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[ 420 ] » Late morning, edge of Forest of Nod, date flexible. Weird post is weird, sorry~ :P

Ever since her foot-paws were allowed within the claim of the coyote clan, she had wandered. Traversed the length and breadth of their realm, up and down, left and right, forward and backward, she wanted to know it all if she was to make this place her home. She was meticulous in that way, needing to know every in and out of the realm from every cardinal direction until she knew it like the back of her hand. No stone left unturned, no path left unwandered, no edge left unseen; and she did this for days until she was satisfied she had mapped out the land a dozen times over – and then she did it again.

That morning she had picked up where she left off the night before and meandered along the eastern stretch of the territory, long optime legs carrying her somewhat lackadaisically southward through the Forest of Nod, quietly drifting from one archery stand to the next. Each one she came across she appraised with an overly critical eye, not so much because she had experience with such a thing, but more so because she admired such a useful construct. Anything to do with archery was of particular interest to the huntress and she always reveled in the chance to try out new things.

Climbing up into one of the more well camouflaged stands the sleek and slender femme easily retrieved her bow from its place slung upon her back and plucked an arrow from her hip quiver, setting the projectile in its place and taking aim at nothing in particular. With one gold eye peering down the shaft she focused her aim on the farthest tree she could see, and then the squirrel skittering about in its branches, and then the pinecone the creature was reaching for. As she did so, a mischievous grin eased its way to her sharp maw.

Then all at once she whipped around and let the arrow loose, the sharp stone point slicing through the air and embedding itself in a tree inches from where she had heard someone walking. She had been tracking the sound of footfall all the while as she was playing around with her bow, and once it was close enough that she could more or less pinpoint its position, she eagerly awaited a pause for her to fire. With such incomparable aim she would have never hit whomever it was that was sneaking up on her, but they didn't know that, and therein lay the fun.

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omg XD

He wasn't paying attention, either.

Marlowe was thinking—he had been thinking since he had gotten back—and none of the thoughts were good. He had met a woman who had, more or less, told him what he believed in his heart to be true. A place where black hate might blossom was watered with her presence and her story, and now waited, patiently, for the right time to come forth. The coyote knew it was inevitable. All lives had a path and a plan, and none but the Spirit would know what that was.

Except for a singular weight, he might have gone already. The truth was he did value his Clan and his position within it, and was wary to risk both.

Something shot through the air, not far from his face, and struck a nearby tree.

Marlowe started, and had this been before he might have sent his own arrow flying back. The war was not here, though, and many of these lackluster warriors were likely to practice who-knows-where. The stands were around here, and the shot had come from one.

Loathe as he was to make excuses for others, Marlowe yanked the arrow from the tree and approached the most-likely source. Peering up as he went, he soon made out the more-unnatural shapes of the stand and his scowl became apparent.

Hey! He shouted.

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