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The rain poured down, soaking the poor cougar Tara in water. She sat to the side, waiting for the trader and the guard to finish their conversation.
"Can you read this sign?" The guard asked.
"Of course I can, Mill. You know I can!"
"Fine, fine, no need to get wild. It's a precaution." The Luperci guard turned to look at Tara. "And what of your cat companion?"
"She is not my companion. She was guiding me through the woods on the way to Outpost."
"I see."
The trader gathered his supplies and entered the settlement. Tara watched him leave before turning around. "Wait." The guard held up his hand to stop her. She turned to look at him nervously. "Yes?"
"Do you have a place to stay out of the rain?''
''What do you mean?"
"The rain. It's pouring."
The guard motioned to the gate behind him. "We have room, and a fire to warm you up."
"Come now. You'll catch your death. Can you read this sign?"
"Oh, uh..." Tara looked at the sign, and the lines of symbols she never learned the meaning of. "N-no, sir.''
The guard smiled warmly. "'Intoxication is permitted -- obnoxious behavior is not. Weapons larger than a dagger must be checked. Fighting and violent behavior are absolutely barred.' If you break any of the rules, you will be evicted."
"Thank you, sir, but--"
"Please. At least stay until the storm passes."
Tara looked from the guard to the gate. She didn't like staying in civilized places, especially when they contain Luperci, but the storm was bad. The guard seemed nice enough... maybe staying just one night wouldn't hurt.
"I... suppose..."
"You don't have any weapons, I assume?"
Tara laughed nervously, waving her paw about. "Even if I did, I don't have hands to use them, do I?''
"No, I suppose not." He smiled. "You may pass. I'm sure there is a trader who could give you a good meal."
Head held down and tail low, Tara entered the settlement.

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The pair of mongrels had reached the Outpost at last -- and, as Jehan had suspected, most traders felt enough pity for him and his young companion to offer a meal here and there. Clover was healthier and stronger by the day, and taller, too, it seemed. She began to grow into her big paws, and Jehan knew that she would outgrow him within the year -- certainly towering over him once she shifted for the first time. Her brown eyes were brighter, her coat shinier, and her mouth as foul as ever.

She was cursing softly, blinking against the raindrops and huddled on the ground. Jehan, picking his teeth with a bone from one of the chickens he'd found crushed outside where the horse corral was, glanced at her and smiled. The bone tilted upward in his mouth before he plucked it. What's bitin' you, squirt?

I hate the rain. Why can't we go inside?

He shrugged. The water mostly ran off her dark guard hairs, but he was certain that the raindrops constantly pattering against her skull was what was bothering her. Beats the heat, don't it? And all the tents and cabins are for the traders. Other people 'sides us rogues live here, you know. He winked at her.

She wrinkled her muzzle and narrowed her eyes. Asshole, the girl replied succinctly, and curled up in a ball on the stony dirt. Jehan only grinned.

He did think that the child had begun to warm up to him, but Clover would probably sooner starve than admit to it. Or perhaps not -- that was the only reason she'd followed him around for this long, so she wouldn't starve. Her pride was very much intact, however, and most of the begging they'd done had been through stories woven on his end. He never made her grovel and did so on his own, and he thought she appreciated that, a bit. And it was likely why she suffered the rain quietly then, not wanting to ask one of the random traders for help.

The one-armed dog tossed the chicken bone aside and yawned, before his whiskers twitched and his nose jut up in the air. A powerful, musky scent wafted through the area and turned more than a few heads, some traders stepping back into their tents, others bristling or merely watching with abject curiosity. Jehan followed their stares to see a small cougar trotting into the settlement, scarred head down, posture submissive. Well, shit, he said, and uttered a single humorless laugh. He'd never seen such a thing!

Meanwhile, Clover scented the cat and jolted awake. She sat up on her haunches and snarled.

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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.


Standing in front of Mack’s corral inspecting a now wet bridle, Lithia’s hooded head was bowed and her vision obscured. It was most likely because the spectacle was going on behind her. It was the direction in which Mack’s eyes followed and the uneasiness that set in his face that caught Lithia’s interest when she looked up to tell him ”It’s fine, I’ll take it.” Following Mack’s gaze, her eyes fell upon the cougar that sulked into the Outpost camp. Most of those who were outside in the rain watched her and there were a few growls heard. Lithia didn’t utter a word for a long time while she watched the cat come further into the camp, and neither did Mack. His eyes switched nervously to his horses and chickens nearby, but he did not utter a word.

Lithia’s gaze founds its way back to his nervous face and she laughed, ”You better hide your horses, Mack.” She gave the creature no regard as to it being intelligent enough to find its way here. She was more concerned with the trouble that it could bring being here. Was she hungry and hoping to store a chicken and run with it? Mack didn’t seem like he wanted to let one of his chickens go as a donation.

”Yeah, yeah. Good,” he said as he hastily bent down to pick up the three alcohol bottles at Lithia’s feet. She had to trade him twice the goods in order for him to let go of one of his decent horse bridles. ”Fuck the horses. It can have ‘em,” he grumbled, gathering the bottles in his arms and retreating to his shack, slamming the door behind him.

It left Lithia in the rain, which now she had turned to the scene to watch better. She had scented this smell before, here. She was confused as to whether these Luperci had never seen a docile cougar before or were they just this averse to new people coming here. The shadow watched as traders bristled and others growled – well, the ones who haven’t retreated to their homes by now. With bridle in hand, she wandered closer to the public rest area, which during any other weather burned a nice, warm fire in the pit. Quietly, she watched a one-armed Luperci and his companion stare at the cougar slowly approaching. She was more interested in their reactions than anything else.

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