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Capture the loners

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It was time to deal with a problem. He was sick of them camping on the border of his land. He had allowed it for some time as he had up rooted them from a place they were living. Now though they were coming into the lands hunting on his property and snapping at some of the members. He was done with them and he knew just how he would do it too.

The dark Lykoi stood in the center of the castle courtyard. He tipped back his long thin muzzle and let out a call, he was summoning those willing to fight. Border defense was important and he was not about to allow them to have their way. He groaned as he crossed his arms waiting to see who planned to join him. He knew the Gideon would join the male never really let him do much alone, he counted on Nyx also joining as she was getting ready for a promotion.

He knew he would need to tell those who came to help what he planned to do. Though with summer in full swing it was about time that the members got a chance to relax. Those who wanted to hone their skills on moving targets could use those captured to do so. He was very pleased with this plan if any loner could survive maybe he would keep them as slaves for all the members to use.
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“On your left!”


The silver Creo uttered a quiet yelp at the sharp smack of the wooden weapon upon her arm. She backed off a bit from her attacker, using her free hand to rub the throbbing area. Her nostrils flared angrily as she glared at the dark wolf in front of her. “Ow! That hurt, Vepar!” she whined. She was not seriously hurt, and, she had had worse before, but, that still didn’t take away the sting of defeat.

Vepar let out an indignant huff as he stood up straight, his poised arms coming to rest at his sides. “In a real attack, that move would have gravely injured your arm, Skana,” he replied, his tone serious and critical. Ever since he had learned of her previous, recent mishaps, he had decided it might be best if he taught her how to better protect herself. Feral fighting was good and all, but, when most of the Luperci here fought on two legs and with a weapon of sorts, fangs and claws held little comparison. He knew he couldn’t be with her all the time. She was an adult now, no matter how much he hated the idea. He couldn’t keep her wild spirit caged forever. The least he could do was give her a way to defend herself. “You need to be watching me, not my knife.”

“This is a spar though, Vepar,” she argued, rubbing the last of the pain out of her arm muscles. Grumbling, she added, “You don’t have to go full-force.”

His tangerine eyes narrowed softly at her naivety. “Your enemy will not pullback their power,” he reasoned calmly. While he might have been apologetic for hurting her, he needed her to understand. He was trying to teach her, and she was still looking at it all like it was a game. She had little interest in using a weapon when she had her own teeth, and he needed her to think differently. “This is no different than when we spar normally. Just think of this—” he wagged the wooden knife at her “—as an extension of my reach.”

She nodded in understanding, and let her glacier gaze watch him—his body as a whole this time—carefully. She let herself drop into a stance similar to what he had taught her. Seeing that she was ready to continue, Vepar dropped into a fighting stance as well, and slowly extended his arm as if to stab her. This time, she dodged. Skana grinned at him. The Marbas allowed a small, rare smile to spread across his lips. He opened his mouth to praise her when a beckoning howl echoed out.

The Creo siblings stopped what they were doing, their craniums pointed into the direction of the call. “Kentaro’s calling?” Skana mused aloud, her brows etched in curiosity. She wasn’t aware of any pack event going on today…

“It must be important if he’s calling for fighters,” Vepar breathed ominously as the rest of the call finished out. He dropped his stance and turned to Skana, nodding for her to return to the castle. “We’re done for today. I need to go see what our Angelo wants.” He went and exchanged the wooden replica for his personal blade and holster, strapping the knife securely to his thigh. As he made to jog off to their king’s location though, he was stopped by a clothed hand. The dark beast stared at it for a moment before letting his vibrant eyes rise to its owner. Seeing her determined face, he shook his head negatively, “No, Skana. You’re supposed to be a healer, not a fighter.”

A sour look was given in reply. “I can fight too,” she growled bitterly, “Besides, Kentaro might need all the help he can get.”

They had no idea what they were going to walk in on, which was why the older brother pondered longer than normal to make his decision. He wanted to keep his baby sister safe, but, if there was a fight to be had, he would have rather have her at his back than someone else. “Alright,” he finally conceded, grudgingly, “But, if I tell you to run—”

She chuckled, “I’ll run. Come on, let’s go, Vepar. The king doesn’t sound too happy.” She offered the sibling a smirk before snatching up her satchel. She nodded to him to indicate she was ready, and the siblings took off.

