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Kohaku and Lithia

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The sound of water dripping echoed in Kentaro's ears. He smirked as he touched the slightly damp walls and found his way to the bowels of the castle. There three loners remained, one though would be fighting Kohaku and Kentaro wanted to use him. He smirked as He stepped into the room. "You" He snapped as he looked at the male slumped against the wall. The male looked up a snarl on his face as he didn't move. "I have an offer for you." He spoke as the male stared him down.

Kentaro only smirked wider. "The male your fighting Kill him and I will set you and all your friends free. The other two missing are still alive, I wont kill them if you win." He stated as he turned. "Think wise on this offer if not you will die." He stated leaving the room leaving the male snarling. Kentaro made his way to the fighting ring his Haori catching in the wind. He made his way up the steps to where his family sat. "Today should be fun." He comented as Gideon brought forth the first competitor.

Briston walked his steps steady as he looked up at Kentaro. Seething hate read in his eyes as his shackles were removed. He tightened his fist and turned to Gideon before huffing. The male knew what he needed to do and he planed to do just that. Gideon looked about the crowd. "Our first fight is with Kohaku. Lets begin."
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It didn't appeal to her, this fighting of loners who had once called this place home. Of course they had been annoying, but the quartet of wolves had not done true harm to Anathema. They had merely wanted the place back where they had once resided. Had only wanted to pester those who had taken it rather forcefully from a group that used to live there in peace. Bridget was not of a place to voice her thoughts, though, and so she didn't. Instead, she merely prepared herbs and salves for those who would inevitably be wounded. Both the Anathemans and the loners. She suspected at least some would be kept as slaves and not killed.

So it was that she watched at the amphitheater with impassive eyes. Merely waiting to be needed, in which case she would go to the wounded and tend them. Until then, she watched so that she would know what she would need to heal. There was no pleasure in her for all of this fighting.
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Today was her fight, as well as Kohaku’s. Kohaku was up first, which was no surprise. His would be the more exciting fight, she assumed. She would be fighting their kitchen wench – their own woman slave: their cook, their housekeeper, their butcher. Szenne was a ranger, Lithia could tell by the muscles in her arms and lack thereof in her legs, abdominals and back. They said she knew how to use blades to her advantage, which made Lithia feel a little better. At least her fight won’t be a total flop. There would be some challenge, but not too much challenge. Lithia was built for stealth, sneaking and watching – not fighting. It was totally lucky of her to have a mother that specialized in that sort of thing, or else she might have not signed up for this fight.

The first prisoner was brought out, looking as angry as ever. He seemed to look up straight at Kentaro and snarl, and she wondered what that was about. Then again, it didn’t matter. She had yet to see Kohaku meet him in the arena, but it was still early yet. Either way, she would cheer for her fellow Anatheman until the end.

And then it was her turn.

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The second day had begun. Once more, most of the pack had showed up to show support—or, perhaps, just to see the carnage—for their fellow packmates. Skana found herself alone this day, her brother having gone off to busy himself with other things. He promised to show though, and so the sister sibling had saved him a seat. She had placed herself high in the amphitheater, not being overly close with either competitor for this round.

As she waited for the fighting to begin, her icy blue eyes scanned the growing crowd, finding Bridget to be there as well, though, the fellow Furcas did not look as thrilled to be a participant as others did. Skana offered the other a small smile, but, seeing the creamy-colored woman busy, she did not do anything further. Briston was brought out, angry and glaring up at where the Angelo sat. He was tugged to the middle of the arena though, and Kohaku was announced to be the first opponent from the home team. Skana briefly wondered how Briston would fare against the hurricane of a wolf of theirs.

Vepar finally made an appearance half way through the fight, but, like much of the day before, remained quiet throughout the duration of it. Unlike his packmates, his support was more of his mere presence being there than him actually whooping and hollering. Skana did her best to make up for his silence, cheering on the other Marbas despite not knowing the packmate all too well.

