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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

The morning was quiet. Since the loners had attacked them the pack had been on edge and somewhat divided. No one knew how killing the captives would affect the crime ring – now dubbed the Syndicate by the Sole and Lune. The decision to kill the raiders had not been Jazpers favorite choice, it seemed like such a waste of life, but if what the dark loner said was true the Syndicate would come after them one way or another. If that was true it didn’t make a difference what they did really, though the Sole still stood by the option with less bloodshed.

It was a slow morning for Jazper, his bed seemed hard on his sore bones the night before, and now he moved around at a waddling pace trying not to show the discomfort on his face as his hips clicked in and out of place as he moved. Many members were still asleep while others were up and about. Spies had been sent out immediately following the execution and they had returned a couple days later with the location of a small group fitting the description hiding out in an old human factory.

Since finding their location the Sole and Lune had decided that they would prepare for the battle, giving the spies a couple days to rest and members a couple days to prepare. Blades needed to be sharpened, the youth prepped on where they would be hiding in the Fort and the decision of who would be watching them was yet to be made.

But it seamed that Fenris had a different plan in store for the Cavaliers as the dogish howl of Jonas called the alert from the gates. Echoing the call Jazper raised his own muzzle calling all adults to the front of the Fort. Pulling his claymore off his back the Sole began to charge the distance from the Town Square to the gates, his hips yelling at him to stop the pace and his hands burning with the weight of his sword. Out of his good eye he could see in the distance a group of Loners push past the gates and scatter into the Fort and Jonas making his way towards the Sole who was now yelling, "Jonas, protect the pups!"

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Blessed are the righteous, the lights in the shadow

Swords were to be sharpened, armor was to be tended. Alistair doled out tasks to his pack and had planned the battle as best as he could on little sleep. His stay in the Lune’s office (as opposed to being at home) was a mixed blessing. He had time to himself to strategize and to pour over maps of Halifax. Their spies had an area circled in charcoal, an old factory they believed the Syndicate was using as a base of operations. It was as good as anything, and for hours the Lune imagined every possible scenario. The map wasn’t a detailed representation of the factory itself, just the block it resided in, and Alistair went over the spies’ notes on it’s entrances and exits. He would hit them from all entrances, using swords like Lorenzo and himself to distract their foes while their archers took positions up high, and their stealthy individuals took the flank. It was a good enough plan on paper, but his scrutiny was endless. The plan had to be perfect. He wasn’t going to lose any of his pack.

The Brotherhood was ready, they knew what needed to be done, and Alistair left them to it. They had no time to waste and just two more days before they moved on Halifax. He ran over his procedure for the youth with his own children, again and again, whenever he saw them, anything to ensure they would be safe. They were his only indication that Lola hadn’t left him now that he’d been kicked out of the house.

She passed her messages through their pups, spiteful things. His little minx had done everything to punish him, taking her anger out on his clothing and possessions while he was holed up in his office. She’d been angry at him for his supposed ruthlessness with their now, dead, captives-- and was doing everything and anything she could to show her displeasure. Because of her he was in a constant state of anxiety, veering into depression whenever he curled up on his lonely cot to sleep. He’d done everything he could to explain to her why he’d made his decision, but she was stubborn and refused to listen.

He was outside, now, taking a break from the confinement of his office-- he wasn’t going to find anything on the maps he hadn’t seen a thousand times. He wore armor and ran through drills with his sword and shield, one after another. He had to become accustomed to actually fighting in the leather studded jerkin and guards. He pushed himself harder and faster each time he went through them, mindful of where he placed his feet. He hiked his shield up and stabbed at the air, Oathkeeper hovering for a tense moment as Jonas sounded the alarm. This was an ambush.

“To arms!” He roared, rushing to put himself between the approaching force and his assembling pack. In the frenzy of the coming battle there was no time to lament the uselessness of their plan, and all the breath they’d wasted on an attack that was far too late. His heart leapt for his children, but Jazper was already on it, and Alistair watched as Jonas rushed past. The Lune trusted the baker explicitly and met up with Jazper mid-way. There was little time for an exchange and soon he outpaced his Sole, driving for the front with his shield and sword raised.

