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Skills thread with Dusk Rephaim! WC: 1004

It hadn’t been tough to find Dusk. Since he had jumped back and forth between the scouting and fighting subordinate tiers, their paths often crossed. Wraith figured it was about time to find a new training partner since Ithiel had left. She also wanted to talk to Vesper or Kaena about sparring, but she thought it would be best to branch out a bit (and Kaena was a bit terrifying if she was honest).

She found Dusk near the mansion with a knife in one hand and a block of wood in the other. He was sitting on the porch, with his back against the wall and his legs crossed underneath him. He was holding the piece of wood in his left hand and was hunched over slightly, balancing his left elbow on his knee as he drew his knife across the wood.

Wraith lingered on the porch for a few moments before Dusk glanced up. She paused and then trotted over. Unlike Dusk, she was in her four-legged form, so she stood over his hunched form.

“Dusk, right?” she asked. He nodded. “I found you when you first joined Inferni,” she added.

“I remember,” he replied.

“I was wondering if you would… you know how to spar, right?” she asked. He nodded again. “Would you be able to teach me a bit? I mean, I’ve learned already, but I want to learn more.”

“Sure,” he said. He looked like he might smile, but Wraith got the feeling that he was a very serious individual. She stood up a bit straighter and raised her tail, as was customary for someone of a higher rank. Although Inferni didn’t really follow wolfish standards of submission, sometimes it crept up on her.

“Good. Would now be okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied, as he collected his items. He pushed himself to his feet and then paused and added: “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go put these away.” He jerked his hand to indicate that he meant that he’d return them to the mansion. Wraith nodded.

When he returned, he was in his four-legged form. He brought her out behind the mansion where the snow was patted down and firm.

“Have you ever had to fight someone on ice?” he asked. Wraith shook her head.

“Why?” she asked.

“Just another thing to think about when you fight. Sometimes it’s wet, snowy, icy… it makes it tougher. You said you’ve sparred before. Who with?”

“My sister, Lucy, and my dad, sorta. I was too young, but he’d tell me things. And when we were at war with the wolves from Boreas, I fought some of them,” she explained.

“So you know a bit, but not a lot,” Dusk clarified.

“Yeah,” Wraith said sheepishly. “I’ve done more with bows and arrows, really, I guess,” she said with a laugh. Dusk contemplated this and then nodded.

“Okay, no ice. Just snow. Over here,” he said, and then pounced into a part of the lawn that was still covered in a thick layer of snow. He started to move.

“How would you attack me if you can’t see me?” he asked. He burrowed through the snow, grinning.

“Hmm, I dunno,” she said. She tried to follow him, but had to jump through the snow. The top layer was a lot lighter and the bottom layer (older snow) was packed more densely.

“You can see most of my body, but not my feet. So focus on my legs and my head.” He started to walk. “Where’m I going?”

He started to circle Wraith and so Wraith followed the movement. He sped up and Wraith followed, watching as he moved.

“Now, come get me,” he said. He grinned and then feinted as Wraith tried to swipe at his legs.

“Again!” he shouted. Wraith tracked his movements and this time was able to get her teeth around his front leg and give it a shake. He retaliated by grabbing the fur on her neck and tugging her, sending her stumbling.

“Lower yourself! You’re off balance!” he barked, and then attacked again. Wraith tried to lower herself a bit and raised her tail for balance. This time, when he tried to swipe her paw with his own, she deflected it with a smack and then rushed at him, snapping at his neck. As she ran forward, he swiped again and sent her tumbling.

Wraith rolled away and then rounded him again looking for another opening. They circled one another for a few seconds and then Wraith rushed forward with a roar, snapping and biting. The sudden onslaught surprised Dusk enough that Wraith was able to push him down and nip at his belly. Once he ceded the win to her, they began again.

They continued their movements, attacking and defending, until the snow was all packed down. By the end of it, Wraith was panting and so was Dusk, but now he was grinning.

“That was fun,” he declared.

“Yeah,” she agreed, grinning as well.

They trotted back to the mansion. Once they got to the porch, they both shook off their coats (they were dripping wet now that all the snow had melted) and Dusk grinned at her again.

“Sometime you’ll have to show me that bows and arrows thing,” he said.

“Archery?” Wraith asked.

“Yeah, that. I’ve seen some other members with them, but I’ve always only ever fought on four legs. Is it very different?”

“Very,” she agreed. “It’s cool, but tough. But if you can carve stuff, you should be okay. It’s tough if you never use your two-legged form, but easier if you do. It just takes practice,” she explained.

“I can see. Well, you keep practicing!”

“I will!” she replied. She trotted off to head home and maybe find a hare to eat. The training had made her hungry and though she’d been tempted to ask Dusk if he wanted to go for a hunt, she knew that Lucy and Nate would be up for the task.
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