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Blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow

The sword was light in his hand, a feather’s weight. The grip was firm and true beneath his fingers made of supple leather and resolute iron. In his dreams he’d killed Aedan a thousand times.

It was always the same; the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and his pack was behind him. Aedan said nothing in his defense, he never spoke at all. This was Alistair’s dream and the Lune had no desire to hear any of the honeyed words that might drip from Aedan’s serpent’s tongue. One of his knights kicked behind his father’s knees, forcing him to kneel. The knight backed away and Alistair watched his face-- Luca’s face.

In the waking world, the Lune’s lids fluttered. He’d had this dream countless times before, and not once had Luca been there. The knight was always faceless, an extension of Alistair’s imagination, a ghost. He turned in his bed and grew still-- and the dream continued.

Alistair raised his sword. It felt as light as if he were only raising his hand, until...Halt! No, that wasn’t right. Then came the distant sound of hooves thundering on a cushion of weeds and cracked pavement. No, no, no, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go…

Alistair woke up.


“Dad, someone’s out there!” Guinevere, groggy, but excited peered out the window. “It’s Luca!” Outside, Luca’s voice came in the form of a rousing howl. That could only mean one thing, intruders had breached the Fort!

“Guinevere! Bar the door behind me.” Alistair was up and rushing down the stairs not a moment after waking. His sleep was gone.

“I’m coming with you.”

“You’ll do what you’re told and bar the door.” He growled, took his sword from it’s sheath, and rushed out the door. The sound of furniture moving behind it was his only assurance that his orders were being obeyed.

When he stepped outside, he knew it was too late. Ulrich, Luca’s red gelding came into sight first, and astride him Luca’s himself, but it wasn’t just Luca. Behind the knight was a bound and unconscious brown wolf, the Lune didn’t bother to scent. This was a loner, possibly one of the same that tried their borders weeks ago. That didn’t bode well.

Lorenzo, too, had a captive. And there were others, Grynn, Lyris, and Lycaon. The three of them were empty-handed, with varying degrees of dirt and blood on their pelts. The Lune turned his eyes to Luca and Lorenzo, “to the Great Hall.” He instructed, “they have some explaining to do” and escorted them the rest of the way.

The captives didn’t come to until they had been dumped gracelessly onto floor of the hall. Both were bound, but neither looked defeated. Bruised and beaten, they seethed and struggled until they were sitting upright, glowering up at their captors and their king. Alistair stood before them as stern and unyielding as if he’d been hewn from stone. He’d since sheathed his sword and strapped on his belt and now stood before them with his hands resting purposefully on Oathkeeper’s hilt.

“Mind telling me what this is about?” The captives exchanged looks before the darker of the two, a wolf brown and black of pelt spoke up.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about. Me and my friends were just goin on a nighttime stroll, until your dogs showed up. Nice night for it, too.” His voice was rough, like rocks being ground against each other, and his grin was even worse. Alistair didn’t betray his disgust, he stood as resolute as ever. He even smiled.

“I’m sure it was. Up until the point you strolled right past our scent markers and into my lands...Again. There was no doubt in his mind that this attack and the others were linked. It was just too coincidental to be overlooked and the king watched them closely for any tik that might give them away. “Most people learn the first time, but not you. You and your friends have a death wish, I think.”

“Death.” The other captive breathed. He was a white pelted wolf with black points and his deep orange eyes flitted from face to face. “You didn’t say they would kill us!” He looked to his companion, suddenly frantic. “You said they were honorable, knights and such, you didn’t say they would kill us!”

“Shut up, you! Of course they won’t, they don’t have the stones for it.” The dark wolf assured his friend, turning his cruel olive eyes to the king. “Everyone knows that.” His grin became decidedly wolfish.

“Everyone,” Alistair repeated. “How many are you?”

“I don’t know, my lord..Uh- Ser! Ten of us, right now, but more keep comin.” The white wolf admitted, he looked fearful and cowered away from his companion. Alistair didn’t care. He turned his attention away from the olive eyed scoundrel.

