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Jazper's Goodbye - Non-Mandatory

POSTED: Fri May 01, 2015 1:56 pm

What he was about to do seemed so strange. Never in his life did the Patriarch think that this was something he would do but between Lorenzo’s prodding and seeing Skye’s face light up there was no going back now. With Skye’s petite cream hand wrapped up in his dark claw the couple made their way back to Casa territory to inform the pack of Jazper’s decision.

He still ached from the battle a few days before, his mid section wrapped neatly to prevent infection from the knife wound. With the sun bright in the sky today his bones felt better, the warmth keeping the ache at bay for now. His heart fluttered as they made their way into the Fort and into the Great Hall, lifting his muzzle to call for all to gather if they wished.

Nervously he looked down to Skye with a faint smile. This whole process seemed unreal and for a second he began to think if it was really what he wanted to do. As members began to gather he mentally reassured himself that this was the best course of action. When a large group had gathered he began to speak. “As you all know in recent battle against the Syndicate I was injured due to the failure of my body. I have been dealing with my physical issues in private but it is clearly public now.” He frowned slightly, it was not in his nature to share his failures so publicly and his failure in battle embarrassed him.

“Given that I can no longer trust myself to be physically able to fight along side you I don’t think it is right that I continue to lead. A pack of warriors needs an able warrior leading.” A lump in his throat caught him off guard and he swallowed dryly. “Casa was created from the idea that there needed to be a group to defend the defenseless and keep justice alive in these lands and I deeply hope you all stay here to continue my work. I just can no longer be apart of that work.” Looking around with a melancholy gaze he paused, letting the information sink in. “Instead I will be returning to Midnight Shores with Skye, to become her official mate and re-form the bonds I have lost with my family in the north.”

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POSTED: Thu May 07, 2015 5:24 pm

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Mixed blue eyes winced as Veri cleaned the wound on her hip again. With constant movement it had bled a little once more, so after the remnants were removed from the area she wrapped a strip of cloth around her hips twice to give the injury another layer of protection. She'd just tied it off when her ears pricked forward from the sound of Jazper's call. It wasn't urgent, so the cream furred wolfess took her time to get back into the leather pants and lace them closed. Damon's head lifted from his position on the bed and tilted. At a few weeks shy of being five months old, the black pup had grown considerably. Red eyes fixed on hers. "Can I come?" it was a simple enough question from the boy.

Veri nodded and motioned for him to follow her out the door. He remained by her side, his head nearly reaching her hip, and she was certain he wasn't done with this growth spurt. At the last minute cream fingers darted out to grasp her old traveling cloak and throw it around her shoulders. Both of her shirts wouldn't fit around her growing belly so this was the one thing she could wear to protect her pregnant status. Not that she didn't trust her packmates with her life, but her instinct to conceal were hard to fight.

Damon nudged her thigh with his muzzle and smiled a little at her. Veri's lips quirked and her hand came down to caress behind his ears as they made the way down to the Great Hall, one in Optime and the other kept in Lupus. They went along the wall, out of the way of the other members, but still got a position that Damon could see from where he sat at her feet.

Veri crossed her arms over her belly under the cloak as she listened to the Sole speak. Damon's ears flicked as he too processed each sentence. Jazper's next statement made both of them stand up straight, one in surprise, the other shock. Veri's eyes, now widened, paid more attention to his words as he uttered them. Her posture relaxed upon hearing he would be in Midnight Shores with Skye and his other members of family. Damon's ears remained heavy though. "Hey buddy, don't look so upset. You can visit him whenever you want in Midnight Shores, same as everyone else. You'll have to introduce him to your little brother or sister eventually, right?"

His shoulders shrugged and he looked back up, over to where Jazper stood with the female Skye. "Yeah, s'pose. It's so far away though. It would need to be planned or something. And I don't even have a mentor yet. It'll be months before I can visit." he grumbled almost to himself. Veri pinched one of his ears gently to make him shake his head and look at her in irritation, to be greeted with a smile. "Who says I can't take you with me if I visit?" she told him with a wink. His tail wagged across her feet and a smile spread across his muzzle.
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A Knight is Sworn to Valor

His heart knows only virtue

It hurt so much more than he thought it would to hear the howl and to know it was the last one he would hear as his Da as the Sole of Casa. The beaten and bloodied Corpo pulled himself to his feet from his bed, he hissed as the wound at his chest pulled and the cracked rib made his lungs burn. But he stood nevertheless, he would not miss this, the plan of his own doing. He was right, he knew it with every fiber of his being and it was the only way he could save his Da from himself, from his own overprotective nature. Using the wall as a crutch he managed to make his way down the stairs, grimacing at every step as his knees and hips ground together.

