the fruit and the fall, the caress and the claw

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Halcyon Mountain, AW for one.

Treetops and foothills and short peaks rolled beneath her as she soared. Greenery was coming to life as the weather warmed, and Gehazi noticed this most because of the abundance of new prey -- babes toddling in the woods, spindly-legged fawn and hopping mountain goat kids. Soon the ungulates would outgrow her, the risk too great, and she would feed only on their carcasses, hunting if her belly grew lean; it was now or never again until the following spring.

She knew her territory well, and angled her wings, flapping four times before gliding again. It wasn't long before her keen eyes picked out the white shape of mountain goats on the brown-and-green cliffs below, perching high and playing. As her shadow fell over them, however, they knew -- and huddled close, while she turned and flew over them again. At a third pass, one of the kids at last broke into a run, skidding over the rock and moss. Eyes intent, Gehazi followed.

An angled glide and a few strokes of her broad wings brought her close over her prey, chasing it until her talons locked in its neck. The kid bleated, stumbling but running still, as the bird flapped for balance. Soon the kid tumbled, and Gehazi's claws dug into its fur as it struggled, kicked, and at last succumbed to exhaustion and death.

Briefly, Gehazi lifted her head to scan her surroundings -- cliffs and an old trail, the rock cut evenly -- and then began to eat.

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Some of them want to be used by you

Harbinger had found himself climbing the mountain, though he did a lousy job of it. More than once he had misjudged his footing and ended up slipping and tumbling down the rocky face. He always got back up, sporting a few new scrapes but nothing life threatening. The reason behind the male struggling up a mountain? Well he remembered climbing an incline before but he couldn't remember its location. He really wasn't that great of a navigator.

The male got to a flatter portion of land and stood straight to look around and tried to pick out if his sister was nearby or not. He didn't even try to scent the air because he knew exactly how useless it was. Instead he was depending on movement to tell him what he needed to know. And it was movement that drew him to climb further up the trail.

What he found wasn't what he was looking for the creature did have brown tones to it as his sister did. Of course he knew better than to confuse this creature with his sister as it sprouted feathers rather than fur. While he might confuse one canine for another should they have similar colors he would never confuse a canine for another creature.

Harbinger stared at the bird as he racked his brain to try and remember what it was that he was seeing. It had feathers so it could fly, he knew that much. He could even name it as being a bird but that was as far as it went. He couldn't classify just what it was. Or even why it was eating a goat. Or maybe it wasn't even really eating the goat and was looking for something else instead. It was this line of thought that had Harbinger reaching over to try and take the goat for himself. He was used to smaller birds and the way that they pecked at the ground and so he figured it to be the case with the eagle as well.

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Her deadly beak thrust down into the kill, tearing at open wounds, she did not notice the approach of the Luperci at first. But she was vigilant, constantly lifting her head and turning it as she swallowed (for a bird's eyes cannot turn), and she spotted the brown and black shape quickly.

He approached -- at first not with any purpose, and then focused on her. Gehazi spread her wings and opened her beak, attempting to make herself look bigger, a threat -- but she did not fly away. She was no longer afraid.

This made her more dangerous.

The wolf reached for her prey, and Gehazi struck beak and talon, aiming to bite the frostbitten fingers and tear at his arm with her claws.

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Some of them want to be used by you

Harbinger hadn't seen the bird as a threat, even when it had made itself look threatening. Granted the scarred male hadn't even realized just what it was that the bird was doing. He thought it was a bird being a bird. It wasn't like he was an ornithologist. He didn't study and watch the behavior of birds.

The male didn't even flinch was he was bitten and clawed at. He didn't jerk his hand back but merely stared down at the appendage. He felt nothing of the attack even though he could see the evidence of it. "Birds eat dirt." He spoke in a voice of neutrality. "I don't eat dirt."

There was an obvious misunderstanding. Just like trees and bodies of water Harbinger had mixed up birds to being all the same. He didn't get that not all avian creatures were insectivores. But then he was only working from limited knowledge. He only knew the basics of if it had feathers and wings then it was a bird.

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She struck fiercely and quickly, but the wolf only shrugged off the blow and stared at his arm. She flapped onto a higher rock and glared at him, wondering why he didn't yelp -- didn't lash out. Her bites and blows had always been met with some punishment when the scarred coyote worked with her, even if it was little more than a time-out and a few raven-curses.

This wolf had scars, too. Gehazi saw them for what they were: old wounds, some not so old. Weakness in an animal she might want to hunt.

He should have been afraid, or angry -- ears back, teeth bared. But he wasn't. She tilted her head, confounded by this, and looked briefly at the ground (though not because she understood a word that he said, as she didn't). She plucked up a small rock from a crack in the stone and chucked it at him, flapping her wings to move a few feet away and see his response.

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