“You fucking idiot!” The dark one cussed and glared daggers, a look that swore if the Cavaliers didn’t kill him, he would. The white wolf yelped and squirmed away.

“Why attack us? It sounds like suicide, unless...that was the point? There are easier ways of killing yourself.” The white loner squirmed at Alistair’s every mention of death, and the king noticed. He kept his face stern and unreadable, letting their captives agonize over his intentions. For a while the white one looked as if he wasn’t going to speak. He locked eyes with each and every Cavalier in the room, pleading. “Did I stutter?” Alistair pressed. He took a step towards the captive.

“Don’t say a fucking word, you hear me! Not a fucking word!” His companion snarled, but the white wolf’s mouth was already open.

“You stretched your borders to the steps of our city, some of us, we do business there. We heard what you did to those pirates, killed them like they was prey or something. Some of us didn’t think it was right...I mean, what if you all come for us one day? We don’t want to end up like them.” Alistair searched the man’s face. He looked earnest and that satisfied him...somewhat.

“What business?” He asked. “Their city” had to be Halifax, none of the others were as close. That disturbed Alistair. Halifax was just a stone’s throw away from Casa di Cavalieri, it made him fear for the pack’s pups to have criminals so close to their walls.

“Thievin’.” The dark one supplied. “And havin all you self-righteous pricks next door’s bad for business.” The white wolf nodded. “You see, we’ve been thinkin. This land you got here, it’s the perfect place to set up shop. Even got rooms to spare, nice an’ cozy. There’s just one problem...an’ I’m looking at it.”

Alistair’s brows rose, but little else. “Ambitious.” He praised, “not that it would work out, but everyone needs something to aspire to.” He turned to Jazper at his side, “what do you make of it?” The Sole had been quiet so far and Alistair wanted to know what his father had to say.

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The Sole’s slumber was a deep on, having taken a good dose of herbs to help him sleep. The changing weather was not good for his bones, which ached in the damp spring mornings and chilly evenings. The howl brought Jazper into semi-consciousness but it was not until he heard the thundering movement of bodies erupting from their rooms and the slam of the courthouse doors that he jolted awake. His browns frowned as he hurried to his feet, his body naked in the dark night and his scars eliminated by the moonlight that glittered into his room.

Without hesitation his large body moved, a claw wrapping around his large claymore sword. He was not fully aware, having just awoken from his deep sleep, but he hurried as quickly as the giant could out of his room and down the stairs, spotting Alistair’s tan body ahead of him. With a sigh of frustration the Knight Patriarch realized he had missed the fun and Alistair was already taking charge of the situation. Relaxing slightly the Sole finished his decline down the stairs to stand among the now growing group of Cavaliers around the loner captives.

Silently he watched and listened, happy to let the Lune take the lead for now. It seemed obvious to the Patriarch that force would no longer be needed as the paler male began to stutter over his words frantically. Funny how the enemies of Casa always seemed turned into talkative pups under the slightest pressure. His brows frowned deeply as the story unfolded – a criminal organization in Halifax! Alistair’s question caused Jazper to look up at his co-leader in mild surprise. Recovering quickly he stepped forward, the white captive squirming as he tried to put more distance between himself and the scared giant.

Jazper’s lips thinned in thought as he looked down at the two captives. A crime ring in Halifax was not good at all, but at only ten members could they really cause any harm. “You have tested us as individuals and as a group, and every time you have found yourselves unable to compete with us.” He grumbled in low tones.

Turning his gaze to Alistair he continued, “They are so few in numbers, hardly a threat to us. Let’s send them away to tell their friends of our strengths. Let them move away from souls lands and our friends and families will be safe. If we hear of them causing trouble again it will be a quick fix.” Perhaps his suggestion was a little nice, but in his age Jazper had grown fonder of finding a means to an end that did not result in bloodshed. Surely ten loners would know better than to try a pack of warriors again.

