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POSTED: Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:00 pm

Looking for a partner for your coyote? Try out a raven! Takes place a few days after the pack meeting and after this thread. This is open for multiple characters and there will be no established posting order; post whenever it is convenient! Remember that you can make your own raven if desired. ;3 This is also a thread eligible for one of this month's thread prompts!
"Check out the ravens over in Ravenswrest -- they could always use a meal, and the happier they are, the better they serve the clan. They're quite easy to please!"

Kennedy landed on the ground with a thud as he dropped down from a tree, managing to land on his feet and steadied himself with one hand as the other pressed against his chest in a closed fist. He breathed heavily for a moment before he huffed loudly and began to straighten himself from the ground. The last time he had climb a tree had been months ago, and while he was fit and in shape, he found it rather difficult to pull himself around in a body he wasn't quite used to.

However, there were fruits of his labor. As he stood him, he withdrew his hand away from his chest and uncurled his fingers to reveal pearly eggs—unharmed from his ungraceful exit from the tree. He would have climbed down if he had not thought that he heard the bird returning, and not wanting to suffer a mother's wrath, he had made his escape. But as he looked back up at the tree, nothing was there to shift the leaves besides the healthy wind that stirred the forest.

Kennedy huffed in embarrassment and bent down to pick up a leather bag that rested against the trunk of the tree and carefully placed the eggs within it. At least no one was there to see him get spooked by a breeze.

He had been lucky to come across the nest. He had been walking through the Riparian Moors when he walked until a solitary tree and saw the roost, just begging to be plundered. The coymutt did not have much remorse for stealing the eggs; it was how nature worked, and he needed more food, anyway.

It wasn't for himself, though. In his bag he carried various other treats—raw meat cut into small pieces, mice, and even a few fish. All of this was for the ravens; Kennedy was determined to see if he could partner with one of the birds in light of recent events with Cour des Miracles, and he decided the quickest way into their hearts would be through their stomachs.

He cut through the moors and through the Great Village on his way to Ravenswrest. The walk through the decaying, half-sunken town was unremarkable up until Kennedy was almost scared by a bird. He did not see it, but the rush of rustling feathers and wings that disturbed the air caused him to jump, and he looked around but did not see where the creature went. He snorted, grumbling something about how he was tired of being messed with by the wildlife, and he continued on his way to the copse of trees where the ravens made their home.

He reached Ravenswrest about early afternoon, and his walk through the strangely-marked trees stirred the birds and his presence became quickly known. Caws echoed around the trees, and soon he was being followed by a few of the ravens, shadowing him as they stared at the Optime coymutt in expectation. They knew those that visited them usually brought food, and when Kennedy stopped at the charred stump, they began to alight on the lower branches.

"Coyote bring food?" one of the ravens who could speak his tongue asked, their voice rough and their head bobbing. Kennedy looked at the surrounding before, only about a handful of them, and he nodded and he began to untie the bag much to the delight of the surrounding birds, ringing up a chorus of caws and coughs. "Yeah, I think I brought enough for all of you. Just, um, wanted to show my appreciation." It felt weird to talk to a flock of birds, but he supposed it wasn't the strangest thing he had ever done.

The ravens did not seem to care about his gratitude, however, only interested about the fact that he had food, and he tossed a piece of meat into the air that was immediately snapped up by one of the younger birds. "My name's Kennedy, by the way." The ravens who could speak began to echo his name, asking and demanding him to throw more food.

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POSTED: Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:48 pm

He'd found his raven on the day Vesper called Inferni together. A small, timid and usually mute girl, by the name of Cecilia. She'd been the only one who'd seemed remotely as curious towards him, as he was towards her and the rest of the murder. Any interest the rest had in him ended and began with the scraps he brought to them. Although she said very little to him, thank you's, introductions and hellos, it was more than anyone else bothered with.

Nex visited her daily, and today was no different. For most of the morning they'd walked together. hunted and now they had made their way back to the murder. Cecilia was tolerant too, putting up with the youngster's antics. She herself was a child in avian terms after all. The dusky coyote leapt high into the air, attempting to jump as high as Cecilia circled above him.

He stopped however when he saw Kennedy, calling out a cheerful, 'Oh, hey!' The boy trotted up closer, 'You partnered up yet?'

