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Where battles and blood was only a day ago now lay food and flame.Kentaro smiled as he looked to Isolde who was seated with her servant. The woman was a proud figure within Anathema. Though she kept to herself working with Innya and the others in dark arts. He was sure that was where Evangeline and Marceline got their love for it. Gideon and Bear busy with tending to the large bon fire that sat in the middle of the arena.

Kentaro walked past Isolde running a hand over her shoulder giving her a smile as Toshiro gripped on to his shoulder. The larger brother was stunning in his new wardrobe. Though the pair were becoming closer again the air was still strange around them. Kentaro looked to his and smiled. "Brother" He spoke as the pair made their way towards the fire.

"Gideon is everything ready?" Toshiro asked as he looked to the older male nodded. We will be ready in a few moments Toshiro smiled as he looked up to the sky. the sun was starting to set. Kentaro nodded as he let out a call. The sound of his song strengthened by Isolde and Toshiro. As the light over Anathema started to fade those in the pack would begin coming together to celebrate after all of the fights. Lucky for Anathema it had lost no one in the fights.
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One, two, three the dark girl counted to herself. She had to look perfect for all the pack to see. She knew Marceline was busy becoming prim and proper as well. They had been the first out of all their siblings to shift and it made her feel special. Evangeline pulled the brush through her hair as she started to pull her pigtails together. She looked over to the corner of her room where her slave slept.

"Briston! Wake up you fool" she barked as she clipped the decorative collar on her neck. The male graoned as he looked at her. The chains rattled as he moved. "Where are you going?" The male asked. Though it wasn't like he really cared the woman would do as she pleased and he'd sit here in chains. Eva smiled as she looked at him. "The party celebrating your slavery." She commented her voice chipper as she turned.

Briston groaned as he looked to her. "Don't you want to come with me." She questioned "you'll have to behave but I know you will because you don't want another broken hand" she spoke as he groaned. "My hands not broken just a few fingers." He retorted as he stood up. She huffed "are you going to come and protect the pretty princess or what?" She questioned

After hours of grooming the light of the fire graced her features. She looked to Briston and smiled. "Good boy behave and I'll think about releasing the shackle." She commented as she looked to her mother and father. "Good evening mother, father, uncle Toshiro." She piped
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(1018) Hi! ^^ <3

For the young aspiring warrior, this was supposed to be a grand day. She sat proudly on her pile of bed furs, gazing at her reflection within a shard of torch lit glass from the long broken window of her bedroom. Nyx had just yesterday been promoted to the rank of Eligos, an honor that the young warrior was a bit apprehensive to accept, given her lack of excessive muscle and battle experience, but Nyx was so very honored that her mentor had chosen her for the rank out of all the other, probably better suited candidates, that she was in no position to turn it down. She never knew that Kentaro thought so highly of her as a warrior, but perhaps yesterdays battle had been the deciding factor.

As Nyx stared into the window, vibrant amethyst orbs gazed back at her, her hair was neatly combed today, rather than flying wildly in whatever direction it chose, the pale locks curling lightly at the ends against her cheek the color of fresh fallen snow. A red ribbon adorned her hair behind her right ear, and decorating her body was a matching red tunic which fell just to Nyx's upper thighs, cinched at the waist by a thick leather belt which housed the sheaths to Nyx's ornate twin daggers and her wakizashi, which was just like Mido's katana, but it's shorter length was more suited to her small size, her neck sporting a matching leather collar. Nyx may not have even dressed up if she hadn't been promoted to Eligos by the Angelo, and the only reason she wore the tunic was to cover the various scars and bandages she had received through yesterdays fight and the treatment she had received afterwords from Skana.

In the corner of the small room, there sat a dingy form, defeated in posture. Nyx lowered her ears and gazed at the tall, shackled male, forced into Anatheman membership and slavery within two days of his last moment as a free wolf. Nyx didn't know what else she could have done in that situation other than take him as a slave to avoid having to kill the male. Even so, a pit grew in the bottom of Nyx's stomach, thinking of what she had done to this male, and what she'd be forced to do in the future, especially with the grim path she had chosen to walk along, being a warrior, death would grow to be something she was familiar with, gods forbid she ever grow accustomed to the feeling of ending someone's life.

"I-I'm sorry you know..." The young Eligos spoke regarding the male slumped over in the corner. "I-If I h-hadn't made a sh-show of it... C-claiming you and all... Th-they would've killed you... Or locked you away f-f-forever..."