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Blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow

Jazper’s expression betrayed all that Alistair’s hid as he interrogated. The tawny king listened to his father when he spoke at last. It was right what he was saying. The criminals attempts to take CdC had failed twice already and badly, at that. But as the Sole continued on Alistair began to disagree more and more with what he was saying. Apparently it hadn’t occurred to Jazper that the loners had succeeded in breaking into the Fort. Any group that could do that and do that without being detected was a threat, and a grave one at that. They’d reached the Town Square with it’s shops, dwellings, supplies, and food. Alistair lived there himself with his mate and pups. He wasn’t going to forget that.

He was shaking his head, his brow furrowed into harsh lines. “Yes, because that worked out so well for you the first time,” he quipped sharply, gesturing to Jazper’s useless left eye. Alistair still remembered when the pirate boy had stabbed the Sole, he was sure the rest of his pack wasn’t likely to forget it, either. Lola and Morty, too, they knew what kindness cost them.

“Ten and growing. Who’s to say more won’t join them? You heard what he said, they hate us. You think they’re going to run scared because we wagged the finger at them?” No, there was no way Alistair was going to agree to this. These weren’t simple pirates after the pack’s wealth and resources. These were thieves but thieves with a vendetta. They were organized they had a cause, a goal, and they wanted CdC for their own. The wolves that lived within it were disposable. Alistair wasn’t going to have it.

“Silencing them sends a message. They breached the Fort, and this isn’t even all of them. The other three got away. I’m not going to risk it. They die here and now. The rest will think twice.”

“Noo! Please! Don’t kill us!” The white wolf begged, he thrashed in his bonds as tears filled his orange eyes. “We won’t come back, promise!”

“Puh, speak for yourself!” The dark wolf spat. “Get it over with then, but I’m gonna haunt ya, you and your stupid pack.” His face was set in a sneer and Alistair burned with the desire to wipe it off his face.

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He could see Alistair’s face change at the idea of letting the raiders go, but Jazper remained straight faced. He had asked for the Sole’s opinion and he had given it. His co-leaders comment caused Jazper to frown deeply but he remained silent and strong, taking in everything Alistair said. Slight disappointment filled Jazper’s chest as he listened to the Lune speak of killing quickly as a means of stopping a conflict quickly. The Knight did not move, instead he only stood taller and prouder, his face now in a permanent frown.

Turning his head he looked the Loners up and down, weighing their words but already decided what Jazper Rhiannon-Knight stood for. “No.” He said simply, turning a hard gaze back on his co-leader. “A scared child did this to my eye, not an evil mastermind. A scared child.” His voice was quiet, not wanting to escalate the disagreement. “The pirates were not all bad people, we house two of them now for Fenris sake. Killing without giving them a chance to redeem themselves only leads to more innocent deaths and makes us as bad as the criminals.”

As a younger wolf Jazper would have happily taken a sword to the trespassers, without hearing a word of their pleas. Now, the Patriarch believed that there was a natural good inside everyone that only needed the chance to blossom, and he refused to stoop down to the level of a criminal by killing without trial. “If you don't think letting them go as a warning is a good idea I would be willing to accept keeping them here under watch while we evaluate their.....business. If we can’t agree what to do perhaps the members should decide.” Surely Alistair would not continue a disagreement that could be solved democratically.

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Blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow

There were two kings here, equal in power, but divided in decision. Alistair didn’t agree with his adopted sire, and he wasn’t going to pretend that he did. He knew what the consequences of the Sole’s decision would be. The dark male had said it, “they don’t have the stones for it.” These loners didn’t fear them, they didn’t even fear death, or only one of them did. This threat wasn’t going to go away. It had to be dealt with quickly, for all their sakes. Alistair wasn’t going to lose any members of the pack he cared so much about. He wasn’t willing to sacrifice a single one of his Cavaliers, and knew that could very well happen. If more of these loners, these criminals were like their olive eyed captive CdC’s justice had to be swift and it had to be united.

Like the Sole, Alistair, too was frowning and just as determined. He met the Sole’s half golden, half grey gaze with a fiery one of his own. He had nothing but respect for the Knight sire, but he wouldn’t bend. He had pups of his own, and he wanted to ensure their safety over everything else. This wasn’t the way. Jazper was older, age had made him an idealist, but Alistair was a realist. And his gut told him that it was us or them. He chose us. He chose CdC.