When it became Lithia’s turn, the darker Creo was a bit less reserved at the sight of a friend’s daughter, but, he was still silent. Once more, Skana was sure to cheer for the Tengu, hoping that the verbal encouragement would give her an edge in her fight against the rogue-woman she fought against.

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Word Count → 000 :: Out of Character text.

No killing allowed. Kohaku shook his head as he approached the arena, one hand running through the fur on top of his head. With a quick scratch to his neck, Kohaku sighed and shook his head. No killing. Ridiculous. They were trespassers after all. A death would have been their just rewards. But noooooo, someone had claimed the idiotic loners as a slave and that left Kohaku with an empty fight. Holding back wasn't exactly what his specialty.

Kohaku had come in his full regalia. The assassin's cloak Aeron had given him was all patched up and washed as best he could. Its blood red sash wrapped around snugly around his waist and his sword belts sat atop the cloth. Metal bracers protected his arms and his chain mail shirt hung beneath his assassin's garb so that it was hidden from everyone's view. Kohaku kept the hood down though. He didn't need to hide from everyone and it was easier to fight without his peripheral vision being impaired by the cloth.

A crowd had gathered around the amphitheater and his opponent already stood in the center of the ring. As Kohaku walked down the sandy bath, he couldn't help but smile. The other male stood tall and proud as his eyes burned with hatred and determination. He too had a sword, though only one as opposed to Kohaku's dual blades. Kohaku sauntered into the middle of the ring and stopped five paces away from the male. "Bristard, right? Ready to fight?" The other glared at Kohaku. If looks could kill. he thought. "Briston," the loner snapped and Kohaku only shrugged in response as his cocky smile grew. "I'm not here to fight you, I'm here to violently kill you." Kohaku's smile took a vile turn while he face grew dark. He pulled his swords free from their sheaths and lowered himself into a fighting stance. ”I’d like to see you try.”

Briston lunged forward, simultaneously pulling his sword free from its sheath as he easily cleared the distance and slashed at Kohaku's midsection. Kohaku swept the blade to one side with his first sword as he slashed at Briston's now exposed midsection with his second sword. Briston jumped back, narrowly avoiding the deadly edge. The brute brought his sword up and with both hands and he tried to take Kohaku's shoulder off. Kohaku step-sided the attack and let both his blades drop, his eyes daring Briston to cut him. Instead, the loner male threw himself forward and his shoulder painfully collided with Kohaku's chest. Kohaku staggered back, coughing as the wind left his lungs.

The glint of steel was all Kohaku saw as Briston’s blade descended. Kohaku instinctively tried to jump out of the way. His feet dug into the sand and he managed to half stumble, half jump clear of the blade. Panting, he brought his swords up defensively. Briston smile as he brought his own sword into a ready position, red coating the edge of the blade. Kohaku blinked and then he felt it. There was a slightl sting across the side of his muzzle where the air hit his fresh wound. Blood dripped down his cheek and droplets stained the sand. Kohaku pulled his lips back to growl and pain shot up his face as the injured area profusely complained.

Briston charged again, but Kohaku was ready for him. Briston brought his sword up as he slashed at Kohaku. Kohaku deflected the blade with one sword and savagely went for Briston’s head. But he hesitated. Killing was against the rules. The hesitation was all Briston needed. He brought his free arm up and blocked Kohaku’s arm, stopping the sword in its tracks.

The loner’s knee flew up and struck Kohaku in the groin. Kohaku doubled over and he felt a fist and sword pommel slam into his back. Pain shot up and down Kohaku’s body, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when he lost his one jewel to Zalen. Kohaku brought his head up and smashed it into Briston’s chin. The other male stumbled slightly and Kohaku kicked the male’s legs out from under him. Briston landed hard on his back and his sword fell out of his hands. The loner tried to scramble for the blade, but Kohaku managed to kick it away before his fingers could even touch the pommel.