The loners were scattering along the walls of the Fort, looking for any and every opportunity to break through and soon Alistair was stopping and putting himself between a dark-furred wolfdog and floppy-eared dog mix. The wolfdog wielded a notched shortsword and the big mix bore a heavy club. Both looked threatening and held their weapons with dark promise. Alistair charged in with his shield, but instead of maintaining he feinted low, and raised his shield up, feeling the heavy whoosh of the club swing over his head. His shield caught the shortsword and he felt the impact of the blow on his arm. Neither the wolfdog or the mix had been expecting the feint and both staggered back to reasses the situation. Alistair didn’t give them long. He kept them moving, never giving them enough of a target to strike as he waited for them to make a mistake.

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A Knight is Sworn to Valor

His heart knows only virtue

The days had been hard but it was the nights that were the hardest. Returning to his empty room whenever he needed to, reminding himself that Ghita was not there waiting for him or about the Fort for him to cherish and love. Only Natina's tasseled ears rose as he stepped into the room. 'Da? It'll be okay.' The lynx female came and sat in his lap as the dejected male lowered himself onto his bed. That night he didn't sleep but remained awake, watching out of the window as he had seen his daughter do so many times. The clouds obscured the sky but he could occasionally see the moon through the gaps. Natina stayed in his lap alternately chattering about nonsense and trying to comfort him about Ghita and Sylvie. Natina herself was direct proof that Lorenzo was a compassionate male, to adopt a young cat that might have one day turned into a predator to fight against.

He saw his father walking in the morning's light as the sun eventually rose, he frowned as he watched the Sole's stiff gait and winced in sympathy, emphasizing with the male that wasn't looking up at him. His own knees and hips gave him trouble, it was their curse, for their largeness. They paid for their strength in pain and suffering. Commotion brought his eyes up and in the distance he could see a group rapidly moving towards the Fort. He was up immediately, Natina leaping from his lap, her fur standing up on end. Again he took up his shield and mace, his cloak flaring out behind him as he fled the room and out into the hallway. The Sole's howl came before he reached the doorways to outside and in a seconds moment Lorenzo turned back to the mostly quiet building, his voice roaring into the stillness, "CASAH AHWAKE. TAH BATTLE." Whoever the Sole had not awakened with his call to arms, Lorenzo would have alerted.

His blade defends the helpless

His might upholds the weak

Again the giant ran, to defend his home and his family. Behind him Casa swarming to wakefulness in instants. Their warriors leaping from their beds or other duties to rally behind their kings and Knights. He could hear the voices, the shouting and thanked Fenris that Ghita and Sylvie would be safe on the boat, if needed they could sail away in things turned for the worst. A streak of brown fur next to him and he cursed, Natina had raced after him, there was no time to send her back, no time to demand she stay from danger. He growled, and she ignored him. They would talk later, if they both survived.

As heavy and bulky as he was, he managed to catch up to his father who was slower as he was older and his disease more advanced that Lorenzo. For a second father and son ran side by side and despite their differences were as one, the Knight son looked to his father hoping that this was not the last time they would see each other. More were arriving, Al bursting through the line like a one wolf army. Lorenzo peeled off from the main branch of Casa's attack, charging at his foes with his teeth bared and his eyes blazing. If he would die today then it was with honor and sacrifice, pride coursed through him lending him strength. Fro them, it was all for them, even if he might die. Tears rushed briefly down the Canna's cheeks, for the loved ones he had and for the woman he had pushed away for far too long, the woman that he realised he loved despite their differences.

Snapping and snarling like a crazed wild animal, Lorenzo threw himself into the fray of the battle, aiming for a male that singled himself out with a huge club. The damage that could do Lorenzo knew well enough, his own weapon sung as he wielded her, flying through the air with speed and grace. His attack missed as the male dodged and their true dance of battle began.

His word speaks only truth

His wrath undoes the wicked

They were unevenly matched with the advantage going to Lorenzo for his size and strength. No matter how big or tough he was the dog couldn't begin to match Lorenzo for sheer brute force. He forced the male back further and further, closer to the main battle that was going on, in the seething mass of defenders and attackers he could see glimpses of those he knew and hoped fervently that the cries of pain and anguish that rent the air did not belong to them. The dog lunged and used Lorenzo's momentary distraction to land a hit in the Knight's side, something cracked and the male wheezed, lashing out with his shield and hitting the male in the shoulder, the male howled in pain, clutching at the wound that opened. He stumbled backwards, away from Lorenzo and both of them were still for a second, to gain back their breath.

