The Cold Clouds are Fading

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Location: Forests near the Chien Hotel
Time: Noon

Maciel was intent on taking a break somewhere - he had been hunting all morning since dawn and so was (understandably) tired. For a long time he had been exploring the wooded area around the nearby river, trying to chase down any deer that came by. Eventually, he managed to kill a skinny little doe who had been weakened by the tough weather, but the rest had been too difficult to hunt: they were very jumpy today, Maciel thought, and even more alert than usual. Yet, it was probably understandable - canines everywhere were trying to hunt them down as well, and so they were on their guard - but still it worried him slightly. Was he losing his skills, somehow?

The coywolf finally rested near a pine, taking comfort in its pleasant fragrance. He shook himself briefly before laying himself gently down on the freezing snow, his plush fur fluffed up against the cold. His legs tucked relaxedly beneath him, his soft tail wrapped around him for warmth and for a while he contented himself with absently tasting the scents carried on the breeze: oak, spruce, some faint scents of other packmembers, ice. In the distance, through the trees, he thought he could spot the Chien Hotel... or at least the edge of it, anyway. Suddenly he caught a brief glimpse of a small, light grey dog running swiftly past it, looking not so much worried as fussy. That did not interest him much - people ran around here all the time. Meanwhile, above the sun was shining brightly, peering down through a tear in the clouds.

'Do not melt the snow, yet, please. I quite like the winter.' he told the sun silently. Or perhaps God. Sometimes he was not sure whom he was addressing. Of course, neither God nor the sun answered, but Maciel paid that no mind. Instead he continued to look about him with large, dark eyes, tasting the brumal air, and with his thick, fulvous fur lightly dusted with snow and pine needles.

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Thanks for starting! :D Also kind of assumed that Estella would at least know his name though not much else. (412)

There was nothing to do but simply wander. Estella had no plans for that day -- she was free of typical duties as of then, though they would be waiting for her tomorrow. Crafting her jewelry was always an option, but she could sense some nagging voice in the back of her mind that she needed to spend at least some time out of the house. She was well on her way to becoming a true beach hermit -- next thing she knew, she'll be growing barnacles, she joked in her mind.

So she convinced herself to leave the house and to go for a walk. She thought that she could run into someone and perhaps cling to their company for a while; the last Courtier she had an honest conversation with that wasn't her family was Valencia, and she didn't want to be forgotten by the Court. She knew that would never happen, but she was well aware that her presence had dwindled around the pack. At least she would take a stroll and remind anyone who passes by that she wasn't swallowed by the sea or something.

Estella did not feel like loading herself with heavy clothing and decided to visit her Lupus form, though she kept on a few necklaces with blue beads for aesthetic purpose. It hadn't been terribly long since she had last shifted, but she didn't do it often enough for her to be used to the feeling of the shift. However, the shift was easily forgotten and she padded along away from Lunenburg to the Hotel. She pondered about entering the building as she stood before it, but reminded herself that the purpose of the jaunt was to stay outside. "Fresh air, remember?" she murmured to herself with a slight smile and a shake of her head, and turned to continued down the well trodden path.

She almost didn't notice him until she was only a few meters away from him -- a fellow Courtier, nestled beneath a pine tree. Estella recognized him almost immediately by his scent. He was the non-shifter, the only one in the pack, and the only one she knew about, in fact. Her small paws quickened their pace a little and she spoke out, "Bonjour, Freiherr Maciel, yes?" She believed that was his name, but in case she was incorrect, she kept a friendly smile on her face and waved her tail behind her to show she was not trying to make offense.


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There was a new scent in the air now, tinged at the edges with wildflower and seasalt. It was another packmember (a female wolf hybrid, Maciel guessed) and immediately the young Courtier looked about him in a sort of startled confusion. The smell was undeniably fresh, indicating an immediate presence, but for now the coywolf could not see anyone nearby him.

Mere moments later, a soft, pleasantly-accented voice reached his ears. A surprised smile twitched at his wolfish lips as he heard his name - a small token of recognition that perhaps he treasured unreasonably - and he slowly started to make a move to stand.

"G-good day, Señora," he began, then inwardly cringed in anxiety. Sometimes he lapsed in his speech like this, forgetting that many of the people around him spoke French (not Spanish) intermingled with their English, but nevertheless it was difficult to be truly rid of old habits. With a flick of his ear, he dismissed all these thoughts and continued shyly, "I apologise, but I do not thing we have been introduced...?" he trailed off somewhat awkwardly, despite having begun with a surprisingly confident and formal start.

Though Maciel's dark brown eyes shone with tremendous warmth, he kept them mostly averted, instead fixating them on a heap of snow nearby. A light shake of his fur as he stood removed most of the snowflakes and pine needles from his patterned coat, although some still clung around his shoulders and legs, much like glittery powder dust.

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Apologizes for the wait! And omg Maciel is so cute, the nervous baby. (318)

Maciel -- at least, she was sure his name was Maciel -- seemed surprised at her approach, and she wondered if she had walked up to him when she shouldn't have. He was smiling and beginning to stand up, though, and she could only guess that he did not mind her sudden appearance. However, he was more surprised than Estella had taken him to be.

Señora? The accented title was completely lost to her, but she managed to had her confusion behind a friendly smile as if she did not take notice of the faux pas. Ot was for the best to not embarrass him further by not remarking on the rather strange word he called her, laughing out of the question as well even if it were an attempt to make light of the awkward moment. Ignorance was bliss as they say. The male seemed well aware of his mistake, and there was no need to stir him more over something trivial.

"I don't believe we have, no. I'm Estella Butler, Seigneur." She noticed how he averted his eyes, which she found peculiar; it was rare for someone higher in rank than her to not at least look at someone of lower rank whenever they conversed. For a moment she wondered if there was something wrong with her that was embarrassing, but her appearance was as simple as it could get in her four-legged form, and she pushed her silly thoughts aside. Estella was always fluttering about her appearance, even in her most humblest of state.

It was maybe something simpler that was bothering the coywolf. Her voice was light and polite, but strongly formal -- she was speaking to one ranked in the Nobility, after all. "I hope I did not disturb what you were doing, Freiherr. I am on a walk, and I suppose it was okay to approach you -- if that is not the case, I apologize."


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"G-good to meet you, Seigneur Estella," Maciel greeted friendily, internally committing this new name to memory, "I am Freiherr Maciel Lopez... although I guess you are already aware of that." Again, a small, lupine smile twitched at the ends of his mouth and his eyes sparkled with joviality.

Then he listened intently to the Seigneur's worries. The idea of any anxiety on her behalf made him nervous, and he was quick to respond, "Oh, no!" he exclaimed. His deep brown eyes - now finally facing Estella's - were wide with reassurement, "There is no need to apologize. I was not doing anything at all, really, merely resting. That does not matter, though... I--I suppose I am in need of some company," now Maciel grinned sheepishly, his eyes briefly averting themselves before meeting his packmate's gaze once more, "I am afraid that, lately, I have not been talking with anyone nearly as much as I should be... I have mainly just been hunting and wandering. It would be good to have a conversation again."

It was true. The Freiherr had become more reserved as of late. Although he did not mind his recent promotion, and did not think any differently of himself for it, he thought that it may have triggered within him some kind of nervous sense of responsibility. Suddenly, he had found himself paying a heightened attention to the packlands and its creatures. He was already beginning to pick up the paths and identities of nearby herds with almost perfectionist detail, and was now roaming farther and more thoroughly throughout the local territory. This all had its benefits - expanding his knowledge and the like - but nevertheless it had drawn him farther from his packmates than ever. This was the perfect opportunity to change that... or at least start to.

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