Kohaku’s chest heaved as he stood over Briston, angry and in a lot of pain. He pointed one sword at the male and growled. Briston went quiet for a moment, but his eyes only grew darker. Without warning, he smacked the blunt side of the blade, knocking it away from his face enough to rush to his feet. Surprised, Kohaku automatically went to swing, but that stupid rule went through his mind again. Briston collided against Kohaku’s midsection and sent them both sprawling into the sand. Kohaku snarled, ignoring the pain in his face. Briston climbed on top of Kohaku, pinning the Marbas beneath him.

With his back in the sand, Kohaku dropped his swords as a fist came hurtling towards his face. He brought his arms up to protect himself from the onslaught while Briston rained a shower of blows down on Kohaku. ”Oh wow,” Kohaku grunted as his arms took the brunt of the punishment. ”Right to the mouth huh? We haven’t even had dinner yet.” Briston growled and yelled, ”Silence!”

"If you say so" Another punch descended towards Kohaku, but he threw his hips up and knocked Briston off balance. Bristons fist landed and sunk into the sand uselessly behind Kohaku’s head. Kohaku grabbed hold of Briston and rolled, effectively reversing their positions. Instead of punching, he dropped forward and smacked a good, long kiss onto Briston. The other male laid helpless and stunned. Kohaku stood up and gave the loner a swift kick in the balls before walking away, his hands raised in victory as Briston lay curled on the ground in pain.

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"Are you really going to go?" Lelouch looked up at Bertolt, his hand halfway up his bag as he was midway through packing his writing tools. Bertolt's emerald eyes looked down at the smaller male and a mixture of emotion flowed through them. Worry and what Lelouch tried his best not to think of as disappointment. Fighting pits and slaves were a purely Anatheman concept and Bertolt was vehemently opposed to watching or participating in such blood sports. "Well... he is my dad, for what that's worth. Besides, this is my job." Bertolt scoffed and turned on his heels, exiting Lelouch's room with a distinctly angered aura. Lelouch took a step towards the door, his hand out stretched. But he froze, fingers in mid air as if they could grab hold of Bertolt. Lelouch looked away, his eyes downcast as he dropped his hand. Anathema was no place for Bertolt... but it was Lelouch who kept the wild wolf there. Lelouch should have told Bertolt to go back home, to stay with his own kind where everyone was kind and the only darkness was at night when the entire pack curled up as one and slept underneath the stars. Bertolt belonged in that gentle world.

Lelouch turned back to his bag and finished stuffing his journal into the sac. Tossing it onto his shoulder he exited the room quickly and tried not too look at Bertolt's door. Guilt clung to his chest and squeezed at his heart. Their friendship meant a lot to Lelouch, yet he selfishly kept Bertolt by his side. Bertolt... deserved to go back home. Lelouch shook his head, trying his best not to think about it. He had a fight to go watch and document.

When Lelouch arrived, a crowd has already gathered. Kentaro and his family sat in the best seats and Lelouch made to sit close to them. His only connection to Kentaro was through his father and Lelouch wasn't dumb enough to try and push his luck with the King. He would never be a part of that family, so instead he just hovered nearby. Lelouch took his seat quietly and looked around the stadium as he removed his journal and pencil. Some of the faces seemed impassive, while others waited eagerly for the fights to begin. He spotted Lithia, the one to fight after Kohaku. She seemed... eager? Nervous? Both? Lelouch watched her for a few more seconds before he added her name to the top of a new page and began to make notes. She wasn't exactly a warrior but most of Anathema knew how to fight in one way or another. Lithia was no different.

Kohaku's opponent was brought out into the field on Kentaro's command. He was a brute who's eyes were sharp enough to a weapon all on their own. One of Lelouch's ears flicked as he caught hold of Kentaro's comment. Lelouch glanced at the King from the corner of his eye, doing his best not to make any expression. What is he planning? It couldn't be good for Kohaku... A spark of worry flickered in the back of Lelouch's mind, but he was able to ignore it easily enough. Whatever is was, Kohaku was a monster and couldn't be removed so easily.