Pain coursed through his side when he breathed, but he could still breath. He was still standing, he was first to recover and charged, his voice a roar of passion and brutality. The doggish male flinched back but raised his club nevertheless facing Lorenzo with courage rather than running away and for that Lorenzo felt a small glimmer of respect for this opponent who stood his ground. Snarling they engaged again, each seeking to gain the upper hand and immobilize their opponent. Before long both of them were bloodied and the ground beneath them was turning to mud.

Lorenzo is going for loner 5 - Dog mix 2 (club) | 9+

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tl;dr Lyris is facing off with Loner 10, the male coyote (+700)

She was no stranger to war. Lyris was practically born into life that seemed only destined to end on a battlefield, since that's where her first life had figuratively ended- the day she lost her family and earned her scars. She'd been through internal wars of self-destruction, battles of betrayal with those she'd allowed herself to grow to close to, and even been the cause for the death of a nightmare: the grizzly that had haunted New Dawn. Blood and pain was nothing new, the absent gaze of a dying loved one or enemy not something to surrender at. But these wars had been quick and circumstantial. None of them had been carefully planned or allowed any time for preparation. And that's what made this war already worse than the rest.

Sleep became increasingly hard to come by. The nightmares already caused for her hours of slumber to be minimal, but with a fight so near in the future her body simply refused to rest. Lyris had tried it all: sleeping under the stars, curled in the corner of her room, and she even tried lying on the mattress, but that idea was quickly lost when she realized she simply couldn't bear to sleep on a surface so soft. So instead, on this final night, she'd taken up pacing. Still in a bipedal stance, the female walked across the length of her room and back again, clicking her claws on the flat of her knife or repeatedly running her fingers over the walls, her hair, or her arms. Adrenaline was so easy for the huntress to produce, and so difficult to lose. Every second she expected the necessity to leap to action, even if Casa was supposedly mounting the attack. She decided she rather preferred unexpected fights. At least that way, she could get some sleep.

It only got worse. Finally giving up on any hope she would rest at all tonight, Lyris pulled her hair back and slipped her dagger against her arm band, leaving her door shut tightly before ascending the stairs to the great hall. Washed in moonlight and eerily silent, her pacing was magnified here. At least it took longer to complete one stretch of the room. Unfortunately, she'd only completed about three of these lengths when the alarm was sounded. The alarm. It was so unexpected that for a moment, she simply froze, before turning on her heels and dashing out of the room, clearing the large distance between herself and the door within a handful of seconds.

She was third out of the Fort, only behind Alistair and Lorenzo. But Casa was not far behind: the Bracciante could already hear the rumbling of the Knights gathering behind them. Lyris easily caught up to Lorenzo and ran astride him, longing to shift onto four legs but knowing such a form would be impractical when all of their enemies would be on two feet. It didn't matter- she was still the quickest, even in this skin. With the neigh perfect form of a sprinter the huntress shot towards the enemy. Soon Lorenzo was gone from beside her, as he had found his match. Racing past Alistair and his foes, Lyris angled towards the far edge of the loner group, towards the coyote wielding knives. He seemed awfully set on reaching the Fort and whatever pups were obviously being held inside, and so she didn't hesitate to slow her speed when she collided with him.

He'd been blindsided, as Lyris had come from the side, and was instantly thrown into a bumpy roll on the ground, winded. She'd hit her target with a shoulder to the lungs, and hopefully he wouldn't regain his breath for a while yet. Somehow, he'd still managed to hang onto those damned knives. The Bracciante didn't wait to act. Lunging forward, Lyris landed heavily on his back, and she briefly wished she'd weighed enough to snap his spine. Instead, she placed her hind legs on his hips, one hand dug into the back of his head, and brought the other hand forward to rest a cold claw on his throat. "Give up now, before you find yourself unable to breathe." She hissed quietly into his ear. But the coyote only spit on the night-dark grass and brought his elbow up to slam her in the ribs. Lyris lost her grip and ended up being thrown backward, her own wind lost. Yet she was still quick enough to find her feet, and now faced her enemy, slipping the dagger from where it was pressed against her fur to wield it in her right hand, forest gaze burning as they faced off like snakes poised to strike. The only question is which would move first.

Lyris Stryder
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Ooc Going for 6 (wolf dog 1 female (short sword)) and being ambushed by 7 (wolf dog 2 female (knives)) as well.

There was a foul, bitter taste in her mouth. Even though the execution of the two captives was a few days past, it still lingered, along with a stone of dread and anxiety that settled in the pit of her stomach. The cream furred woman kept her weapons on her person at all times, as well as the padded leather jerkin and the pants. They were the thickest armor she could ask for but the material was sturdy enough to protect the vitals. She also began to keep Damon close to the Fort, not that she hadn't already because of his experience with Liir, but now she barely let him venture from her private room in the Courthouse.

