[KR] Little Bandits


POSTED: Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:42 pm

Little Bandits

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What's This?

Over the past couple of weeks since the flood, something has been stealing from the communal storage! Bags of animal feed have holes chewed in them, dried apples and other produce are missing, and tools and hay have been scattered in the process. There are lots of wild animals around, many of whom could be the culprit. Hunt around to try to figure out exactly which ones are the thieves!

Icon Hunt

Twelve (12) paw print icons are hidden around Krokar's website and on-board areas, but not the wiki or IC threads. Each one links to a puzzle piece. Put the puzzle together for a different prize!

Paw prints look like this: and this one does not count.


This can be ICly referenced as well! Your character can find evidence of a theft, see what they think is the culprit and give chase, discuss what's going on, or anything else you can come up with short of actually catching them in the act.


  • Game points: 10 extra game points for each thread that corresponds to this mini-event
  • Find all 12 icons: temporary pawprint icon
  • Find all 12 icons and correctly put the puzzle together: permanent icon of the critter culprit
  • First to submit a correctly completed puzzle: permanent icon of the critter culprit and a surprise avatar

Notes and Deadlines

The icon hunt ends on April 22 11:59PM EST. This website shows the current time in EST. PM your findings to the Krokar pack account.

There is no deadline on thread completion/submitting the points, but threads must be started between April 6 12:00AM EST and April 30 11:59PM EST to count.

When putting the puzzle pieces together, you can have gaps between them. This can be done in whatever image editing program you have. They just have to be in the correct spot even if the edges don't touch.

OOC Account
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Myst & Mandi

POSTED: Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:24 pm

Congrats to our winners, Theon (Owl) and Milos (Mandi) who both discovered that our bandits are raccoons!

You both get this icon: Image

And for being first, an avatar by Libri for Owl! (Click for full size).

Everyone still has until the end of the month to reference evidence of the raccoons ICly for extra pack game points!

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POSTED: Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:08 am

I LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!
Theon Russo

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