Of course Kohaku was late to his own fight. What else would the marbled male do? When Kohaku finally arrived a few minutes later, he was dressed in his full regalia and ready for his fight. Lelouch dutifully wrote down what he saw and heard, including Kentaro's little comment. He kept his notes neat and organized, offering up some commentary. The fight became intense as Briston went all out on Kohaku who, of course, acted all cocky until he got his rear handed to him for a few rounds. Lelouch's hand stopped writing as he watched the loner beat his father who was pinned beneath him. The boy's violet eyes grew wide and his mouth hardened into a tight line. He swallowed and for a brief second, his heart stopped. Come on.

Kohaku knocked the loner off balance and managed to completely flip the tables. Lelouch clenched his fist as his eyes lit up. For a brief moment, he couldn't help but think how cool his dad could be sometimes. That was, until Kohaku full on kissed the loner. With a groan, Lelouch buried his head into his free hand and his brief glimmer of respect for his father died. He finished his recording of the fight and scrawled at the bottom of the page in large letters: IDIOT. Half sighing, half growling, he started a new page and wrote Lithia's name on top. Hopefully, her fight wouldn't be so ridiculous.

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Planting his rear on the bench Mido had chosen to get a front row seat for the event. Whether it was for fear of missing something good or not was hard to say. He urged to be nearer the action only locating himself not very close to Kentaro and his flock of family. Across the way the dog noted how Havoc was here before him and found himself a place with a decent view. In the stands the Rakeeb noticed the others who had gathered including Lelouch who was scribbling in his books.

In line to fight the loners today were Kohaku and Lithia. After yesterday’s ups and downs he was curious to see how they would fair off. Having gotten into it with the Marbas before he actually wasn’t as concerned as one probably should be for another fellow pack mate. Either he does well or he doesn’t… He could probably use a good beating anyway. Little time elapsed before Gideon brought out the first male prisoner. He was a hefty big male with enough distaste in him to go around. There was an especially awful look specifically for the Angelo, it made the Rakeeb wonder but not too hard with for not knowing the details. Briston was unshackled by Gideon who announced the first match… and Anathema’s finest was nowhere to be found. Did he get cold feet, was that even possible? Minutes elapsed before the Amarok man came sauntering in fully dressed in unusual attire.

Subconsciously the Rakeeb shook his head and inwardly criticized the unnecessary getup. Fashionably late and ready for the match, he was quick to insult and irritate his opponent who bellowed pretty words of defeat. With this much tension whaet kind of a treat were they in for? Officially the match had begun. Momentum of the fight quickly picked up. As they continued Mido wasn’t to surprised that Kohaku received the first slash, a minor cut to his muzzle. The pain was probably enough that it lit the warrior’s fire.

There was a point in time where it didn’t look good for the resident Anatheman. Hammering down punches upon the grounded wolf Mido was waiting to see if he’d lose. Promptly turning the tables and successfully getting Briston off him he gave the brute a kiss then proceeded to kick him in the junk. Displeased the dog shook his head. I always knew there was something wrong with that one.

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If the morning light don't steal our soul

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Soooo sorry this took so long >.> Also, not at all happy with this post ~ but here we are!

Kohaku was able to give the crowd what they came for: an entertaining fight. Lithia watched with rising anxiety as he dodged, kicked, slashed, lunged and even punched his enemy. The two fought with their weapons and their limbs, making the fight dynamic and exciting. It was enough to keep the crowd interested, at the edge of their seats, and rooting for him. But as the fight ended abruptly, even stupidly, it was now Lithia’s turn and the Tengu rose from her seat, unsure whether she could give the crowd an entertaining fight like the one that had just finished. Passing Kohaku on her way out, she gave him a smile and an affirmative nod as a silent congratulations.

