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[ 318 ] ยป Sunflower Sunsets, dusk, date flexible. IF pNPC Sinech Dalisani is mentioned briefly.
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The sun slowly dipped low against the horizon, the last of its rays dancing across the swaying faces of the Sol-worshipping flora, their bright yellow petals cast in a warm burnt orange glow. With outstretched fingers she slowly strolled through the swaying flowers, pads and claws gingerly grazing the soft rays and fuzzy discs as she carried on, her mind far away lost in distant thoughts. After meeting the coydog tending to the horses a couple of days ago the hybrid couldn't help but wonder about the place she had mentioned, the coyote clan to the east where the fields gave way to the bay and the skulls of wolves sat upon stakes as a warning. All of it was intriguing, but none more so than the symbol the femme had drawn for her, the many arrowed star her had mother obsessed about for so long. It was the only thing the coyjack knew about her father. Her real father. The desert demon.

Close at her foot-paws Yama did his best to keep up, darting between the thick stalks of the plants chasing some unseen prey, making a game out of his almost constant training. The huntress had no hand in honing the skills of her avian and equine companions so she was determined to mold her vulpine friend into an equally impressive hunting partner. For the time being though, Yama was left to his own devices, and with soft little growls he scrambled about the area around her feet, bouncing, pouncing, and rolling his way left, right, and even into the bases of the sunflower plants. This roused an occasional chuckle from the golden-eyed goddess whenever she glanced down at him to check where he was, but still her mind raced. She was driven closer to the coyotes by the coydog's words but it was her past, her mysterious father, that drove her to seek out more.

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Birds flit among the dust at the base of the sunflower starks, which parted as a lean gray shape stalked through them. In her natural form, Vicira was all but hidden in the flowers, her paws placed softly and her nose low to the ground. Tall dark ears twitched, and she cocked her head to listen to the scuttling of rodents and the hop of birds in the vegetation. The little animals scavenged for seeds, plucking them up in small beaks and tiny paws.

Vicira listened and watched for movement in the vegetation and at last sprang for the first mouse she spotted in the open. It darted under her paws, evading her snap, and vanished into the sunflowers to live to eat another day. Vici settled on her haunches and licked her lips, hungry, but jerked her head again at movement beyond -- larger than any mouse.

The coywolf padded cautiously through the sunflowers and let out a low yip when she smelled the musk of fox -- and covering that, the scent of another coyote hybrid.

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