The two made haste to their leader. The call wasn’t urgent—showing that at least he wasn’t in danger—but, that didn’t mean they could spare to take their sweet time. It wasn’t every day that the Angelo called for fighters. So, whatever it was, it had to be of some importance. The Marbas and Furcas found their way into the castle courtyard, and it was there that their dark ruler stood. Vepar slowed his pace as he came within sight of the unharmed Angelo, his orange gaze flicking throughout the courtyard, searching for trouble. They seemed to have been the first to arrive.

Her brother checking the area, Skana strode forward to their leader. Her icy blue eyes looked Kentaro over, but failed to find anything wrong with him other than his stance. He definitely wasn’t happy. What could have possibly gotten him worked up though? And to call for fighters to assemble? Skana glanced at her brother as he came to stand beside her before turning her attention to their summoner. “Angelo?”

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(890) Sure as heck don't wanna miss out on this action!

"Nyx speech." "Nuri speech."

"Wow Nuri! You're improving greatly every day." Nyx barked to her animal companion, beaming with pride as he emerged from the underbrush with a brown field mouse dangling limp between his thin vulpine jaws. It had been just three short months since Nyx had picked up that motherless fox kit from the mountain above Blackmoor, and though he still now did not understand why Nyx was standing as a mother for him now, he was growing ever quickly.

Nyx had been feeding the homeless kit milk from the goats that grazed in their pens, and after having him for about a month, began pushing him towards meat that she had chewed up for him. Each new milestone the kit passed was a moment of great pride for Nyx, and she couldn't help but wonder if this was what it was like to be a mother, even though she did not have all the time in the world to spend with that kit, she did what she could.

"I have a good teacher." The four month old red fox said back, replying to Nyx's familiar low speech with his steadily increasing English vocabulary. Nyx felt bad that she had so little time to spend with Nuri, she gave the child a quick Nuzzle and licked his forehead as she sat back on her haunches, her daggers resting against her folded lupus legs. The snow white warrior admired her little fox's fiery, bright red orange fur, which had come out quite recently in all it's glory, his grey blue eyes blooming into a shade of amber brown. He was stunning, and now he was over half Nyx's size and beginning to hunt.

"I-I feel as though y-you're growing too q-quickly..." The young Marbas told her vulpine companion, smiling as he scarfed down his prize mouse. "S-seems like just yesterday when you were a kit I could carry around in my muzzle, now I-I-I can only carry you with my arms." Nyx sighed, feeling as though she wished she could so more for him in his life.

"I'm excited to learn though!" Nuri barked back, his long plume of a tail wagging in a notably un fox-like manner, which made Nyx smile, that is until she heard the call.

"K-Kentaro?" Nyx stood, shifting quickly into Optime form, a form which she didn't enjoy being in around the perpetually four legged fox, though she knew he didn't mind much. "Go home N-Nuri, Kentaro is s-summoning his warriors, I-I'm going be needed there." She said apologetically, stooping to give the red fox a pat before sprinting off urgently in the direction of the call. Nyx, in all her long days of training, had grown considerably stronger and faster, and so her legs had propelled her to the location of her king in no time.

Nyx arrived at the scene at precisely the same moment as Skana and her brother, and the Marbas could see the confusion in their eyes as plainly as she felt it in her own mind. 'Why is Kentaro calling fighters? What will we be doing? Will it be safe? Not that that matters.' Nyx thought, though she trusted the dark coy-man would give the answers to her questions that need not be asked. And in the topic of danger, Nyx would lay down her life for her king and family if it came down to it.

There was no danger the snowy warrior would not face by Kentaro's side or in his stead. After all, Nyx was looking to reach the next rank in her tier. She was lucky that the rank of Eligos had not yet been claimed, and although Nyx didn't exactly think she was deserving of such a title, she hoped that one day her skills would advance to such a level where she could bear it confidently. Well, Kentaro seemed to have confidence in her, and that was enough to the pure white girl for now, til her coat once again be stained red.

As soon as Nyx arrived at the scene, she took in everyone's expressions. Skana and Vepar seemed cautious yet ready, and Kentaro seemed tense, for lack of a better word. The young Marbas girl nodded to her two pack mates before striding up to face the demon king with a deep bow of respect, her ears ant tail remaining lowered in his presence, though her eyes beamed with joy in seeing the king and curiosity as to what it was that he needed of her and the others. "I-I'm here t-to serve and follow, A-Angelo Kentaro." Nyx spoke, gazing up at him from her bow before righting herself, trying her best not to let it get to her again that most luperci who would arrive would probably doubt Nyx's prowess as a warrior, simply because of her diminutive stature, even if they didn't speak of it.