Dawn. A new day had started but her hackles bristled, the night had been sleepless, her body unable to find a position that it could find rest in. Ears pricked to stiff attention as there was an urgent howl from first Jonas and followed immediately by Jazper. Her mind had only started to process what those meant as her body jerked itself from her bed and barked a warning at Damon to stay put. Alistair's roar to arms had her muzzle wrinkled back in a snarl as she threw her door open and slammed it shut behind her. Her shirt was still in the room. Damn. Oh well, her legs were still protected at the least. Lorenzo's call echoed in the Courthouse to awaken any the other calls might have passed.

Lyris was just ahead of the cream furred wolfess as they sprinted out and down the steps. At the head of the charge was Jazper and Alistair of course, along with Lorenzo, the brute strength of the pack. She hoped the two Kings would be kept safe by Fenris. Mixed blue eyes assessed and darted in all directions. She saw many that were already preoccupied with a loner. But her keen orbs caught a sneaky wolfdog that had a path clearly intended for the Courthouse. A short sword was the female canines only weapon. A snarl erupted from her throat; Damon was in that direction. "Halt or die!" she howled toward the wolfdog, who turned in Veri's direction with a sneer upon her muzzle.

The cream furred wolfess threw herself forward to close the distance between them. The opponent's sword lifted to stab into her gut from her momentum. The point of the blade drew closer and closer until Veri ducked and rolled right into the wolfdog's feet. The other collapsed with a surprised yip on top of the Secanti, scrambling for their weapon. It took a moment to untangle herself from them but in that time Ver's drawn dagger found a target above their right collarbone. Their howl bent her ears against her skull until she jerked the weapon from their flesh and moved away.

There was no way the wolfdog would have gotten to their feet and their wits about them so quickly, so Veri was confused as a shoulder struck her in the stomach and sent her sprawled on the dirt, heaving for breath. Above her was another loner, another female. Also a wolfdog, definitely german shepard. This one however wielded knives. One of them was raised above the 2nd wolfdog's head, ready to be plunged down, but the cream wolfess slashed at their ankles with her own knife. In the same motion she rolled to the side into their legs. The same trick worked again and sent them into a faceplant on the ground.

A snarl from behind her made her turn, howling as the blade of their short sword cut into her left hip. Her elbow snapped up and cracked into the 1st wolfdog's muzzle. As they staggered back the blade was removed from her flesh thankfully, but the healer could feel blood oozing down her leg in steady trickles. Recovered from the fall the knife wielding wolfdog slashed at her back and opened a slash down her right shoulder blade inward toward her spine. It wasn't deep, but the sting of the wound made her hiss and in the blink of an eye she did a front kick to their side to knock them down again, a bit more dazed than last time, and a little more hurt. Just in time for the short sword female to start coming back at her, but enough time for Veri to draw her own sword and close with them.
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OOC: Kira gonna go help Alistar ~ in Secui form though. mehh, i suck for shortness

Impressive how such a thing as a pair of loners and the possible danger in which they represented - even after their no doubt untimely death a couple of days previously - was more than enough to get a normally peaceful pack [warriors though they were] tense and frantically preparing themsevles for the consequences of their actions. Granted at the time along eith others Kira had voiced his dislike of the decision in which had been made that day, he had actually finally managed to accept the choice in which had been made - but it certainly had not allowed him to relax in any way. Rather Kira had spent much of his time wandering between the borders and the general area around the fort, allowing himself only a short few hours sleep when he were incapable of remaining either alert or steady on his feet. After all; there were too much to be done and more important things that required much more attention than anything else that his body may have craved, it were just a pity that none of aforementioned attention had not been focused upon any weapon of his choosing for the battle in which were to come.

Just as well he had focused on his failing in that area upon the remaining alternative in which were open to him, even if the time spent sdoing such seemed too short before the call that heralded the beginnings of the attack from the expected loners came. And that it forced the very idea of Kira even considering going for for a more suitable form for the occasion.