“Yes, a child. Do you see any children here? If a child could do that to you, what will these criminals do to us. Surely more than poke out an eye.” Again, he shook his head. “They’ll go for the throat, but not if I get theirs first.” The Lune spoke out of pragmatism, not a lust for blood. He wasn’t cruel, but neither was he an idiot. “You’re asking me if they deserve death, but I’m asking you, what makes you think they deserve life? They may plead now because there’s a chance they will die, but before that they never promised us to leave. They’re cowards, if we let them go, who’s to say they won’t come back to kill us in our sleep.”

“He’s got a point.” The olive eyed wolf said with his dark grin. His black-pointed companion shook beside him, pulling his legs up to his chest and staring at the Sole and Lune with wide, frightened eyes. Alistair looked them over. The white wolf cowered and weeped now, but would he continue to do so if they let him go, or would he come back for revenge?

The Sole’s compromise was of little comfort. Alistair would do what had to be done, but he wouldn’t enjoy it. The thought of killing them soured his stomach, but his mind was set. And he did not agree with Jazper. In a resigned voice, he put it to a vote, “we’ll let the pack decide.” The Lune was simply unwilling to relent. The decision was out of their hands now.

He turned away from Jazper and stepped forward. “Right, you’ve all got a choice to make.” He informed them. “One: We let them live and return them to their friends, Two: We keep them here, under guard as our prisoners, OR We kill them and just get this bloody mess over with already.” His voice was bitter and it showed what option he desired them to take, but he could not choose for them. The decision was before them and the lives of their captives hung in the balance. “I suggest you choose wisely.”

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Option 1: Release the captives
Option 2: Keep the captives as our prisoners under guard until this conflict is resolved
Option 3: Kill the captives
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Ooc hmmm interesting situation...

The night was silent as mixed blue eyes stared at the ceiling above her. The scent of animals had faded mostly, only lingered in faint traces here and there where some canines did not venture often. Her thoughts was on the happenings of a few days ago, her encounter with the male coyote that had bullied Damon and nearly bred her. She was not traumatized, so to speak, but the encounter had left her a bit skittish. Her season had nearly taken over her reason and let a canine rape her against her will. She'd vowed never to be put into that situation again.

Her ears swiveled as a loud howl echoed through the Fort and sent her bolting upright. Damon whines and raised his head sleepily. "Mama, what's-" she cut him off with a short bark of command. "Stay here Damon, don't you dare go outside. Don't move until I come back." her hands snatched her sword belt and her knife and buckled them on as she ran out of her room. She didn't bother to close the door, she knew the black pup would obey and stay where he was safest. There was a thunder of footsteps that she heard running through the Courthouse, and hoofbeats that made the earth beneath her shudder. She was in no way a fast runner, so the cream furred wolfess let the others chase the intruders down while she turned on her heel at the front gate of the Fort and went back to retrieve her bag.

Damon looked at her as soon as she appeared but Veri shook her head; he still needed to remain here. The chase was swift, as Veri came out of her room a variety of scents was laid upon her, those familiar and unfamiliar, and faint traces of blood. The medicine bag on her shoulder was hefted as she followed the sound of voices. Aside from those that had participated in the chase the cream furred woman was among the first to arrive and witness the two captives. The dark pelted one obviously felt only contempt for the Cavaliers, but the black painted white male was genuinely scared. Her fingers itched to comfort him; it was only her instinct as a medic to do so.

Mixed blue eyes watched and delicate ears took witness upon the conversation between the captives and the two leaders. Those ears tipped back as it became obvious that neither of the Casa kings agreed upon what should be done with the prisoners. Her arms crossed as she considered. Both leaders had a point, but neither was completely right at least from her view. Something had to be done, but death was too harsh. But she had to right something first. Mixed blue eyes found the orange hues of the light male. "Before I make my vote, let me clear something for you. We did not kill the pirates for no reason. If the vote is in your favor, you just might learn those reasons down the road." done with that she hastily lifted her gaze to Jazper and Alistair, although neither of them she locked eyes with.

