[M] They've got this kingdom locked up

p. Kohaku; backdated to 7/5

POSTED: Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:15 am

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It was earlier that day that Kentaro and a few pack mates brought her new play mates to fuck with. She knew they weren’t just for her, but for everyone to have fun torturing or otherwise displeasuring them. Kentaro made it known that any of them he caught would wind up entertainment for the amphitheater, but Lithia wanted a chance to meet them before they became the pack’s chew toys. It was nightfall by the time they were caged and Lithia a moment to steal downstairs to the dungeons. Carefully and quietly, she tiptoed down the stairs to the damp depths of the dungeons. Luckily, the weather hadn't been so damp these past weeks, so there were no rotting puddles in the main part of the dungeons. In the back, probably, but not where they kept their lucky prisoners.

Just when she thought she was in the clear, a large coyote stepped in her path.

”What’s your business down here?” Gideon asked sternly. Oh, protocol.

”I just wanted to meet our new captives, see how they'll match up for the fights, you know,” Lithia responded, tauntingly. She cocked her head at Gideon, but looked passed him at the cages of Luperci in the back.

”What’s that in your hand?” he asked, pointing down.

Lithia held it up at eye-level. ”A stick?” She rotated it around in her hand, showing him all sides of the stick. ”Nothing I can rough up our ruffians with too badly.”

”Right, go ahead. Let me know if you need anything.” And Gideon stepped aside and Lithia continued straight into the dungeon where the cells were.

Most of their so-called prisoners were sleeping, curled up in uncomfortable balls on the damp, mold-infested floor. It had to have been unpleasant, but they looked comfortable - too comfortable, and that was no fun. Holding the stick horizontally, she clanked it across the bars of each cage and yelled delightfully, ”Wake up you wretched balls of scum! Wake up! You get no sleep as our prisoners! Wake up!” She kept clanking the stick across the bars until two of three of them lunged for it, stretched their arms out of the bars to grab a hold of Lithia’s neck. She stood just out of reach from both sides. Though, she stopped just short of Szenne’s clawed grasp as the female snarled in her face.

”Come a little closer, bitch,” Szenne snarled and Lithia smirked. ”I bet your blood tastes sweet.”

”I bet that’s not the only thing that tastes sweet,” called another male voice from one of the cages. It was easy to ignore a caged animal when Lithia was the one on the right side of the bars.

”Hm” she answered simply, ”Too bad you won’t find out.” The shadowed Napier smirked, letting out a simple laugh as she broke eye contact to gaze at the cages containing the males. Some of them were watching her from the constraint of their bars, a few others had tried to go back to sleep. She turned back to the female, ”Aggressive, defensive, weak… You must have been their chew toy whenever they needed a bite… Is that why you try to compensate by trying to viciously scare off offenders? My mother’s worse than you; you’re gonna have to try harder.” She ended with a faint snarl, eager to see what else Szenne will do to try to put her off.

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