Well it didn't matter, because Nyx knew without a doubt that Kentaro believed in her, and that was what counted most for the femme. Who cared if that ass Kohaku thought she was weak and all those other things he'd said to her... Well now wasn't the time to be doubting herself. Now was a time to be strong willed and loyal so that she could follow through with whatever tasks her leader gave her.

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Standing tall just a short distance outside of the courtyard was a lone thin male, bow in one hand, arrows in the other. He stood a lengthy distance from the few shoddy targets that were set up but a few moments ago, his feet planted in the loose dirt, spread slightly apart to give himself balance. His muscles were tense, though his mind relaxed, as he rested a wooden arrow against his bow.


A deep breath, as he raised his tool up before him, taking aim at his target. It had been quite some time since he had taken archery so seriously, but he needed to train. Shooting still targets was one task, hunting was another. But he wanted to be able to someday call himself an archer of war. A true bowman. He believed he was a quality fletcher and bowyer, but making a tool isn’t the same as using one. The earthen male slowly let out a breath from his nostrils as he pulled the string of the bow back, the tensions pulling, waiting to let the arrow fly.


Eyes open and trained on their target, the archer let the muscles in his arm relax, the bow steadying, angled slightly above the intended mark to compensate for the distance. His ear twitched once just as he began to flex his fingers, moving to let the string go, all tensions shifting from his body and onto the arrow.


A howl called out, piercing the through the sky and filling the ears of the archer, who quickly turned his head toward its origin, his body shifting slightly as the arrow flew off into the distance, unable to be corrected as the male realised what he had done. He watched as it flew, landing with a quiet thud into the very edge of one of the targets, knocking the wooden piece over and onto the ground, cracking the arrow in the process.

Theron let out a deep sigh as he slung his bow over his shoulder, not bothering to retrieve the snapped stick that he had sharpened earlier. “Later, then.” He said aloud to himself, as he picked up his belongings quickly and set off on a jog toward the castle courtyard. Perhaps I can practice on some moving targets instead.

The hybrid made his way toward the small group that had begun to form, at the center of it was Kentaro, the Angelo of Anathema. Theron wondered if his existence was even known to the older male, whom he had only heard of since being accepted by Mido some months ago. He lowered his ears and his head dropped slightly in the presence of the king, knowing full well the position that the grey male held. He was ready to fight for Anathema, no matter what would be asked of him.

He looked at the others who had joined the group and was pleased to see he recognised all but one. The male nodded his head at the few wolves, giving them a some acknowledgement, not wanting them to think he didn’t care to see them again. He hoped that none of them would get hurt in whatever was to come.

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357 words. Yay, stress-induced PTSD for Lukos. Sorry about the short post.

Lukos was leaning back in a chair in the library, staring at the ceiling as he thought to himself. Bored. The wolf was quite clearly not getting complicated with his thinking today. There wasn't a book of interest in this library that hadn't been read by the Tuyul, so there was nothing in that category to do. Nyx and Bridget were off doing whatever they do by themselves, which the wolf could probably take a few guesses. But nothing exciting and important has happened in a while, so he couldn't very well make a record of something either. I wish that something big would happen soon. he thought idly.

Not too long after that, Lukos heard a howl echoing from the courtyard outside. Lukos sat up straight, listening to the Angelo's request for Anathemans with the will to fight. Lukos sat for a moment, contemplating on what he should do. Eventually he pushed his chair back and stretched his limbs as he stood up, intent on finding out what Kentaro wanted. Picking up his katana that was resting on the table's leg beside him, he quickly strode through the castle, down the stairs and out the hall's doors. Lukos moved for the center of the courtyard, where a small group was already gathered.

As he approached his comrades, the first thing Lukos did was give a short bow to Kentaro. "Angelo." he said with an air of respect, noting how he seemed visibly troubled, for lack of a better word. Some that had shown Lukos knew previously, including Nyx, to whom he shot a smile. After the small lapse in character, Lukos remained to have a grim, serious face, wondering what the group would be tasked with. A bear? Mountain lions? No wait, that can't be possible this far south. Hmm... Lukos' gaze shifted about on the ground as he tried to think of what the Angelo could need them for. Scouting another pack that is coming close to Anathema? Whatever the Angelo required, Lukos would be willing to carry out. It was better than collecting dust in the library.

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