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[Flood Plot - Round Up the Livestock #1]

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It was morning, but for the hazy light growing mildly brighter through the mass of clouds it could well have been dusk. Milos sighed, laying a hand upon the frame of the barn's doorway to better observe the steady rainfall. Five days, he thought miserably. Five days of rain. Five days without sun. Yesterday had been the worst, with lightning so bright it was nearly blinding and thunder so loud as to be deafening. Thankfully the storm did not continue into the next day, but he could still recall the buzz in his chest from the rumbling thunder and the incessant patter of heavy rain pelting the thawing earth. And still it rained, though not as fiercely as before.

Eyes, the brightness of which served a reminder of the stolen sun, swept across Aster's Fields. Everything was saturated and the animals were sodden, most of which huddled together quietly in solidarity. Milos knew how they felt, his own clothing and pelt soggy with cold wet. Despite the added weight of his sopping outfit, there was no desire to remove them; the psychological discomfort caused from the thought of virgin eyes seeing his mutilated back far exceeded the physical hindrance of a rain drenched body. He tugged at the blue shirt clinging to his shoulders and sighed again, turning his back to the grey scenery.

Milos assessed the barn with the same dreary attitude, noting how the roof seemed eager to let the rain dribble through. The stored hay was wasted, a breeding ground for mold; a smorgasbord of illness. That would need to be discarded once the rains stopped, he supposed, trudging lethargically to grab the little woven basket he used to collect the chicken eggs. Despite the weather, chores still needed completing. 'Sides, he thought as he made his way towards the barn door, It'd be good t' make sure them chickens're fairing a'right what with all this damned rain. With a final disgusted looks upwards at the weeping sky, the wolfdog stepped back out into the elements.

He didn't make it far. As he gazed casually out across the fields, the sight of the two sodden sheep huddled together, white lambs pressed close to their mother, abruptly stopped his momentum. He stared, unsure if the rain was playing tricks on him. But no, there was the fencing... or what was left of it, and the sheep were on the outside of it. Stomach leaping uncomfortably into chest, Milos glanced frantically around the field, noticing for the first time that the rotten wood planks keeping the horses and cow in their separate pastures had also given way under the soggy weather.

"Milos!" The Wayfarer swung his head around towards the call of his name, taking in Hazel's mottled appearance. "The goats!" She was pointing, Milos realized tardily, and he followed the direction of her index finger across the fields. There were the goats, or some of them anyway, crossing the distance from Aster's Fields towards Fiskebyn. He gritted his teeth, prepared to race out towards them when, out of his peripheral vision, more movement caught his attention. He twisted his head towards the River of Fire, pregnant with rain and snowmelt and rage, and saw a single kid standing near the bank, its plaintive bleat lost to the roar of the current. "Dammit," he breathed, basket landing abandoned on the ground with a soft crunch. He reached the leggy ruminant with surprising speed and hoisted the animal up, cradling it between his arms until they were away from the rapid river.

He and Hazel alone couldn't handle the exodus of livestock, he realized then as he watched the animals meander and mingle. Lifting his head to the pelting heavens, Milos parted his maw and let out a howl to alert the pack - any who could assist them - of the destruction in Aster's Fields.

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Typically Ciara loved the rain, but not this time. This time, it had been pounding the earth steadily for five days and she had grown sick of her constantly soaking pelt. The clothes she'd taken to wearing were soggy and left on the bed as she stared out the window, grumbling to herself. She could swear her guard hairs were still prickly and wet even if she'd been inside since the night before. Thunder, cracking loudly and thundering in her veins, had driven her into the cabin with her sons, the three of them telling stories under a heap of towels, trying in vain to dry out their sopping fur.

She wrinkled her nose and tore her gaze away from the rain and down towards the mug of tea she'd created. It was warm enough to wipe the chill from her bones that only an Eastern rainstorm could instill. The wolf was intent to sit in her bed with the tea and try her hand at reading again -- something she'd been practicing. Conan had been taught a little in New Dawn as a pup and he had been teaching his mother what little he knew. She could tell what each letter sounded like, and knew enough to try and piece together words outloud, slow and carefully, like a student.

Her lips were preparing to form another word when suddenly a call for help rose up. Tawny ears perked straight atop her head and she threw aside the book, setting the tea on her windowsill and moving quickly out to the living room. Conan was already throwing on a cloak to block the rain and Grizzer seemed prepared to go out in nothing but his fur, like his mother. She couldn't stand the feeling of the wet clothes against her. With a quick flash of the door the three O'Callahans were out and running across the mucky, slushy earth towards the barn and Milos' call.