Naturally there was no surprise that so many were already charging into the fray and individual fights already beginning to break apart form the rest as the halfling male charge forward. Just a shame that his intention of finding one such individual to take on himself, rather the silvery grey finding himself charging to where the Lune were steadily beating back a sword wielding and club beating pair. But regardless, the sight were enough to get him charging forth; who knew maybe he would be of better use with attempting to ensure the Lune didn't get himself killed just yet? So it was with lips drawing back and a snarl forcing it's way out of his maw that Kira found himself near bounding towards the trio, pausing only long enough to choose his moment, just a shame it were badly timed with the club wielder having taken note of the smaller male and struck. Not that the pain registered in his mind, the mere thought of of causing as much harm and general damage to either of the pair before him.
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The embarrassment still filled Luca. How could he be a Knight in name and duty if he couldn’t even kill a non-moving target!? Sitting alone in his house he ran a stone across the blade of one of his axes. His brows were frowned as he thought about the inedible battle that would be coming. Never in his life had Luca Knight backed down from a fight – he had started half of them for Fenris sake, and yet he had embarrassed himself in front of all of his pack mates and family. How could they trust him as a Brotherhood member now? Would he be demoted?

These questions filled his mind and yet he knew in his mind that it was simply illogical. Alistair had reassured him that his failure was something to learn from and that he would grow from the experience. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of many calls to battle. In a rushed manner Luca pulled dropped the sharpening stone, grabbed his second axe off the ground and scampered out the door.

Since the raid Luca had not left his leather chest plates protection for a second and boy was he glad of it now as he charged towards the gates, meeting up with many Cavaliers as he did so. In the distance he caught sight of Lyris, who stopped short to cut off a coyote making his way to the Fort. Eyes turned into a hot glare as he made a beeline for Lyris but his absolute focus on the ex-New Dawner cost the golden male.

A silver figure threw herself at the knight, knocking him off his feet and onto the ground in a blurred ball. Releasing a snarl from his lips Luca began to wrestle the coyote that was desperately trying to stab at him. His heart beat rapidly and his blood grew hot as he became just as desperate at the coyote. Jaws closed around her wrist, blood filling his mouth as she screeched, but this coyote would not go down without a fight.

A sudden sharp pain and the feeling of warm liquid flattening his mane was the only induction the Knight had that the coyote had torn into his ear. Pushing with his feet in a hard kick Luca managed to separate the now panting canines from each other. Golden eyes glared at the silver female who was smiling a toothy bloody smile back.

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OOC: Julien and disgruntled Sylvie have climbed a tree and she will be shooting arrows to help keep pack mates safe, first at Loner 5 - dog mix. Feel free to reference an arrow or two coming at your character's target! Also Jace will be PPing a bit with my permission. :D

The past few days, Sylvie had remained holed up on the ship. Julien was with her sometimes, and other times he was out scouting the territory like he often was. Ghita stayed, too, although she was free to leave whenever she wanted. She heard the call from the ship and almost didn't go. If it had been Alistair, not Jazper, she would have considered it more seriously. But Jazper still held her loyalty, and her pack mates did not deserve to suffer because reinforcements did not come when called. With a sigh, her decision was quickly made and Sylvie hopped off her bunk, grabbed her bow and arrows, and started towards the door, where she met Ghita.

"Come on, we're going to the Fort," Sylvie said. Once there, she left Ghita with the other puppies and headed out. The sounds of the fight immediately caught her attention and her remaining ear flattened against her head. She was certainly no stranger to fights, but walking into one was never what she wanted to do, even with the pirates. She fought to protect her 'children' then, and she would fight to protect her pack mates now. All had done things she disagreed with, after all. That did not mean she was happy with what she was doing.

As she skirted the fight, Sylvie came across Julien and nodded to him. He gestured her over and boosted her up into a tree before following her up. From there, she was able to get a good view of the fight while knocking an arrow. Her eyes immediately found Lorenzo, and then she identified the others and their targets, grumbling a bit while doing so. Julien had settled on a branch just above her.

"Là-bas," Julien said, French for 'over there', and Sylvie looked to where he was pointing. Lorenzo. She lined up an arrow with the canine he was fighting and released it. She did not wait to see if it hit before looking for her next target and loosed another few arrows when it looked like her pack mates could use the help.
Sylvie Agnès

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As Jazper charged forward he heard Alistair and Lorenzo’s call behind him, and his blood stirred. This was war! A good old fashioned straight forward sort of battle. If there was one thing that the Sole could do it was stand his ground in a fight. With confidence he moved forward, glancing side to side only to take in the sight of Cavaliers arriving at the front lines and pushing the Loners back. As Jazper has suspected – this would be an easy fight for his pack of warriors.