"Killing them proves what they think of us, that we will do so without heart or mercy. We are not judge, jury, and executioners, we are protectors.. Knights that protect the weak and keep the peace. It does not keep the peace by killing any groups such as these that rise up, that's just slaughter because their business is something we disagree with." however, they had invaded Casa. This, she admitted, was serious. Mixed blue eyes hardened. "I vote we keep them as prisoners under guard. They did break into our home, and that can't be unpunished. But death is a swift thing, it only stings a little for those involved. Memories, however, are far longer lasting. Give them something to tell the others, if we eventually let them go. In the meantime perhaps we can get more information out of them as well. And, killing these two might spur the rest of them into further action out of anger or revenge."

Her eyes met the orange orbs of the white male and softened just a little. Just to be sure she was understood, she spoke her vote again. "Keep them as prisoners." she reiterated firmly. But that was just her vote cast, there were other members here that could vote for their death. For the white male's sake, she hoped that was not so.
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Light begins to pierce the distance.

Kill or be killed. That’s what her mate demanded of them now, and Lola remained breathless and stunned to silence on the spot. She’d been like that since being unceremoniously roused from the warmth of the bed furs, Alistair’s commanding voice shaking their very home before Guinevere’s frantic movements fully robbed her of sleep. Chaos ensued what with her stubborn daughter railing on about how her father had up and left and Tristan hollering questions and concerns. The only calm presence was that of d’Artagnan, but the calico tom could sleep through anything. It wasn’t long before the call to the Great Hall was issued and Lola hastily, albeit grudgingly, fully rose from bed and got herself looking somewhat presentable for being woken up in the middle of the night. Bloody hell! The last of the curses thrown before she cajoled and ushered her kids from the house and out into the night.

She was still bleary eyed and confused upon entering the rather harsh candle and firelight of the hall, but soon enough a picture was being painted in her mind. These two ruffians belonged to the ragtag group that had been giving the pack a bit of trouble over the past few weeks, drama and action she’d missed while wrapping up the tail end of her long diplomacy trip. Her eyes swept towards a fuck-me haired Pons as he slinked into the fray of gathered and bewildered Cavaliers. She wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what he’d been doing to some unfortunate pack member or loner wanton, but she quickly shook the thought from her mind. Why the hell was he still here?! She couldn’t think of that now, listening to Alistair and Jazper squabbling over what to do with the prisoners, one now pleading for his very life while the other seemed to give not a rat’s ass for his own.

Pulling a sour face at the salacious wink the frenchman offered her, before turning her attention back to her mate and the proposed choices he offered. Alistair… she whispered, alarmed that he’d put this heavy task and decision to the pack. She was even more sickened and disturbed that he seemed so ready to end their lives. Wasn’t Jazper right? Everyone deserved a second chance. She had blood and darkness on her own hands after all, and shuddered at the thought of being judged under her mate’s harsh scrutiny. Obviously there was no reason to trust either of the thieving brigands, but to kill them in cold blood...well that would certainly send a hard message...yes, one that Casa di Cavalieri was sinister, and many other unfortunate things.

We are not barbarians nor tyrants! The Lead Diplomat stepped forward, ignoring the grip of Guin’s hand around her wrist. Casa stands for Honor and killing them would only tarnish our good name. I say we take them as our prisoners, even the mighty can show mercy. We put them to work for the slights they’ve made and review their progress at another time. Her piece said, she stepped back, avoiding eye contact with her mate.

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It wasn’t long until Alistair was by the group’s side, eyeing them over. It was in that moment that Luca felt shame. Although he had a trophy on the back of his horse if he had only arrived earlier he could have prevented the enter mess. Silently he pulled the dark male off of Ulrich’s back and up the front steps of the Fort, into the Great Hall. Lazily he dropped the man on the cold ground, just in time for him to start coming to.

Feeling more on display than usual Luca stood taller, his feet almost touching the dark captive who was no back talking to the Lune. He did not feel the need to wield his axes, however, given the number of Cavaliers that now stood around the hall. In awkward silence he watched as his uncle and grandfather stubbornly disagreed with what to do with the two captives. Fenris forbid they had captured more loners or else they could have devised an entire escape plan by now.