POSTED: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:00 pm

The sound of a light cawing not far away from where the pure coyote stood, opening her way through the folliage that led to the Ravenswrest. Clawed feet disturbed the untouched soil as she approached the place she aimed for, this time lacking the company of her tiny little friend. The purpose of her visit to the ravens' sanctuary was due to the recent events involving the pack. Cour des Miracles were prone to attack the coyote clan, and every advantage had to be taken. One of these included the extra eyes that the ravens provided, and further advantageous would it be if they responded to a particular coyote's call.

For some time now, Kasia had visited the ravens every now and then. She brought them food, and even played with the most playful ones. With time she noticed that some individuals started to take a liking on her, even cawng her name when she came along. This time, she was decided to fin a particular one and partner up with it, if not forever, at least during the time that the conflict lasted. This time, she had brought both berries and cooked meat to please the everlasting apetite of the animals. However, as she closed the distance between her and the sanctuary, she realized that she wouldn't be by herself. She saw a couple of silouettes near the clearing, both already familiar to her. One that she had seen at the pack meeting, and the other she had met shortly after. Kennedy was his name, as she recalled. She stopped and eyed both before making herself present. "Hey." She greeted, walking forward and placing herself beside the coymutt. She burrowed her hand inside her backpack and retrieved the piece of cooked meat. A trio of birds cawed when they saw her, saying her name a couple of times before perchin on a low branch right above her. She eyed the dark-furred canine, realizing that she didn't know him, probably neither he did to her. "Name's Kasia, but you probably know already." She said, pointing at the birds above her. She then turned around and cut a piece of the meat with her hands. She threw it into the air, and saw all three of the birds fly into the air and pursue the gift, only one of them managing to grab it in time.

POSTED: Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:15 am

You're awesome for starting this, Kai! Vesper is around to help anyone out with the ravens, and is Optime form (omg wut) accompanied by big burd Stark.

Vesper sat on a sturdy, high branch overlooking the darker stumps and logs that littered the copse and marked trails where coyotes had passed. Her legs dangled, her claws dug into the bark as she leaned back, smiling faintly. A raven sat on the branch beside her, large and shaggy-throated, and croaked softly to her when voices echoed through Ravenswrest.

Lot of coyotes coming, Stark said. Birds getting fat.

The Centurion laughed, showing her teeth, and grinned at him. As long as they earn it, right? She shook her head, her unkempt mane shaking about her shoulders. Her smile faded. We will probably need you. She shrugged a shoulder. You're safer than us, flying around the borders.

The old bird sighed. He walked farther down the branch and unfurled his wings a moment, stretching them to their full five feet across, then rested them against his sides again. He glanced back at Ves and cawed softly. Her ears pricked as he spoke, and she replied to him -- in low, accented tones, paired with gestures of her hands. Her eyes had hardened.

Taking Cartier? Stark began, in English this time, when a shape whizzed by his head. Screaming a curse, the big raven launched himself off the branch after the juvenile, and Vesper allowed a smile to touch her lips again. She dropped down from the tree and loped into the woods where she spotted her clanmates and dozens of shrieking, hungry birds.

Boss, boss, cawed some of the youngsters, and a couple of birds landed on her head and shoulders. She laughed, unbalanced, and croaked to them in their own tongue. She shook herself to send them off again, and crossed her arms as she looked to Kennedy and the others.

Having much luck with these guys?

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POSTED: Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:53 pm

Short but this has to keep on XD

Vesper came as a surprise to her, who had already started cutting some more meat for the trio that cawed hungril at her. However, when they saw the Centurion, they quickly joined the horde that came down to greet her. Kasia nodded in her direction, and approached. "Not really a trouble, they are just noisy." She said, half heartedly. She felt her lip curve upwards and then moved her sight from the coyote hybrid to the birds, who were still lingering around her leader.

She was still curious about how the birds would react to her, and even if she'd manage to partner up with one. She rose an arm into the air, a piece of cooked and smelly meat laying on her open palm, and surprisingly she saw one of the shadows that had previously left her to greet Vesper go back to her side. Sure, she wasn't that far away from her, only a few feet, but the bird still showed some interest. It cawed nonsense before taking the food on its beak, and managed to say more in a very rough high speech. Kasia complied, cutting another piece, but found herself surprised when the bird rose from the branch it had been standing on and landed on her shoulder, cawing loudly next to her ear. The smith froze, not really knowing what to do, and eyed Vesper in search for help.

