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Non-mandatory meeting for Inferni related to the CdM Conflict! Participating in this counts for a main thread, so you're encouraged to post and have your character react to the news. :> Characters in this thread are all assumed gathered in this post so we don't have a round of arrivals only!

Vesper paced before the stone chairs in the gardens, her blue eyes cold and darting, seeing shadows in every corner of the sprawling bushes and honeysuckle. Her raven sat on the back of one stone throne, watching his charge before croaking softly down at her. The bristling coywolf paused then turned, glancing at him then stalking toward the seat. She leaped onto it, balanced on all fours, then circled and sat down to stare at the crumbling mansion.

Like before, when her paranoia and the tensions in the north -- forgotten now -- led her to speak from this stone throne, Vesper wasted little time between her yapping call and the arrival of her clan. Her pale eyes picked individuals out as always, from the eager-looking Covenant to frowning Vicira, but she lifted her chin and spoke, grave.

You must have heard by now of the tensions between us and Cour des Miracles. She paused to flick a look at Conrad at attention in one of the front rows, who had the grace to fold back his ears. I'm afraid that things are going to get worse before they get better.

Unlike the tensions the previous summer, small spats in the neutral territories, or of the troubles with Sapient that had faded away as the northerners focused elsewhere, Vesper knew in her gut that this wouldn't end without bloodshed. Paranoia was a hissing monster inside her, creeping into her skull and whispering terrible things when the shadows of the future blurred at the corners of her eyes, but even level heads agreed there would be trouble now. She fought with herself from her perch for a moment, but spoke the words as evenly as she always did.

King Silvano has visited our borders again. He's cast blame on us for the disappearance of his son. We've sent him away twice now -- and I doubt he or his warriors are happy about it. Inferni has been at peace for years now, and I'm afraid it's about to break. As much as I don't want war, the clan needs to prepare itself for the inevitable. Bellum, protect your clanmates. Sciens, watch our borders. Fera, train our animals for battle. Sanitas and Mercatura, keep us stocked with medicine and weapons. Stay alert when you go beyond your borders; I advise against going alone or going south.

She lifted her chin and looked at them -- her clan, and in a way her children. Most who'd fought for Inferni in prior wars were dead or gone, their names only a legacy on bloodied history pages; their ranks were full of those who'd dreamed of battle but never partaken in it. She wasn't sure how well they'd fare against the southern Kingdom, and this worried her.

But Vesper hardened her expression against this, and waited for their concerns.

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Kennedy no longer mused the thought of conflict. War wasn't some distant, far away thing that his father told him about. It was there on the face of a king who thought himself wronged, and the wake he and his courtiers left behind on the borders told that this wasn't the end of it. He foolishly thought this tension was only a light summer's rain. Now he felt the draping cloud of a storm that hung over the clan. This was only the beginning.

He sat himself among his clanmates, a few faces familiar, some he did not recognized. The coymutt did not bother to socialize—a meeting at a time like this could only be about one thing. Instead he watched Vesper pace before the gathering coyotes, and his ears flickered against his head. He found himself looking at her for answers; he didn't know where the clan was going to go from here, but despite knowing little of her, he trusted her judgement. Everyone he had talked to held respect for the scarred figure that was still mysterious to him, and he found himself comforted that they seemed to be in capable hands. There needed to be assurance in uncertainty.

Kennedy blinked with a start and straightened when she leaped upon a crumbling chair. She spoke of things he knew, things he had witnessed, so he remained calm where others would possibly react. He knew nothing about the King's son, but blood was blood, and he could understand a father's desperation to find his child. But his distress-turned-aggression was aimed at the clan and with a pack under his hand, the peace the Centurion spoke of breaking was a reality.

Recent tensions only threw salt in the wound, and now it was festering and looking for retribution.

Vesper listed out the clan's duties, and the Tirones knew he was none of these things, but he nodded when she spoke of those ranked as Sciens. He would continue to look after the borders, but the foolhardy search for his sister would be put on hold until... whenever this would end. It would end, eventually—but at what cost was yet to be decided.

There were other things he needed to see to. Training wasn't an option any longer, and he glanced around to see if he could catch Kallistos' gaze among the crowd; it would seem that his archery lesson would have to come sooner rather than later and he would have to catch his cousin eventually and make their midnight musings become real. Green eyes also searched the rest of the gathered coyotes, and he landed his gaze on a few he could assume were part of the warring tier. Clanmates he would also have to approach as well. He knew how to fight, but it was pure instinct that needed to be refined if he wanted to be useful.