He was still all wrapped up in bandages as as far as he knew, Lorenzo had been the worst casualty of the battle. At least these bandages were fresh and clean unlike the bloodied ones that had been pulled off of him earlier in the day. His cloak swirled about his feet and the two fluorite necklaces rested against his wrapped up chest. The Corpo held his head high and walked into the hall as steadily as he could. With only half of his world available now he had to twist his head an unnatural amount to get a full good view of those already gathered. He was not the first here.

His blade defends the helpless

His might upholds the weak

The words spoken were of no surprise to him and there was no such expression to his face only an resigned acceptance. His words had been the final nail in the coffin to Jazper's abdication and once it was made public knowledge he would wager there were those that would dislike Lorenzo for his influence in this decision. But he cared only about his Da and how his health was slowly worsening and his children that still needed their father and mother together. He stood tall, even as every word was an almost physical blow. Jazper had always been there for Enzo, only a howl or a knock upon a door away and now there would be miles and miles between them.

A small hand slipped into his own, and the Knight looked down in surprise, she had crept through those assembled to stand besides him, already crying tears of grief and loss. She looked up at him, his Ma looking at him from a face so young and wrapped her arms around his middle, burying her face into his stomach.

His word speaks only truth

His wrath undoes the wicked

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POSTED: Mon May 11, 2015 8:18 pm

Jazper's call as a leader was one Sylvie would always answer. She respected him. So, when his howl summoned the pack, she and Julien followed it and they stood amongst their packmates. Lorenzo was easy to see, but she did not immediately go to him and instead stuck to the back of the group. She could not see too well, but she could hear just fine as Jazper began to speak.

It was with mixed emotions that Sylvie listened to his words. Going to live with Skye and with his puppies was the best thing for them, and she was happy that he was finally going to be able to do so. The coyote could only imagine what it must be like to live apart from his young children, despite knowing they were safe with Skye, not to mention living apart from Skye herself since he loved her.

On the other hand, Sylvie was worried about what would become of Casa in his absence. If recent events were any indication, they were losing their overall source of wisdom, in her opinion; the only canine capable of having a true voice against violence. It made her nervous, and also made her wonder if her time in Casa was coming to a close. Perhaps she should follow him to Midnight Shores. She knew they had a ship too, after all. It was not a decision to make lightly. Given her past, she had doubts that Casa would want her back if she changed her mind.

Sylvie spotted Ghita moving through the crowd and stepped forward to follow her, moving in the same spaces between canines as she had. It was easy to see that she was going to her father, and Sylvie decided she wanted to be there for her as well. She stopped on the other side of Ghita with a quick glance at Lorenzo.

Uncertainty filled her as she turned her gaze back to Jazper. Perhaps she would wait and see what happened now that he was retired. She could always leave later and find her way there on her own.
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Morty always came when Jazper called, for all she said there was a goodness in the massive warrior. If anyone could begin to understand the pain he felt, she could. There were many remedies that she could offer him but the best one that she could not was rest. He would be happier living a gentler life with his mate. Morty was almost glad to see him go, there had been too many days he had been run ragged by the stress and duties that came with the job. She was proud to have served under him and wondered what would come of the pack now that their rather gentle giant was stepping down from the plate.

In a way she was eager, she had seen a lot of blood in the last few days, some of it hers. There was a thrill that came with wartime and the wounds that crowded her office. Much of them were on the mend now, but she could see their pain in the way they walked. Her own wound was healing well though she knew there would always be a scar where the arrow had struck her.

The tattered medic dipped her head to him and took a few steps closer. "You're always welcome to call at my door," She offered from the back, he probably knew it already but she wanted him to know again. She didn't speak openly about the afflictions he suffere dfrom, everyone was painfully aware of it already but she offered her condolences there. Morty knew the recipes that worked for him when the pain was great, she only hoped her loyalty and skills had been enough for him. She settled back down among her pack mates, not eager to see him off as his follower but happy to see the weight lifted from his pained back as a medic.

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