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Read-Only; Havoc's Joining Thread ~ Backdated to 2/17

POSTED: Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:57 am

”How long did you say you’ve been looking for it?” Lithia asked, peering over her shoulder at Havoc Creed, a lone, lost soul who had been looking for Anathema for a better half of the month already. Currently, she led the way towards her home after hearing him mention Mido and hearing talk of Anathema. This was someone looking for Anathema for some time, and if he already knew what he was looking for, there couldn’t be harm in showing him the way, right? They just passed over the steep, rolling hills of The Trenches and were already nearing Anathema as they spoke. Havoc did not know that, but Lithia did.

”A little over 2 weeks,” Havoc replied simply. He followed closely behind her, making sure not to miss a step. The woman that led the way seemed kind enough to him, which hadn’t caused him to question himself too much.

Lithia found him closer to their old territory, at the edge of the Dampwoods and so, they had been walking together for a long time. Lithia had gone out to hunt, and did not bring her horse – but found him instead. She returned to Anathema empty-handed in the food department, but not empty-handed at all. Havoc told her much about his family, as did she, wondering just how long he planned to stick around. He said permanently, but she wasn’t sure if she could trust him. Lithia, like her mother, was cautious about trusting those she did not know.

After another few miles, they finally reached Anathema’s borders and Lithia paused, turning fully around to lay her pink eyes upon Havoc. ”Do you want to call for my mother, or should I?”

”This is it? It stinks!” he said, waving the air in front of his nose. Apparently, he wasn’t aware of the swamps being so close to them, the mix of salt water and whatever else caused the mud to be so stagnant and stinky.

Lithia chuckled, ”Yeah. It does, but you’ll get used to it – I promise. Plus, you can’t smell it too bad in the castle.”

”Oh, that’s good. I’ll take your word for it, and I’ll hold you to it,” he said, smiling at her, joking.

”I’ll call my mother so you don’t have to take a mouthful of swamp air,” Lithia said with a coy smile, and then threw her head back and howled into the sky, calling for Axelle, her mother, to meet them.


In the next fifteen minutes, a black and white figure came walking towards them in the distance. It was soon after then, did Axelle greet them and ask who the young man was standing at her side.

”I’m Havoc Creed. I’m the son of Mido, the Rakeeb here, and I want to join Anathema,” Havoc said, stepping up to the plate and Lithia prepared to speak for him. She closed her mouth and rested her pink eyes upon her mother and then on Havoc again.

”I’m Axelle Napier, Atheed of Anathema,” she introduced, but quirked an ear to the fact that she learned. ”Legitimate son?” Axelle asked, raising an eyebrow because she never even knew Mido was ever out fraternizing. It utterly surprised her to know that, if it were truthful, Mido had a son who now wanted to join their pack.

”As far as I know,” he replied, wagging his tail slightly. Lithia looked down at his tail briefly.

”What can you provide Anathema with? Any skills, trades or hobbies that you’d like to tell me about?” Axelle asked, performing the usual routine. She knew these were to be the only initiation questions, as Havoc, if truly the legitimate son of Mido, was already family and was connected to them by Mido’s blood. Even if he was completely useless to them, she didn’t think she could turn him away still. How could she turn away Mido’s son?

”I’m skilled in different types of combat, both armed and unarmed, and I know how to tend wounds, though small ones. I am also a good hunter, so I can help Anathema catch prey.”

Axelle was silent for a moment, nodding, seemingly thinking. She knew what she had to do, but she could pretend like she was considering him anyway, make him believe that there was that slight chance that he would be rejected for his lack of useful skills, even though she was sure that they have never rejected a member yet. ”Alright. Your skills are good enough – and I’m sure you will learn more here as well.” Axelle ushered him in and Lithia led him over the threshold. He was officially a member of Anathema. ”I’m not sure if you’re aware of our usual initiation ritual, but you don’t have to share blood with me because you are directly connected to Mido by blood. And because of that, you can just walk over that invisible scent line and become one of us easily,” she laughed, turning to Lithia. ”Take him to the castle and show him around, let him claim a room and get situated. You’re his mentor for the day. If he wants to go exploring and wants a guide, go with him.” Lithia nodded, turning to Havoc who had just looked up at Axelle then.

”Actually, I’d really love to relax now that I’m finally here. I’ve been searching for this place for quite a while… since the move.” Havoc said, looking from Axelle to Lithia.

”That’s fine. I will just show you the castle and we’ll get you a room and I’ll leave you alone,” she responded, relieved that she didn’t have to mentor the kid too. She wasn’t aware that Axelle would appoint her that duty, and she was glad that she was relieved of it so quickly. Lithia eyed Axelle as it seemed as though the woman wanted to remove herself from the situation and be somewhere else.

”Havoc, if you need anything, let me, Mido or Kentaro know. If you can’t find me, let Lithia know and she’ll tell me. I’ll see you both later.” And with that, Axelle nodded to them and walked off toward the borders, no doubt about to scout them as she always did.

Lithia led Havoc toward the castle, with the intentions of giving him a quick tour of the castle, letting him pick a living space, and leaving him alone for the remainder of the day.

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