Kennedy remained quiet as his eyes drew back to Vesper. He had nothing to say—he knew what needed to be done.

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Cartier was in attendance at the meeting, how could he not be? He was high ranked so he had to be there. And well, he also had to offer his support to the family that had supported him growing up. He squeezed Versace's hand before he left his sister's side in order to slip up behind Vicira and slipped his arms around her waist to hold her close as he sought to rest his head comfortingly on her shoulder. He didn't like seeing her upset and so he sought to make her feel better.

Though when Vesper started to speak he ended up frowning himself. He knew the clan had been at war numerous times before but he hadn't thought he would ever have to participate. He had wanted to be a warrior for as long as he could remember but he had come to the realization that he needn't be a warrior to protect those he cared about. One could fight without having to be a warrior. He had just given up the dream of being a warrior and now was the chance to prove himself.

We should speak to Kaena. She could give suggestions as to what strategies we can employ. It wasn't that he didn't think Vesper wasn't capable but he knew Kaena to have been through war before. There wasn't a better teacher than experience. Kaena would know what went wrong before and with her age he hoped that she would be able to have figured out how to keep the same mistake from repeating itself.

I think it would be good to everyone to at least learn how to defend themselves, even if it is only long enough to get away. He figured that if everyone could at least defend themselves then maybe they could get through this without a great loss of life. Cartier knew it was too much to hope that they could go without a single loss of life. But if most everyone could make it through then he figured they would be doing well.

It might also help to speak to Harosheth. Maybe she could teach basic healing. Just enough to make the injured stable long enough for her to tend to them. Again this fell in line with his hope to have as minimal of life lost as was possible. If they could all learn to at least stem off blood loss then maybe they really wouldn't lose anyone. At least that is what he was hoping with his suggestions. He didn't expect everyone to suddenly become an expert but he had high hopes that the basics would be easy enough for everyone to handle. Of course he knew nothing about healing himself so he didn't know if he had too high of hopes or not. He just wanted everyone to be okay. He would rather no one be hurt in the first place but he knew that such things were unable to be prevented in the midst of war.

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It was like before, he thought, and like before his mind steeled itself to the purpose. War was a living thing, like a fire. Right now it had not grown out of control and had not struck them fully. There had been words; accusations and threats.

He stood amongst them, lingering where the wind could carry away the cigarette smoke. Marlowe had been smoking these more. There was a reason for this, as in all things, but the anxiousness he felt in his chest was not as bad as he thought. Having known war before, he knew what to expect.

The Courtiers were not like Boreas, though. Marlowe did not believe they would behave in similar fashions.

While the clan looked to one another, fretful at the Centurion's orders. A few went further than that, and his eyes lingered on a particular pair a moment longer than the others. Cartier offered his own advice. Equal to Marlowe in rank, though younger, the red-eyed man's voice prompted his own.

If y'all want to train, we'll set somethin' up—but th' Centurion's right about partnerin' up. At the very least, make sure y'all got extra eyes, he gestured to the black birds settling around them. Pausing only long enough to take a drag off his cigarette, the Bellator went on: If they think we're keepin' that kid here, they're gonna be crawlin' 'round the place. Don't let 'em press you on the borders, but don't do nothin' stupid.

He looked to Conrad, who did his best not to flinch under the sharp look, and then to Vesper. When it came to matters of defense, the creed of take no shit was singular.

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Nex knew of the conflict, he'd been there with Marlowe and Kennedy and had heard what the Courtiers had to say. Unlike many others, the de le Poer boy was thrilled at the prospect of war. Although he was young, and had plenty of time to serve Inferni, he was eager to prove his worth. Though, he understood the need to not escalate the already tense situation. But that didn't mean he wouldn't get his hands dirty if the call was made. And he sincerely hoped it was.

The boy listened to Cartier, Marlowe and Vesper's words, clinging onto them like and replaying them in his mind. He made plans, to train harder and learn basic healing. Nex would make himself useful in anyway possible. Despite healing and fighting being far from the route he wanted to pursue, he would learn. It didn't damped his spirits to realise that his artistic skills weren't to useful, but he had a talent for them and was sure they'd be useful as some point.