"Oh, quit your stuttering, you mewling quim." Ronan cut her off, wanting to at least be left with his pride, if not his freedom. This earned a heavy swallow and sidelong glance from the snowy beauty, before she drew herself away from the windows reflection and stood to face Ronan. It was awkward, given that kneeling, her slave was the same height as she. It looked as though the power levels between the two had been a bit mismatched, but little Nyx was the owner of this slave nonetheless.

The dressed up snowy femme looked her thrall dead in the eyes and with the clearest voice she could muster, said, "There is to be a p-party tonight, a-and you will escort me. Y-you need to look your best." With that, the well cleaned snowy female set about grooming the unkempt slave, tidying his wild mane. Nyx's actions drew forth a low, long snarl from the chained make, but he otherwise gave no averse reaction to the forced cleaning. If I'm going to be a slave, Ronan thought, I might as well play the part. Maybe they'll let me off some day on good behavior. These were bitter thoughts, but Ronan had more or less agreed with himself to being a good slave and not raising a paw against his "master", though if the chance to escape presented itself to the dingy grey male, he'd take it.

Ronan was bound by a heavy metal collar around his neck and his lead was chain, but Nyx couldn't risk losing the male. She didn't know what they would do to her if she did. She'd probably be punished and suspected of freeing Ronan herself. With her new found status among the canines of Anathema, that was not an option. She wanted to prove her undying loyalty to the Angelo and to the good of Anathema itself. Ronan was not happy being lead along on a leash by this small female, but nonetheless he had chosen to behave. His eyes were somewhat dead as they walked along.

Nyx was already on her way to the amphitheater once the calls of the royal siblings sounded across the land, and the sound made Nyx's tail wag, her pace picking up a bit as she longed to greet her family with her new rank. People had already begun to gather, though most present were either part of the royal family, or working to set up the event. "H-Hello Kentaro!" The young female beamed as she walked up to him and bowed deeply, the tall male behind her mirroring her bow with bitter eyes. Ronan stood up once more, scanning the crowd until his eyes rested on his old companion, Briston, shackled to one who looked like a mere pup. At least his own captor could work her way around a fight, but seeing Briston being dragged behind such a little princess was rubbing salt in the open wounds. His chest ached as he longed to be free once more with his companions.

Nyx greeted her pack mates in a mostly calm and friendly manner, her tail swaying back and forth from where it protruded from a hole in the back of her tunic. She felt she looked good today, she was confident, and excited to partake in the festivities.

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(000) ooc text here.

Lelouch's fingers stopped on the leather binding of his journal, his eyes locking with Bertolt. "Really?" Lelouch shrugged and grabbed hold of the book, tucking under his armpit as he grabbed the pencil and satchel to carry both items. "This is a party, not work." Berotlt growled slightly and Lelouch just waved the book at him in response while he shouldered the satchel. "My work is never done. I have to document all events in Anathema. Now how do I look?" Lelouch gave a small turn to show off his slightly better pieces of clothing. They were simply items: a black pair of dress pants and a white collared shirt. He wasn't even wearing a tie. Bertolt was dressed in the same outfit, but Lelouch was sure he pulled the look of better. Bertolt shook his head and replied, "Silly with that stupid thing. Can't you go anywhere without a book in your hand?"

"Well, I think you look great and to answer your question, no." Lelouch made his way past Bertolt and lead the way to the party. With the loners defeated not only in combat but in the amphitheater as well, the entire pack was in high spirits. Although, after his father's showing in the ring, Lelouch desperately hoped that Kohaku would not show up to the party. Such occasions, especially formal ones, weren't exactly his father's cup of tea. So, the likelihood of him appeared of his own volition was low. That was, unless Amorette somehow managed to convince him to come. But, those two hadn't talked for a while and Lelouch prayed that they didn't decide to make tonight the night they rectified that situation.

The first thing Lelouch did when they arrived at the party was open his book and take a series of quick notes. Most of what he wrote was in shorthand and his writing was almost illegible. Yet, he wrote down everything he could as quickly as he could. The purpose of the event, its date, location, who was in attendance and what they were wearing. Bertolt rolled his eyes, but said nothing as Lelouch scribbled frantically in his book. He paused for a moment and looked towards Bertolt, taking in the older male's expression. With a resigned sigh, he clapped the journal shut and stuffed it back into the bag. "I can do the rest in a little bit." That earned him an approving smile from Bertolt and Lelouch felt his own smile grow.