His bones ached today but he paid little attention as he noticed Veri fending off two wolfdogs by herself. With a snarl he made his way, one heavy foot in front of the other, to her side where he was quick to crash his massive body into the smaller knife wielder. Already the knife-wielding dog was injured but her own snarling muzzle told Jazper that she was more than ready for a fight.

As quickly as the older male could he lifted his claymore into the air and began to move towards the fallen hybrid, ready to end her life as she scampered trying to recover from the sudden fall into the hard ground. It was just as the Patriarch reached the loner, her eyes bulging in sudden fear, that a sharp horrible pain shot down his fingers and up his arm causing him to yelp in pain, his hand seizing under the weight of the blade.

His sword dropped, clinking against the ground as the Sole grasped his arm against his chest in pain. The dogmix did not waste a single second, lunging a knife into his exposed abdomen and ripping it out ungracefully, leaving a large wound a couple of inches away from his already aching hip. Wreathing in pain the Knight Father dropped to the ground, his good hand wrapping around the wound as he mentally fought against the pain in his stomach and the pain tingling through his other hand and arm. Taking the opportunity to get away the wolfdog continued to run towards the Fort, a smirk across her face.

OOC: Please let Lorenzo come to Jazper's rescue! 300+ words

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A Knight is Sworn to Valor

His heart knows only virtue

The male came at him club raised high and an arrow sailed through the air hitting the male square in the chest, he stumbled, tripping over his own feet. The Knight prince stepped forwards into the attack, swinging his mace with all the force in his body. A grunt of effort as it flew through the air, whistling. Too late the attacker realized his life was forfeit for his actions and Lorenzo's dark glare was the last thing those widened eyes ever saw as the mace caved in the right side of his skull. The body cartwheeled away from him and Lorenzo slid to a stop, skidding on the muddied ground.

He looked around for the source of the arrows, wanting to identify friend or foe and bottom dropped out of his stomach. She was here! She couldn't be, she needed to be safe, away from the fighting. Confusion and anguish rippled through him and the Knight stumbled a few uncertain steps towards the tree that she and now he could see Julian were hiding in, raining down unexpected pain and injury on the attackers. He caught her eye and she.. fired an arrow at him. He yelped and leaped backwards to avoid the stinging missile and the fight around him came back into focus.

His breath came in quick bursts, he was sure that he must have bruises and cuts by now but he couldn't feel any pain, just the energy and his heart galloping in his chest. The fight would be a veritable slaughter towards the side of Casa, the loners had chosen the wrong pack to try to oust, their strength was in skilled fighters, Casa stood tall and fought till the last breath. They would win this battle and come out on top, the only allowable outcome.

He turned as a bellow rang out, now it was his turn to hold wide eyes as he watched, impotent. His father, the immortal Knight, dropped his sword; teeth grit in pain. His attacker took the opportunity of the half blind king's lapsed attention, Lorenzo shouted a warning that was too late, the knife shot forwards and dug deep into Jazper's side. The Knight prince saw his King fall to the floor, eyes staring in shock, mouth grimacing

His blade defends the helpless

His might upholds the weak

There was a roaring in his head and it was when the assailant turned her head towards him that Lorenzo realised it wasn't in his head, he was roaring, out loud. His mace fell to the floor from a loose grip and he was suddenly racing forwards as fast as his bulky body could, covering the distance as the enemy stared in shock at this new, crazed fighter.

No awareness for his own safety, no caring of his own injuries Lorenzo reached forwards and grabbed the knife by its blade, yanking it out of the grasp of the female who yelped and tried to leap backwards, too slow. He grabbed the woman by her neck, popping her off of her feet like he had done to Luca all those months ago, wrenching the bitch high into the air. His grasp squeezed and beneath his fingers bones and cartilage cracked and shattered. The female clawed at Lorenzo's hands violently, her nails leaving long bloody gouges.

Still roaring Lorenzo crushed the female's neck until she gave up her life with a wet gurgle before throwing her to the ground and turning to his father. Jazper was still on the floor, gasping and clutching at his side. He knelt by the old Alpha's side, his voice raw and hoarse from his screaming, "Da... come on, we gotta get ya back." He made to put his arm around the Sole's shoulders, to drag him to his feet if necessary. The anguish and pain in the male's body, his terror was palatable as he made to help his father, his last remaining parent.

His word speaks only truth

His wrath undoes the wicked

Loner 5 and 7 are DEAD |

Lorenzo Knight

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