To Luca this was all a waste of time, the decision was so clear! Or was it? Much to Luca’s annoyance the few members who had spoken up already seemed to side with the safe neutral option. After Lola spoke Luca decided it was his turn. “Come on. These loners have repeatedly trespassed, testing out borders, now they have snuck into our home in the middle of the night, harming some of our members in the chase.”

Pointing down at the dark wolf he added, “Not to mention this guy says they’re going to come after us anyway. If we put them in a cell their friends come after us, if we let them go they tell their friends all about the Fort. We have to act and I for one think we aught to kill them both. Send a direct message. At least that way we have two less enemies and the rest with either come after us now or never. It’s hardly barbaric to protect your own home, they had their first warning the first time the set paw on our soil. How many warnings do they get?”

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She still felt shaken uneasy and most of all sore. Now though she didn't have the time or chance to wrap her wrist.The Knight woman was sure to see Uryu any moment. With everyone gathering and the fighting going on she was sure he would worry.

Grynn glanced at her grandfather and uncle.She felt her ears as they hit her skull. This was not how a knight should act, they should not fight like this.The young woman glanced to Luca and Lorenzo and took in a breath. What were they going to do what would happen if the sole and lune could not agree.

Suddenly attention turned and Grynn found herself staring at Al. Slowly she heard others speak and then Luca. He held such poise as he spoke as she found herself taking a step towards him as she spoke up. "I agree with Luca" She stated glancing to her brother and Al. "We are not push oversthey think we will continue to roll over. I say we prove to them that Casa does not take threats lightly. Do onto others as you want done onto yourself." She finshed as she looked at Al then back to Luca. A Knight knew right from wrong a knight must protect and that sometimes meant killing.
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How could she be so weak? She'd let the intruder she'd been tailing escape, for what? A few puncture wounds in her shoulder? A frail excuse. Lyris did not fail at anything she set her mind to, and this bothered her. She'd been the fastest in the party on her four legs- besides Luca on his horse- and was the first to take her foe down. But she'd underestimated his cleverness, and that mistake was what had cost her the victory. The Bracciante had no interest in talking as the small party made their way back to the Great Hall. As she walked besides Luca's red mount, Lyris shifted quickly and easily into her Optime figure, finding it best to take weight off of her injured shoulder, even if it was just a mere flesh wound. It was one of the few times she had no bow or quiver on her back, or the grizzly-tooth adorned leather band with her dagger wrapped around an arm. Instead she walked bare, the tattoo curling around her thigh dark and endless in the electricity-charged nighttime, scars jagged and severe in the light of recent battles. Her hair was long and wild down her back, not pulled back neatly as she would have preferred. She had the expressionless face of a warrior come straight from war- a warrior who had lost.

She stood slightly behind Luca's shoulder, arms crossed and eyes dark as she watched Jazper and Alistair's exchange. They managed to get more information than she would have hoped from the loners, allowing a bigger picture to be painted for the scale of what really was going on. Jazper was right in the fact that ten loners could do little damage, but he was also wrong to think they wouldn't return. And with reinforcements. Lyris could recognize a plan and the face of determination when she saw one, and that was etched within the sour loner's face- one of smug confidence despite him facing a potential death sentence. Nobody acted like that unless they were confident they were going to win.

Immediately after the exchange took place and the leaders decided to leave the decision in the pack's hands, voices exploded. Cavaliers struggled for their right to speak, and when they did, each vote was taken into account. Each and every one gave an explanation for their choice, long or short. Lyris waited silently as the voices went round in circles, never lifting her eyes from the cowering, orange-eyed male on the floor. When silence finally lapsed, she rose her head, only allowing the briefest of glances to follow the crowd. "Kill them." The words, while only spoken, fell heavily in the briefly quieted room. Some may have waited for more, but nothing came. She didn't have to explain herself. Lyris had made the mistake of showing mercy one too many times, and was done being soft. There was something different she felt for Casa than she had in Sangi'lak or New Dawn- some sort of drive to fight back. And maybe she would- until her dying breath.

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