His work partially finished, Lelouch's eyes scanned the crowd and were drawn to Kentaro first. The king stood surrounded by his siblings and had his usual air of dominance. Lelouch pondering going over to the older male, but decided against it. He wasn't quite sure he could stop himself from asking Kentaro about the fight. So, instead, Lelouch turned his attention to Nyx. They were close in age and very far apart in rank. So, with Bertolt at his back, the two made their way towards Nyx and her new slave. Unfortionatly, before Lelouch could catch her, she had joined Kentaro. Lelouch paused, nearly causing Bertolt to run into him in the process. He frowned slightly, but continued on despite his better judgement. "Hello Kentaro," Lelouch offered politetly before turning towards Nyx and adding, "To you as well Nyx. Congratulations on your promotion and victory in the ring. "

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“He doesn’t like me…does he?” the golden brute asked between ragged breathes. He laid vulnerably in a corner of the Creo sibling’s quarters, out of immediate sight and out of the way. The older of the two had banned the rogue from sharing the upper living area with them, so, the new slave had been elected to temporarily—perhaps permanently—live in the lower receiving room of the tower. The elusive enigma called “Vepar” was yet again vacant from the vicinity of his drugged gaze. It was a sight that made Malus a little more at ease, as he often spent his waking moments fearing the brother might stab him in his weakened state.

His arm was tugged away from its protective resting place over his stab wound, and it was by habit that he sluggishly wrapped his limbs around the smaller shoulders of his…owner. “You tried to badly hurt me, so, no,” was the dry reply from the silver woman. Her hands made quick work of shedding his old bandages and replacing them with newer, cleaner ones. He winced as she worked, growling when she placed too much pressure on the stitched up knife wound. He had been too weak to fight off the infuriating woman, and too smart to turn away her medical care. As much as he hated her, she was the only reason he wasn’t slowly bleeding to death at the moment.

When she finished, Skana grasped the slave by his elbows and he released his tight hold. He let her help him into a reclined position once more. He chuckled weakly as she wordlessly began to clean up his stained bandages like she always did. If it weren’t for the cold, metal collar around his neck, he might have been more at ease with the situation. As it were though, he was a suffering pile of flesh stuffed into a drab corner. He shifted on his makeshift bed. Skana had made it for him in a hurry, having taken some leftover straw from the stables and put it into a flattened pile. The only thing that made it remotely bearable was the pelt that was draped over it, smoothing out the stout points of the straw ends.

As the Creo swept up the bandages into a pile, Malus reached for the cup she had left for him. Try as he might, he couldn’t ignore the foul taste of the liquid as he poured it quickly down his throat. He made a noise of irritation and disgust as he finished the last of it, putting the wooden cup down with an audible clamour on the stone floor. “Ughh, how much…longer?”

Skana eyed him as she discarded the biohazards into a large deer-skin bag to be burned later. “A week, maybe more, before you’re able to sit up on your own,” she answered honestly. Thanos—he believed that was the bird’s name—hooted at her from his perch on the far side of the room. He held out a clawed foot, holding a dampened cloth for her to clean her hands. She thanked the avian, and proceeded to clean her hands before moving upstairs.

The owl glared across the room at the golden wolf in a manner that reminded him much of Vepar. He humored the feathered creature with a weak snarl, earning him a hiss and a puffed up raptor in reply. Malus chuckled to himself and tried to let the medicine do its work. He knew the damn woman put something in it that made him drowsy. He suspected lavender, but, he was often too delirious to ponder the subject for long. The Abdiel had just begun to fall asleep when he heard the silver woman’s soft footsteps on the stone stairway.

He groggily glanced up and found her oddly…well groomed. Her tri-hued hair was combed, and partially pulled up. It wasn’t until she had fully descended and had moved to birds’ makeshift perch that he was able to see that the tied up strands were neatly braided in a half-up half-down hairstyle. From her outstretched arm, Thanos sidestepped off and positioned himself on the perch once more. It was in that moment, Malus briefly wondered when the bird had left the room.