Nex didn't say anything. He remained quite and listened to the others. But he eyes up the jet black birds that Marlowe had spoken of, and took his suggestion as an order and made a mental note to partner up with a raven.

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Her mother called them together, and Vicira tried to stand tall among her clanmates. It was hard, though, and her crossed arms became a hug around her middle, her shoulders hitched high and an uncomfortable frown slanted across her narrow, pretty face. She hadn't dealt with much strife in her first two years; her mothers, and Inferni, had protected her from all that. Other than Messiah's violent outbursts and the deaths of some scarce others, Inferni had been peaceful. Now everything was going to change, and nothing she read in the history book could prepare her.

Warm, strong arms encircled her waist, and Vicira shut her eyes at the familiar scent of Cartier. She whimpered softly to show her gratitude, lowering a hand to cover his. Though he wasn't a warrior the same way Marlowe and Vesper were warriors, he made her feel safe, comforted.

Cartier lifted his voice in advice, and another joined it -- a drawl that made her stomach heat up even when it was cold with dread moments before. Vicira glanced at the Bellator then flicked her eyes to her mother while those around them shifted and whispered. Covenant had gone to stand with her brothers, eyes gleaming, while a tiny, dark scrap of a puppy sat at their ankles, his red eyes round and wide. Vici wondered if the boy born dead rejoiced in the news as his aunt and uncles did, or if he was old enough now to understand just what this meant for them.

She held onto Cartier's hand and remained silent.

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Everyone is still free to post for points and participation bonuses! I'm posting just 'cause.

She waited for their reactions, worried that voices would clamor in protest -- though there was nothing she could do about this. A very real fear of betrayal lingered under the surface, and when her blue eyes darted over the crowd, they centered on a few. She had no doubts the like of Covenant and Antioch would fight fiercely for the coyotes, but whether this would help or hurt their cause, she wasn't sure. She still didn't want it to come to fighting, as helpless as she felt to stop the impending conflict.

Her adopted son spoke up from Vicira's shoulder, and she nodded. We plan on speaking with Kaena and others who've participated in past wars. Though few remained from such a bloody time; many warriors she knew had been little more than children when the Boreas wolves attacked them. Cartier was right; experience was the best teacher, and Vesper, though strategic, hadn't been a true commander before. She'd only barely been made Centurion under Ezekiel the last conflict.

Cartier continued, and Vesper nodded agreement; there was little else to be said there. Brumaire had headed the project for the training arena, and it was there to be used.

I will teach, Harosheth agreed. The old coyote had been quiet, at the fringe of the group, but looked at Cartier and then her apprentice of sorts. Everyone should know how to stop bleeding, to keep stable, she went on, borrowing Cartier's phrase. Her earrings clinked softly when she looked up. Those who cannot fight or don't want to fight can stay home, nurse the hurt.

Marlowe spoke up, echoing Cartier's advice and gesturing to the ravens. Vesper watched the dark birds. We depend on our pact with the ravens, she said. Ensuring they're fed and cared for is important; most them know commands or enough to warn of trespassers and suspicious strangers near our borders. Some of them might be willing to take on a coyote partner; myself and the other Falconers and Ravenmasters can guide you in this, if you want to visit Ravenswrest.

Her eyes sharpened at Marlowe's warning, and her lip curled. Yes -- they will come sniffing around. But we aren't going to bring the fight to them. Defend yourselves, take care of trespassers, but we don't need any more incendiaries. Attacking them on your own, giving them a reason to hurt us, will kill more of yor clanmates than you think you'll protect.

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Battle, the cry was, and Antioch's blood turned hot. He had gotten his first taste of battle for Inferni when he had found Ferret, who was standing nearby. Though his scruffy companion had begun to look a little better, he was still small for his age. With Antioch at his side, Ferret looked childish—even if he was, like the Bellator, lingering away from the group in order to smoke. That had been one of the first places he had raided, right after the kitchen, Antioch recalled.

Ferret liked to steal as much as he liked to fight, and he was pretty decent at both.

Antioch was more simple. Fighting was enough. He didn't have to love God, only obey, and that made it easier not thinking about what the future might bring. Fighting would be crude and bloody, and they would suffer for it. The path to heaven was one of suffering, if his elder siblings were proof of that. The horrible miracle that was his nephew was proof that sometimes, there was mercy.

Sometimes mercy came like a knife.