Lithia positioned herself out in the arena with one short sword in hand. Gideon brought out her opponent, and Lithia eyed the vile creature who just glared in her direction. Lithia’s mind reeled back to the time she had gone down to the dungeons to taunt their prisoners, finding Szenne to be the most talkative there. The woman gave her a hard time, and would not easily back down even when Lithia challenged her. Lithia questioned whether fighting her was a mistake – or would she still come out victorious?

Szenne was provided with a dagger, like many of the other loners had been. Lithia refused to make the fight too easy. Gideon dropped his paw between the two women, ”Fight!” He then backed away and stood at a distance with his arms crossed as the two squared each other up.

”Now we get to see if that bite is truly as bad as that bark,” Lithia taunted, stepping in, only for Szenne to step back. The opposing woman was watching Lithia’s every move, waiting for her to move, but it was clear that she was tense and skittish. She held her dagger up between them, as did Lithia, and the two continued to scope each other out for the next minute.

It was Szenne, surprisingly, that made the first move. With a war cry, the woman lunged at Lithia with her dagger outstretched, aiming for her midsection. Lithia hopped out of the way and responded with a slash of her sword, nicking the woman in the shoulder. It was clear that Szenne seethed, and with a quick motion, the woman dropped to perform a sweeping kick, which successfully knocked Lithia off of her feet. The Cocio dropped, but reverse-somersaulted back onto her feet, sword at the ready before Szenne could act on her victorious kick.

”Oh, she bleeds” Lithia commented, noting the blood leaking silently through the golden wolf’s fur, down her arm, making its way for her elbow.

”Don’t worry. I won’t be the only one who bleeds today,” Szenne growled, making a fast move towards the Tengu once more.

Szenne came in with her dagger, feigning an attack, causing Lithia to hold up her own sword to block it, only to have Szenne sidestep her and plant a firm kick at Lithia’s thigh. It made the Tengu cringe and stagger, but not enough for Szenne to land her next move. It was after she had landed the kick, did she try to reenact the dagger attack. Lithia managed to catch it with her own sword, but the opposing female acted fast and aimed a punch for Lithia’s head, in which she dodged very narrowly. Lithia backed off for a moment, wanting to recalculate her strategy; however, Szenne came in after her. She aimed a slash for one of Lithia’s legs, but the Tengu kicked and landed one right in Szenne’s collarbone before she could apply too much pressure to the attack. The female fell, rolled back and onto her feet like Lithia had done earlier.

The females exchanged blows over the next few minutes, most of them being kicks, but some of them punches mainly to the head or upper body. Szenne managed to punch Lithia square in the nose eventually, when the Napier got close to attempt to slice at one of her legs. Lithia managed to land another slice upon one of Szenne’s thighs as the woman attempted to kick Lithia. This, of course, caused Szenne’s anger to rise and with it, sloppy movements. Szenne threw tooth and claw at Lithia, biting and clawing in a frenzy to get the female back for hurting her. She hadn’t attempted to use her dagger so much, and felt rather accomplished when she wrapped her jaws around Lithia’s sword arm. The Tengu cried out, and repeatedly punched Szenne in the head to get her to let go.

”Mmm… Your blood does taste sweet,” Szenne growled, licking her chops and backing away. For some reason, the woman always positioned herself so that she could be seen by the crowd… This time, her eyes rose up toward the crowd for a moment and her body tensed. Lithia took advantage of this and roughly punched her in the head. Szenne was thrown off, half-falling, half-backing away from Lithia’s repeated lashings. She put her arms up to block the punches, but also blocked her vision. Taking the sword, Lithia plunged it into her side. Luckily, Szenne caught sight of this last minute and jumped out of the way. While she wasn’t able to dodge it completely, the sword tip was the only thing that pierced her skin.

Angered again, Szenne rushed towards Lithia with her dagger forward. The Napier woman put up her hands and her sword, attempting to push the female’s head away (to throw her off balance) as she quickly closed the distance, but Szenne’s dagger sunk into Lithia’s shoulder. Even though the dagger sunk into her skin, it hadn’t seemed to go farther than the bone. Still, Lithia snarled, roughly pushing the smiling demon away.