At first when they arrived on the scene, Ciara couldn't see what was wrong. None of the animals were hurt, there was nothing attacking them. She shot a puzzled look towards a soaking Milos holding a soaking lamb and then it clicked -- the fences. Barriers were a foreign concept to her but she understood the livestock were loose and needed to be gathered back together. She strode up to Milos with her sons at her flanks and asked him quickly, "Milos, what do you need me to do?" as calmly as possible.

With his word, she and her sons went and did as requested, trying to gather animals to them or lead them towards a safe place.

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The storms were pretty crappy for the most part, but Gus gladly accepted them, for they served a greater purpose after all. The snow had all but melted under the relentless pelting of rain and the lakes and rivers had begun to thaw out and flow once more. He’d be out fishing in no time again and maybe even taking a craft or two out to the bay to try his luck in the surf. However, the bad weather had kept him indoors for the most part, doing a whole lot of patching up his own roof as nature found her way into all the little nooks and cracks of his cabin. The Captain was bored to tears by the time the sun decided to show her face, but once he was sure the heavens weren’t about to pour cats and dogs on them again, he tossed his hammer and handful of rusty nails to embrace the day, stepping into a nice mucky pile of slush and mud once he leapt off the porch.

Ah...spoils of spring! He exclaimed to no one in particular, relishing the squish and gritty feeling of silt through his toes as he closed his eyes and allowed the sun to bathe his face. He breathed in the damp air and released the inhale with a luxurious sigh, opening his eyes to the generously watered down Fiskebyn. It looked like other Krokaran needed a bit of patching up to their roofs as well, but that could be taken care of later. Gus’s eyes had fixed on a speckled kid heartily nomming on the stalks of some unfortunate plant that had finally been freed from snow. Hey, git ya little bugger! He shouted, clapping his hands and making a fuss when Milos’s howl reached his one and half ears.

Hmm...come ta think of it...why’re here? The goat had shied away from him with a frightened bleat, but was slowly making his way back to the half munched greenery he’d discovered. Come’er you! The Captain lunged forward, scooping the bottom half of the goat into his arms before it donkey kicked him in the chest and took off back towards Aster’s Fields. Well shit… he muttered, taking off at a half jog after the little imp before spotting Jean gnawing on someone’s deck. Hey! Don’ do that! He barked, before coaxing the doe towards his open palm. She gave him a plaintive cry when her soft muzzle found nothing in his hand and continued to sucking and gumming the soaking wood.

He snorted with annoyance, but turned tail to head back to his house, re-appearing shortly after with some rope in his hands. Come on, oh I know! He argued and sympathized when she let out a wavering scream after he’d noosed her and started pulling her along. Yer fine, quit yer hollerin’ or Hazel will have my head! He warned, loosening the rope and giving her a little slack.

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Much to his relief, the fields seemed to explode with activity after sounding the call and already several Krokarans were assessing the damage and rounding up livestock. Milos swung sunny eyes around him, catching sight of Lucille's particolor figure along with a band of others: Storm and Semini along with their newer Greenhorn, Sortio. They appeared to be taking care of the horses and cow, leaving them with the goats and sheep. He nodded appreciation in his Captain's direction, doubtful she will have seen him, and turned to find Ciara's golden form approaching him, her dutiful sons in her wake. Milos hefted the kid around his shoulders and gripped its legs in ivory hands. The youth bleated but with less fervor than it had been before. A small fear was planted in the back of his mind that this kid hadn't been alone; that another had been with it before he'd realized and had been swept away by the angry current. He pushed it away and nodded at his packmate's offer.

"Anythin'," he replied vaguely, tearing his eyes from Ciara's copper pools to gaze at the fields again. There was more movement over in Fiskebyn he could just make out and wondered what kind of havoc the goats were wreaking over there. "Gotta round up the animals. All of 'em. Looks t' me like Lucille and some other's've got th' horses and cow, so let's work on them goats'n sheep," he elaborated further. "Gotta find a place t' put 'em all, though." Taking a hand from one of the goat's legs, Milos tapped his chin thoughtfully before sweeping his eyes back onto Ciara and her boys. Lucille appeared to be attempting to herd her larger animals towards the caribou so perhaps they could utilize the barn for the smaller ruminants. "Th' barn. Let's see about tryin' t' herd th' buggers t'wards th' barn."

He smiled then, despite the chaos surrounding them. Despite the rain and the smelly goat on his shoulders and that nagging worry taking root in his mind. He smiled and turned to lock the kid in the barn so he could help his packmates with the rest of the freed livestock. "Meet ya out on the fields in just a bit!"

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