Skana’s hands were, once more, encased in bandages for whatever reason. One of her wrists was also covered in the material, and was the only visible testament to their previous fight the day before. The satchel that went with her everywhere was nowhere to be seen. He had woken up a bit at the sight of his master’s reappearance, and as she spoke softly with her feathered companion, Malus interrupted, “What are you…dressed up for?” He was curious, and while he wanted nothing more than for her to disappear, her constant presence acted as a barrier between him and that dark brother of hers.

“Mind own. Sleep go!” that demon voice screeched at him from over Skana’s shoulder. He hated that bird. The woman didn’t help, as she chuckled quietly and petted the bird’s ruffled feathers.

Thanos calmed, Skana finally turned to look at him. “I’ll be back,” she informed him, purposely avoiding his question. She looked to her bird of prey and gently brushed his chest feathers. “Watch him. And, please don’t let Vepar kill him.” The owl hooted cynically as she turned to leave. Malus frowned from his corner and spitefully watched her go. She glanced at him just before she opened the door and chastised him like a child, “Be good.”

Skana laughed quietly to herself as she heard a rumbled groan in the wake of the closed door. She made her way to the amphitheater, the beckoning call of Kentaro echoing wide and loud for all to hear. She didn’t want to leave the newly-claimed slave alone, but, he was too weak to be dragged around at the bonfire. It would have been more of a hassle than it was worth. Besides, her concoction would soon work its magic anyways, and the male would be in for a long sleep once again.

The Furcas felt alarmingly bland as she saw her packmates gathered about, each dressed formally and well for the festival. She was bare in comparison, not owning any clothes that did not serve a more practical, real-life purpose to them. She fidgeted almost shyly with her hands, and she desperately wished her brother had come with her. The dark king stood amongst the other arrivals. Toshiro and Isolde stood nearby their sibling, the young princess, Evangeline not far from her family. Gideon and Bear were busy working the pile of tender that fuelled the growing bonfire. Nyx, Lelouch, and Bertolt were recognized as they all greeted one another. She tried her best to not notice the two slaves that were dragged along to the event.

She didn’t want to intrude, but, she found it would be rude to just stand on the side lines. So, Skana padded forward, a friendly smile etched on her lips as she offered a polite bow of her head to the dark king, “Angelo.” She then extended a smile and nod to her packmates. Verbally greeting each and every one that was present would have been redundant and taxing. She arrived in time to hear the young Amarok congratulate Nyx for her promotion, and she grinned widely in agreement, not wanting to parrot the Tuyul’s words. The Furcas stayed quiet, as was her norm at these sorts of things.

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If the morning light don't steal our soul

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There was a party after all the beatings and the lashings. It was welcomed by most, most Anathemans, anyway; and not so much welcomed by their newest slaves. Lithia took this party to be one where members will show off their newest slaves, and while Totem wasn’t exactly “new” to her, she brought him anyway. In his large, scarred Lupus form, he graced the party at his master’s side, probably being the only one shifted down at a social gathering such as a celebration.

Like many others who approached before her, Lithia paused as she made to pass Kentaro. ”My king,” she greeted respectfully, careful in her tone and her expressions before his mates and family. But she lingered. ”My mother won’t be joining us tonight… She’s still messed up from her fight… and my father’s with her. My sister may grace us with her presence later, but I’m not sure of that.” She remained at his side for as long as he wished, and left him when he dismissed her. It was important to show him proper respect at times such as pack events. She wanted everyone to know who’s side she was on – and she was definitely rooting for Kentaro’s team.

Lithia’s eyes roamed around the room, taking in the familiar faces of her packmates. She, too, caught wind of Nyx’s promotional congratulations, but remained quiet and instead, offered a smirk in Nyx’s direction. It was her form of a congratulations, even though it was silent and even though Nyx was basically her superior now. For now.

The others seemed to be busy in conversation or some form of socialization. The beast at her heels paused as she paused. He stood at her side for a few seconds, before lowering his rump to the cool stone below. Lithia really didn’t know who to talk to, either.

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There was a slight crack in the jam of the door indicating that it was partially open. Placing a hard foot into the heavy wood he kicked it open the rest of way. Entering the room unannounced and unwelcomed he spotted a very nervous Zepar in the candle lit space. “It’s just you. Way to scare somebody.” Nearby his piled bed of furs were a few pieces of clothing he had collected. You ready yet? The party is going to start soon. Mido tried to push the lad into a hurry. “I don’t wanna; this is just ridiculous. He said staring at the very small amount of clothing in his possession. It was the feast or party he thought was ridiculous. “Why wear this junk? Since coming to the misfit pack the boy still struggled with the concept of clothes. Pick something or I’m gonna put something on you at random. “Look, don’t pressure me! Just go, I’ll catch up with you.” Struggle would be light in comparison to how much work he turned such a simple decision into. No sooner than Kentaro’s joined song drift over the land did he leave the creed man in his chambers to decide on an outfit.

