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OOC: So Liz is just riding along chatting to her horse/bird.. as you do xD She's sent Bernie on ahead to scope out where these tracks end up. They could belong to Kyler if you want, or just a random passerby ^^

Despite Bernie's brief attempt to escape Eliza's clutches in the Dampwoods, the Cormier dog was glad she'd brought the bird along on this trip to the South. While the chatty dog didn't know enough low speech to be able to hold a conversation with the falcon and Bernie was still unable to use even broken high speech, they had been together long enough that Liz believed the bird could be listening to her. It wasn't an ideal situation but having those bright eyes on her as she babbled made the Krokaran feel less alone.

Eliza had been studiously avoiding any sort of tracking which might lead her to go in search of Peony, the blonde Border Collie cross who she had been lumped with – or was it the other way round? - since before her arrival in Krokar. It had to be going on a year since the two had met, not that Eliza voiced that particular thought. The idea of admitting out loud that she missed the other dog's company was somehow abhorrent.

So, when Eliza came across a decidedly doggish set of tracks, she tried to follow them without letting either Bernie or her ever steady and biddable horse, Flod, know that she was half-heartedly following them. “Might be some bees around,” she reasoned with herself, removing one hand from Flod's neck to run it through her coarse ponytail. “Storm wanted some honey. Said I'd get it at the Outpost but he might like the surprise.” Bernie clacked her beak twice, and Liz beamed. “See? Ya agree with me, don't ya? Knew it. Knew ya could tell what I've been sayin'!” The bird's head turned towards her, sharp beak advancing to peck at a tangle in the ponytail which was now draped over one shoulder.

Unfortunately there was no telltale buzzing or bustle in the air which indicated that bees were anywhere nearby – but the tracks went on and Eliza found herself debating whether to continue not-following them. “Bern. Go on out and see what's up ahead, will ya? Out.” With another click of her beak, the falcon rose from the dog's shoulder and up, soon becoming obscured by the forest canopy.


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keep your head up, keep your heart strong

The early summer sun beat down cheerfully, as though shining with extra vigor to spite the pale scars of white that scuttled across the sky. Rays of light struck the growth of the forest, which gleamed in shades of green so painfully bright that one needed to shield one's eyes from the verdant glow. The fronds and leaves around the wood were damp with dew, wet and slick like newborns. And newborns they were, fresh growth that had been suckled on spring rains and then fed from the light of summer.

Kyler marveled at the bursting beauty of it all. To see life spring up so brazenly before her, before the girl who had never known the world to be beautiful, filled the young wolfdog with renewed hope. Life was strength; life was the sprouting leaves that clawed up at the bright sun from a bed of rot; life was the refusal to break in the face of bleakness and hardship. If only she had the strength of the dew-soaked leaves that caressed her legs and arms as she wandered through the lush overgrowth of the woods, searching for healing herbs and fragrant plants.

Soft, mucky earth sucked at her feet as she walked, as though the earth was begging her to remain in the lush forest for just a bit longer. Kyler pulled away from the muddy earth gingerly, not eager to walk with haste and fling mud onto her glossy pelt. Her careful footfalls left the occasional track, ringed by fresh greenery and pine needles. The she-wolf paused at regular intervals to rummage through the leafy underbrush. Here and there she would pluck broad leaves away from supple stems, or pull berries from their clusters; she even encountered a small clearing of pennyroyal ground cover from which she gathered a thick bundle of fragrant, minty leaves. The cream-furred female crushed a few of these in her palms, allowing the tendrils of their scent to curl around her. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, letting the smells and sounds mingle in her mind. Insects scuttled through the overgrowth. Flowers swayed like dancers in the gentle breeze. Critters scaled the tree trunks and burrowed beneath their roots. A bird soared somewhere high above the canopy, wings flapping softly.

Kyler opened her icy blue eyes and gazed up at the thick canopy above her. "Thank you for this blessed day, Great Spirit," she murmured with reverence and appreciation. Ever since she had arrived in these lands, the Spirit had been revealing endless beauty to her. She marveled at her blessings, feeling for the first time that she was welcome, that she belonged. With each passing day she felt more and more at peace and at home in Nova Scotia. She even found herself wishing for more company, something the wary and guarded ex-slave never thought would happen. Her heart still ached and fluttered with fear when she thought of her past, but for once, Kyler found herself looking forward more than she was looking back.

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Eliza dismounted swiftly and found she was in two minds. Should she wait for Bernie to return – which meant hoping that the falcon returned quickly, instead of going off on a hunting expedition? Or should she walk on, which would probably mean admitting to herself that she was following the prints which had been gratefully moulded by the soft earth? The sun sent a spear of light through the leaves to assault her eyes and the Cormier dog huffed, lifting a hand to shield her vision from the brightness. The South was quite beautiful, really – less peaceful than her home territory with its rivers and lakes breaking up the land with their glassy stillness, but magnificent in a busy way.

The dog twirled in a slow circle, eyes still protected from the blaze of green which told of a fine day beyond the canopy. Liz was doing her best to appreciate this Southerly jaunt, but an ache still clawed at her chest, reminding her of family, what was waiting for her – and what had left her.

Unbeknownst to Eliza, Bernie the falcon had alighted on the limb of an old and gnarled tree, and was peering unblinkingly at another lone traveller.

Her breath didn't leave her in a puff of silver, here in the damp forest, and that somehow made her sigh less satisfying. Eliza knew that Bernie would return sooner or later, but she was as impatient as ever. After a long moment's thought the lean crossbreed began to walk at a brisk pace, sending up a sharp whistle for the grey-brown falcon who had sped away above the treetops.

Liz told herself she was only vaguely following the prints, only vaguely noticing the small disruptions to the plant life. She passed through a patch of pennyroyal, its scent instilling in her a sense of refreshment – and the paw prints remained. She wondered if they would stretch on into infinity, some cruel trick used by some unknown Southern pack to lure in travellers. As the dog walked on she made sure her steps were light and that her eyes, ears and nose were primed to pick up the faintest of scents, the briefest flash of fur between the abundant plant life.

And then, there it was: the snatch of scent which told the marching Cormier woman that another canine was up ahead. Liz hesitated for a moment before setting her jaw and pushing forward into a jog, ears flapping comically. Following the scent soon revealed the back of a figure. Perhaps Storm's fever had rubbed off on his sister after all, because the diminutive dog spied pale golden fur and let out a bark. “'Ey! Where d'ya think you're - oh.” The scent, though it was doggish and feminine, had never belonged to Peony, and Eliza found herself stopping abruptly, breathing hard and feeling foolish.

Then she spied a tawny, feathered figure perched on a knotted and twisted limb, and addressed it in a weary tone.

"I thought the and come back when you've scouted out the tracks was implied, Bernie."


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