For the moment, her eyes rose to the crowd again, seeing Lukos dangling her favored possession over the side of the wall and that twinkle in his eye, Szenne instantly fell to her knees. She was upset about it, and would have gotten up during any other situation – but he had that and he held it against her. Her pride and rebelliousness melted away, seeing her object in his hands. With teeth tightly clenched, she growled, ”I surrender.”

Lithia had just been about to make a move on her, but seeing the woman drop to her knees and mutter those words, she snarled. Holding up her sword, she approached Szenne and pushed it into her throat. ”You are not going to get out of it this easy. Get up,” she snarled, pushing the knife harder into the woman’s throat. Szenne’s eyes remained fixed upon the crowd, and unbeknownst to Lithia, Lukos.

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1119 words. And now, it's time for the "mastermind" to show his hand. I'm also sorry for this unnecessarily long post.

Lukos had dreaded this day, fearing that everything wouldn't go exactly to plan. Much of his plan could easily fall through. His entire scheme could be discovered in a slip of the tongue, or someone looking at the exact moment were he was most noticeable. Not to mention that Szenne could hold this medallion he was using as blackmail against her in a lesser light during the fight. Hopefully, none of this would happen.

The wolf had grabbed his old notepad and something to write with, both as a cover up for what he was about to do and for his job as well, which he should probably do more often. He wasn't going anywhere by just sitting on his- the cheering crowd interrupted his thoughts, wincing as he looked at his peers. He had positioned himself over the gate where Szenne would exit, just like he told her. In hindsight, it would've made better sense to be in her line of sight immediately by being above Lithia's entrance, but it was too late to change anything now. Kohaku was in the middle of his fight, and Szenne will fight right after him.

Speaking of which, Lukos watched the fight between Kohaku and the loner intently, being more in control of himself than the other day. For the moment, he kept a simple record of what happened, who injured his enemy and where, and when it was relative to the last bout they had. Lukos watched on with uncaring eyes, not really caring how this match ended. Lukos hardly gave a grunt of weak surprise that the loner had Kohaku pinned and was raining punches on him. His muzzle did drop slightly from the shock of Kohaku's idea to get out of it, witnessing him kiss the other male and quickly kicking him in the groin afterwards.

Sighing in exasperation, Lukos merely wrote off the ending as "Kohaku Won". Honestly, the Tuyul should've expected that sort of behavior from the Marbas. It's more surprising that he didn't kill him out of spite anyways. There's always a first for everyone, he supposed. But more importantly, Szenne's fight was about to start soon. Gideon had lead her out to the arena for an awaiting Lithia, struggling against him as usual. Thankfully she stopped when catching sight of the Anatheman before her, in which the grey wolf could only assume that the golden loner hoped that if she glared hard enough she'd be able to bore holes into Lithia from where she stood. Giving a discreet yet hateful look over her shoulder, Lukos slightly lowered his head and shifted the hand holding the notepad.

Just barely visibly wrapped around his paw was her necklace, with the medallion pressed against his fur. The woman returned her gaze to Lithia and acted as if everything was normal, for as normal as this was. And then the fight begun. Lukos had slowly begun to stop writing, holding the pad only to conceal what was concealed in his paw. The women had traded blows back and forth, kicking and throwing fists just as much as using their blades. So far there was only scratches and some bodily contact so far, though Lukos stood at the ready.

In reality, Lukos didn't know which fighter he was supporting. Szenne didn't deserve this treatment, but Lithia was family, as far as pack was concerned. As the fighting raged on, it was obvious Szenne was letting her anger get the better of her. The wolf spectating was starting to get worried, and froze in fear as Lithia yelled. Szenne had bit down on her arm, though the Napier child was able to pry her away. This has gone on long enough. Lukos moved to rest his arms on the wall, as if the intensity of the fight was getting to him. But this was a ploy to allow him to hang the medallion over the wall in a subtle way, to avoid attention.