It was information of caution, of preparedness, of training. Antioch only half-listened, thinking on how he might best make himself stronger—to pass into the rank of Bellum. Marlowe's advice had Ferret prodding him in the back, though this was expected. They had already agreed to partner up, especially since Ferret could do the talking for both of them if they ran into trouble. Antioch hated talking to people and Ferret filled this gap well.

He offered nothing more than a loud exhale at the end of all the talk and flicked his ears to ward off a buzzing noise. Even if they weren't calling it war yet, that was what it was destined to become.

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The calling took the pair by surprise, but something in the air had already sparked the suspicion that something like this would come. Kasia had learned that the King of a pack that she had vaguely heard of in the past paid them a visit to discuss a rather delicate matter. Apparently his son, a sort of prince, had disappeared, and he held the infernians guilty for such an act. She couldn't do but scoff at this. Sure, Inferni had a reputation, but as far as she knew, those times were long gone.

Now that the occasion to speak up came, she did not hesitate to participate in the meeting. When she arrived, several clanmates were there already. Yari accompained her, as always, and both found a comfortable place to sit, next to each other, and paid attention to what Vesper had to say. She began posing the situation right ahead. Cour des Miracles was upon them, she knew, but regarding the battle, she was taken by surprise. She didn't expect it to go to that extent, but nedlessly said, she nodded when her rank was acknowledged. Of course she would help with the stock, one could say she'd been doing it from some time now.

Her attention was diverted from the creamy-coloured hybrid when she heard a familiar voice speak. Cartier, of course, a long standing member to the clan. His suggestions sounded useful, and when she heard the name Haroseth and the word 'healing', she couldn't stop herself from sparing a glance in Yari's direction. With so many people, said Haroseth could probably use a hand or two. Apparently the jackal thought the same, because he tried to get on his feet, but Kasia put a hand on his arm, indicating him to wait for their turn to speak.

Marlowe was the one who followed, and then Vesper and Haroseth. She couldn't bear her words anymore and so she rose, kneeling on one knee. "I myself have a proposition to do. As a smith I can take charge of the stock of weapons. However, if any of you wishes something bigger or of their personal preference, you can speak to me and I will do as possible to fulfill the request. Also..." She pointed at Yari, who rose a hand and waved it as a response. "Yari here is also versed in medicine, and could lend a hand to Haroseth if necessary." Promptly after saying that, she shrunk on her place once again, expecting the next words to be spoken.

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Still settling in within her newfound clan, her newfound family, the false goddess was keeping primarily to herself, prettying up her room, tending to her companions, and making sure her place among the coyotes was one she wasn't going to question, one she would not second-guess. The desert beaut had never known true family, and having it now – or whatever it was she had placed herself within – was still foreign and strange, a concept that would take time to adjust to, time to wholly accept. The body was willing, it strolled through the clan's claim like it had lived there for years and meandered up and down the length and breadth of the realm as if it her paws had stepped there before, but the mind still grappled with the idea of it being her home, her true home, and now the tides of war seemed to be lapping at its doorstep.

With Kali perched upon her shoulder, her bright yellow eyes leering warily at all the canid creatures spread out before them, the living flame had found herself a nice little place to lurk near the back of the crowd, oversize ears pitched forward and attentive to the words of the Centurion. Eyes of burning gold were narrowed curiously at the scarred femme as she delivered the news as well as instructions, warning everyone to be on guard and wary of outsiders. With a slight tilt of her head and something akin to a sigh slipping soundlessly from her nose, her long arms rose to cross loosely along her stomach. She didn't know what or how to feel about the news since she didn't have much at stake within the clan, not yet anyways. If anything all she felt was the faintest twinge of excitement in the pit of her gut, a longing for something to happen, something exciting, something dangerous. As a seasoned huntress she was no stranger to battle and though her enemies were usually her prey or other predators, she had still spilled her fair share of canid blood.

Molten gold scanned the crowd, reading the reactions of others, large ears listening as one voice rose up over another, spouting questions, concerns, and suggestions. The wild femme had nothing to add, nothing at all to say really, but she lingered regardless, curious about how things would change, as they most certainly would. With no personal experience with such a thing, she likened the tribulations of war to a wildfire, a devastating thing that swept through a place and swallowed it up, leaving behind only scorched remnants of what it once was. There was no telling if what was happening now would lead to such desolation, but something was going to happen, and the thought of it was just as thrilling as it was unsettling.

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