POSTED: Thu Aug 13, 2015 10:25 pm

Sorry for the wait, guys! But like Luna said, feel free to post whenever to keep the thread moving! :3 Vesper, help these silly raven noobs.

Kennedy was starting to worry that the birds were going to mob him for all his food when a voice called out. He turned to look, but the raucous chorus of upset voices as his attention was diverted made him whip back around to the ravens with a wide, surprised look and he continued tossing food at them. But he managed to see it was the kid that was with him and the Bellator when the King came to demand for his son.

"No, not yet. But hopefully soon -- I think these guys are starting to warm up to me." Perhaps that was untrue. All the birds seemed interested in at that moment was to get as much food as possible. Some called for their favorites, which Kennedy would have thought to be charming if they weren't all booming at him.

He tried his best to satisfy their requests as more clanmates started to appear. Some of the ravens became distracted and he glanced beside him as a woman began to approach and came to stand beside him. Once it seemed the birds became aware that the one they called Kasia had food, a few of the ravens forgot Kennedy was even there and began to pine for her attention, demanding and echoing her name like they had done to him.

The Fisher snorted at the turn of events and he huffed to the female, "Faithful birds, aren't they? My name's Kennedy." Having a better chance to sneak a better look, he turned do the younger male again and he said, "I don't think I got your names before?" He gave a pointed glanced upward to show he was referring to the boy's feathered companion.

Again the ravens became distracted, and he followed the bodies of a few that branched off to watch them land upon the Centurion, and he watched with curiosity as she croaked at them. Kasia answered for them and Kennedy remained quiet as he tossed more food at the birds to keep them satisfied and quiet for the most part. Another raven joined the the flock, but strangely, it did not join the fray to fight for a scrap. And even more unusual, it had white eyes that seemed to be trained on him.

With a tilt of his head, he tossed a mouse into the air near the white-eyed bird, but it remained motionless, and an older raven zipped to snatch the morsel. His brows drew together in confusion, and he muttered under his breath to himself, "What's wrong with it?"

"Snow," one of the ravens croaked as she answered him, and a few of the others mimicked her. "Eat egg only. Ravens look, watch, Snow eat egg only. Do have eyeball?"

Kennedy gave a shake of his head and he tossed the female a sliver of rabbit meat, which she seemed content with despite her request. Snow was still watching him, and the coymutt noticed that he had not made a sound ever since he came. Both a little unnerved and a little curious, he dug to the bottom of his bag and brought out a pearly egg. When he looked up, the white-eyed raven was on a low branch, his eyes intently bearing into the canine.

But a loud caw broke his concentration, and the Fisher turned to see one of the ravens took occupation of Kasia's shoulder, and he raised the hand holding the egg to gently wave off the bird, but a flash of black moved forward and landed on the length of his arm. The weight stopped his movement, and he too froze as Snow nosed his beak at his fingers, and after a moment of realization, he opened his palm to allow the bird to eat the egg.

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POSTED: Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:32 pm

The wooded hollow was loud and dark with ravens. It was a comforting chaos to Vesper, who noted that most of the birds seemed big and healthy -- no doubt due to the protection and feeding from the coyotes. They swooped from shoulder to shoulder, cackling and coughing and croaking, pestering those who fed them. Kasia claimed they weren't trouble, but seemed frozen when a dark thing landed on her shoulder, cawing.

Vesper laughed and let out a barking croak to the bird, which peered at her then shuffled a little further down the length of Kasia's arm, nipping for the food encased in her hand. It's okay. They're like coyotes, kinda. Show them who's boss.

Boss! Boss! a small bird cried.

Stark coughed laughter. Showing Stark who's boss all right, he said. Ves glared playfully at him then looked to Kennedy, who had an older, white-eyed bird perched on his arm -- instantly recognizable.

Yeah, that's Snow, Vesper agreed. He comes by the Great Village a lot. Myri feeds him some of the haul from the chicken nests. He's quiet. She smiled and inclined her head. Seems to have taken a liking to you. Who knows, he might stick around. She glanced at the gray de le Poer and his bird as she said this, feeling a little better that one of the family was connected to the birds. His was a sweet raven, young and bright, and she hoped he wouldn't hurt her.

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