach me about other ‘spreads’?” Lithia asked.

”Of course, but it would be best if you practiced with the simple way for now, so that you can get to know the cards and their meanings. Like I said, I don’t mind showing you, but I’d prefer if you practiced first.”

Lithia said nothing more, and looked away from the tall-eared Coyote. Leticia’s warm brown eyes were upon her, looking down upon her with concern. She wondered just how many bad readings she was going to receive before she eventually gave up. Maybe she should have focused on another aspect like her duties or riches.

”What sparked your interest in tarot anyway?” Leticia asked after a moment, going back to laying cards out in front of her.

”The witches’ magick always intrigued me as a child and as an adult now, but performing hexes and spells isn’t my thing. Fortune-telling, on the other paw, seems interesting and less daunting. At least I don’t have to recruit myself in a religion that means nothing to me in order to tell the future.”

”I’m sorry you feel that way,” Leticia replied after a moment. ”But I’m happy that you haven’t let the witches’ magick influence you. While Neutral Magick is one thing, Dark is another. Dark Magick is not a path you want to take, unless you want to go all the way.”

It seemed the way Leticia put things was the way a fortune-teller would speak. She wasn’t entirely clear, but she was understandable. She left a lot of room for personal interpretation, and Lithia may have taken her statement in a different way that she meant it. In Lithia’s eyes, it seemed that Leticia was warning her against becoming a vile witch like Innya or the Ved’maova sisters. She told her not to dabble in Black Magick, unless she planned to become one of the dark witches herself. The idea of it was still up in the air, but she preferred the fluidity of fortune-telling the most. It didn’t require rituals or certain ingredients, just perception and cards.

Lithia rose from the furs and Leticia’s eyes followed her. The coyote hadn’t gotten up from her position. By this point, she had a few cards laid out before her in a very specific pattern. ”I will practice with these, and come back to you for more lessons… Though, how will I know which cards are which and what they mean?” Lithia asked, puzzling over the cards last minute.

”Oh! I’m sorry,” Leticia placed her deck down to the side and got up, moving over to where the box had been, but instead now sorted through some books. ”You can use this,” she said, pulling an old book from the shelf and handing it to Lithia. ”It’s a human book that explains what each card means and what it can be perceived as. I did say I would show you, but I think the book would help you more during your practice. You may want to try to memorize the cards and their meanings before trying to do actual readings.” It seemed as though Lithia was preparing to leave, so Leticia did not sit down again.

Receiving the book, Lithia turned it over in her hands. She didn’t bother with reading the cover and instead flipped through one of the middle pages. She opened it to The Devil, a bad omen of sorts. It explained its upright version, as well as its reversed version. She didn’t bother to read any deeper than skimming through it at the moment. She would have plenty of time to actually read it when she started studying this. She looked up and back at Leticia, ”I’ll see you soon, hopefully with some skill.” Then she left the room.

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