He was about to unravel the trinket and let it swing, but Lithia interrupted Szenne as she watched the wolf. Cursing under his breath, the paw that was writing earlier gripped the wall's rampart. Her arms were raised in defense of the rapid strikes from Lithia, but now the golden femme couldn't see him in the crowd. The Tengu was getting hasty and tried to stab her in the side, but luckily Szenne jumped out of the way in time. She was still injured in the process, causing another outbreak.

She was actually able to move around Lithia and sink her blade in her shoulder. Dumbass! There was no possible way that she'd forget that. The chance that Lithia would let Szenne leave unchallenged just sank, as far as Lukos was concerned. Lukos gave a low growl, inaudible to the two below, but thankfully his intended receiver looked at him this time. Lukos finally let the chained medallion hang, a spark in his eyes saying "End it. NOW." She had already taken a knee and looked as if she surrendered, but Lithia wouldn't have it. The smaller woman held her blade to the other woman's throat, Lukos standing rigid. Ah, great. Something had to go wrong. Dropping his notepad on the wall, Lukos slipped the necklace back in his pocket, calling out "Wait!"

Before he knew what he was doing, Lukos had vaulted the wall and dropped to the sand pit below. Rolling upon contact with the ground, Lukos rose from his feet, standing tall. He realized he just interrupted the fight in it's peak, with everyone now staring at him. "I..." he started, nervously debating in his mind if he was really going through with this. Gritting his teeth and shaking his head, the wolf faced the man overseeing the day's entertainment. "I wish to claim this woman as a slave. While she still has a throat, preferably." he announced confidently, knowing that there was no turning back now.

Of course, Szenne was absolutely livid as she snarled at him, this new development not being mentioned at all in his previous explanation of how the day would go. Lukos gave her an icy glare, muttering "Don't even." harshly towards her. It was apparent she wanted to rip him to pieces right now, but the blade against her neck prevented her from doing so, luckily for him. Szenne was still enraged beyond measure, but wouldn't do anything, not at that moment. And so it was left up to the Angelo to decide whether he would let her live under Lukos' control or not at all.

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If the morning light don't steal our soul

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Just wanted to add this little post for context ~ Lithia is not happy about this alternate ending!!! >:|

There was a voice that sounded from the crowd, and from all the other arena fights that ended the exact same way, Lithia wasn't eager to let this one end without an actual victory. She wanted to win, and if the woman wanted to surrender before Lithia. Lithia would win by slitting her throat. Her sword pushed against the woman’s throat, a man yelled from behind her, and Szenne remained as rigid as possible. Lithia’s ears flicked back to the sound of a landing - the sand spraying around him - then footsteps towards them. It was the voice of Lukos, in which he claimed Szenne as his personal slave.

”No,” she growled. She wanted this to end her way. Why did he have to claim her? There was other slaves he could get his hands on... This one she wanted to kill; she wanted to end her life before all of Anathema for sinking her teeth into the heir to one of Kentaro's thrones. For threatening Lithia's life in the dungeons. For being a part of the wrong group at the wrong time. Someone had to die. They couldn't all become slaves without feeling the mercy of Anathema.

Yet, she had to check herself. She was not one who had a say in this matter. Not yet, anyway. She couldn't simply say "no". When she spoke again, she changed her tone, ”You’re gonna end my fun so soon?” When she spoke, she never took her eyes from the woman on her knees before her.

Whether she liked it or not, Kentaro’s word would end her fun. Lithia’s eyes watched Szenne as her lips peeled back in a vicious snarl when Lukos approached. She was a piece of work; but none more so than some of the other regular members there. She would fit in with their little band of misfits nicely…

Pushing her sword just a little harder against the woman’s neck, Lithia waited for Kentaro’s word on the matter.

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