Shine your darkest light into my eyes

POSTED: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:32 pm

He walked from that cave until he was out of sight of Misery and Death, then he snarled and broke out into a run. Over the sloping stone, through valleys alive with insects and underfoot flowers, up into the pines. Their Mountain’s peak was named for how it raked the underbelly of the sky, though the clouds were sparse now.

Damnable sunlight fell in hot slants through the evergreens, and Fire stopped behind one broad tree, lingering in the shadows, panting softly. He smelled her, knew she was at prayer. The love-hate of the white god, the jealousy and revulsion, kept him at bay with dry hollow throat until her whispers fell into contemplative silence.


Dark lids fell over burning orange-gold eyes. He steeled himself, counted slowly to ten as she’d taught him, and stepped into the light.

Hope was slender, beautiful, her pale crown anointed with hair near dark as sin. It fell down her back and swished as she turned, her own fire-eyes staring at him. How could she be chosen by Ankh when the darkness and the fire gazed back from her lovely, smiling face?

If Misery spoke aloud his name then surely Hope would have died on the pyre with him, blackened by his unspoken sins.

“Fire,” Hope prompted again, gently, and strode toward him. Her pale, modest gown billowed about her lean legs. “What happened?”

Her small white hands reached for his. He wrapped his bleached fingers around hers slowly, gently. His voice was a croak. “They’ll burn me.”

She did not seem surprised. Her eyes became distant, and she tilted her head, as if listening to a voice only she heard. Like him, she had been chosen. The thought haunted him, sometimes. She’d only told him.

Ankh wants me to save you, she’d confessed, long ago, their bodies still that of children, though he’d wanted her even then.

“I need to leave the Mountain,” Fire continued. He squeezed her hands, then reminded himself not too hard. Her gaze focused sluggishly. “You’re coming with me.”

This time her widened eyes and pinned ears betrayed surprise, and she tugged her hands free of his, stepping back and clasping them together under her chin. “Wh-what do you mean?”

He stepped toward her, abandoning the trees for the clearing she stood in. He squinted against the sun but stared at her. “Our grandmother charged me with following Bane—and taking you with me. She has plans for the Mountain. I’ll keep you safe.” His voice was a rasp, husky, low. He eyed the curve of her throat above her fidgeting hands.

“I—” Hope began, but tightened her lips on the thought. Her eyes flicked away, back at him. She lowered her hands. “If it is Ankh’s will,” she said. There was a small shift in her face, something faintly resolute. “I will go with you, Fire.”

He knew that she would follow him, that she had put too much faith in him to abandon him now—dared to hope that it was fondness rather than only duty, too. But the Mountain was all they’d known, and Hope, but for the mutters and stares that accompanied her determination for a lost cause, was one of the ones who might have done well.

But with Misery on the throne, only god knew.

Fire smiled at his sister, gently, and thanked god again.

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