Once Mido arrived to the event he noted how several had already gathered there. Pride had yet to show up, she was the one woman he couldn’t wait to see. He smiled genuinely and acknowledged those who looked his way. Approaching the Angelo and his mates he dipped his head respectfully. Hello there. Everyone seemed dressed up for the occasion even the Lykoi princess. You look very nice Evangeline. He complimented the girl before turning his sights to her slave. In his eyes he could see distaste toward his master and it earned him a razor sharp glare, if only looks could kill. Continuing on the mixed dog spotted the newly promoted Eligos. On his waist was something thing he had gotten for the snowy woman. Hey Nyx, I never did officially congratulate you on your promotion. I’m sure that you will do great and make us proud. Moving his coat he undid the belt tied to his waist. I hope you can find some use for these. He held out the sheathed set of throwing knives for her. They were recently sharpened perfectly balanced and near pristine condition. This was a time to enjoy, be merry and have fun.

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(447) ooc text here.

The sisters would never lose a party. They were accustomed to a life that included feasts and partying, and missed those days in which rituals that withheld celebrations in them. As soon as they learned of this, both hurried into their rooms, taking their party dresses out from their bunkers, and readying themselves. Mortifera put on her long dress, and was done before her sister, who suddenly walked into her room, a little bit embarrassed. "Would you please help me with the corset? I think it's stuck." She said, entering the reduced space and turning around, so her sister could see the mess that was the lace that tied the dress closed. The freckled brunette just laughed, but obliged to her sister's petition.

Finally they were ready, and decided to go and bring their good friend Innya. They went in search for her, and didn't find her in her usual whereabouts. Neither her room nor the healer's room. They were about to give up on the search but she appeared soon, climbing up the stairs. "Innya! We were looking for you!" Said Mortifera, waving at her while she linked her sister's arm with her own. The alluded turned towards them, approaching with a waggy tail behind. "Hello sisters! What has been going on with you?" She asked, sounding rather excited. She eyed them up and down then, taking notice on the formal attires that they were wearing, which caused them to see confusion in her. "Is there something I need to know about? Why so elegant?" She asked. The Ved'Maovas turned their charteruse eyes towards each other and chuckled. "There is going to be a celebration in the amphitheatre. If you want to come..." Said the brunette, before Mal finished the phrase. "You're very welcome. We all are." Innya touched her chin, thinking, before agreeing and parting towards her room. Like the sisters, she also had a formal attire that she enjoyed wearing in special occasions.

The borzois made their way towards the back of the castle slowly, almost with parsimony so their attires didn't get dirty. Unlike Lukos' event, this would be taking place outside. This reminded them of the rituals that they withheld at the old territory. The firepit, the whale bones forming an arch...everything was ok then, what had changed, what had driven them southwards? They couldn't remember, but they guessed that there they were ok. I wasn't a cave system, though, the only thing that supported them and their need of darkness during the day, but they were already working around that. In the end, they decided no to think much aboutb it. They had a party to attend to, after all.

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A party?! If there was a party tonight, the girl knew what was expect of her. She had to look pretty for mother's sake, and she had to be well behaved and keep her "visions" down to a minimal. She did not want her father to be upset with her if she would speak about what she was seen, when she has daydreams. She made sure that she was well groomed, she made sure that she did not have any blood stuck in her fingers, or in any part of her coat. No blood, no questions that she needed to answer.

Making sure that her curly hair was just so, she make sure to be able to run a hand through her hair, which was cropped to chin level, however, it was tight curls. she wore a cute red corseted dress that v'ed out in the front. With black petticoat under the dress, coming just to her knees, she ended the outfit with a red and black bow on top of her head. She made sure that she was just as cute as she could be, in order to make a good face.

The child came to the gathering coming forward to her mother and father's side, and offering them each a hug, and touching her nose to each of their cheeks. She loved her tight knight family but wanted to see and explore all of this matter in her heart. Sitting down near her family as she picked at her talon's upon her hand.

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