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OOC: Thread prompt! Observe a successful flight or find a downed bird.

She was so glad to be back. She couldn't get over how excited the scents of her pack mates welling in her nostrils made her. Exhaling another deep breath, the fire furred female walked through The Forest of Nod. It was bustling with life. She could hear ravens cawing from every angle which mingled with the sounds of songbirds playing their melodies for the pack to listen. It was a different type of excitement than when she became part of Sonnerie again, a peaceful excitement if such thing existed.

The Lykoi girl leaned down again and again to pick up the raven feathers that dropped from the trees above. Every now and again she could hear the shrill cries of young birds in their nest, which she would stop and listen to for a few moments until they were silenced. Then, she would continue walking and collecting her treasures. A few of the feathers she found already were attached to the braid behind her ear. It was a symbol of her pack and a symbol of her pride for them. The shiny black of the feathers contrasted the multi-colored beads at the end of the braid, mostly reds, oranges, and yellows with a purple and blue bead for even further contrast. What the other feathers would be used for she wasn't quite sure, but she knew they'd be used for something.

It a single moment the peaceful bustling of the forest was interrupted by ear-slitting and panicked caws of ravens in the distance. Only two could be distinguished and they were piercing. There was another sound mixed in. A stronger, louder cry filled the air. With the hint of trouble, Kára burst into a sprint towards the chatter. When she reached the source, there was one raven on the ground and another above with a nest. They were flustered, angry, beaks parting continuously as beady eyes searched overhead. Crimson orbs followed the feather's creatures gazes to the sky but she saw nothing but the tops of trees.

What the hell! She shouted, running forward again. It was then that a larger, lighter colored bird burst down from the sky and through the trees at the pack of ravens. Hawk! She thought loudly. She wasn't sure what exactly what was transpiring but the raven on the ground seemed to be protecting something. Kára released a fearsome growl as the hawk swooped down at the group, talons extended and ready to grasp at whatever it could. One of the ravens intercepted with a shrill caw, the two birds locked. When the Lykoi female reached she yapped loudly and growled again which was enough to send the hawk back through the treetops.

She continued to growl, feeding off the raven's anger. Eyes shifted back wards them after watching the attacker clear the trees and landed on the group, which seemed calmer now that she was here. What is it? What did he want? She cooed softly, eyes finally settling on a third raven which she hadn't seen before. He was smaller than the other two which were clearly his parents now that she saw him. He still had glimpses of downy feathers between his flight feathers, just barely ready to fly. It seemed all his siblings had flown away already. Maybe he'd been startled out of the nest by the hawk, or simply didn't make it to flight. Whatever the reason, she wouldn't let him be hunted.

I'll see him to the skies mom and dad. She said with a grin as she knelt down to pick up the young bird. The father, who was on the floor, seemed hesitant to let her take him. He didn't stop her, most likely because he thrived off the food Inferni provided for all ravens that came to the pack. Ravens were smart and he knew Kára was an ally. Stinky dog!! He squawked before hopping closer to Kára. Hey! Shut it or I won't help and I'm a coy-wolf! The young bird seemed to be having trouble standing, maybe a broken leg. I'll help, okay? The larger bird pecked at her leg, but she ignored him. Help!! He shrieked again and Kára just offered him a scowl. I am. She said shortly before she noticed the scent of blood.

Eyes darted to the older male. He'd been hurt by the Hawk. The fire furred female shook her head. Yes, I'll help you too.

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Hal dawned his dragon's least favorite outfit. It struck fear in many and he couldn't argue with results. His foot steps were heavy. His eyes stern and cold. Even Lionel had this stern air about him. The ax tipped on his shoulder the edge glinting in the light. His bowie knife firmly strapped. The trees were alive and he felt the energy around him. Hal was never a soldier. He still wasn't a soldier. He was a trapper. A hunter. A medicine man. A black smith. A light of hope. But sometimes to save your patients life you have to kill what's ailing them. Yet he wouldn't put the name of soldier on him. They fought through orders he would fight through his own beliefs. If peace could be found he'd find it. Nothing could keep him away from this path.

The sounds of nature's war raged on and rang through the trees. It seemed the beasts found him. A hawk begun its agitated descent. Lionel was aimed at. Hal growled in rage as even his rodent friend stood up and chattered at the injured hawk. It swooped but in place of a small rodent was Hal. Hal was in a blind rage. He put himself in the line of fire. He couldn't let anyone hurt Lionel. The talons met his arm. His other hand grabbed the bird. It bit and scratched. He snapped its neck. The bird went limp and fell to the earth. Lionel chattered crawling up to Hal's shoulder. It was painful. His shoulders and arms had cuts that were deep. Even his hands had a few scratches. This was well worth keeping his rodent safe.

Still even injured he was heading to see where all the yelling was coming from."What the bloody hell is going on here?" Hal was oozing scarlet fluids yet he seemed hypnotized by the oddity. Ravens? They must have been the first victims.With a small smile he knelt near the group. "I guess you guys were the first ones hit by the hawk welp don't worry I took care of the oddly violent creature." Hal hated to admit he got cut up by a bird. But he couldn't lie. He got hurt protecting Lionel.

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Once they were out of danger, Kára could further assess the situation. Her first priority was the fledgling who seemed to be in pain. His beak opened to emit a constant stream of low pitched chirps. It wasn't the proud and boisterous caw healthy ravens made. With a vexed expression the Lykoi girl reached out to pick him up. He didn't seem so trusting of her, though she ignored his slight struggling. Crimson orbs washed over the bird and examined him. His leg didn't look broken, but was slashed down to the toe, and and the was a gouge on his shoulder. Stupid Hawk. Does he not know that any coyote here would rip him to shreds if we found him messing with our ravens? She said quietly to herself.

It was then that Hal made his entrance. The scent of blood strengthened in the air and Kára turned to him. There was clear contrast from his bright coat and where the blood was making it quiet evident he was injured. Not you too. The fire furred female muttered with the shake of her head. She stood up, still with the young raven in tow. It had calmed down. As she stood, the father raven shrieked and hopped towards Hal. Stinky! Stupid! Dumb! He shouted. Kára shook her head yet again. Don't mind him, he's upset from the attack and he's got a fowl mouth. She said, grinning. I like him.

Let's go. I'll fix you both up. She headed back towards the center of the pack with the young raven and his father followed eagerly. The mother stayed behind for whatever reason, but she seemed to have no qualms. She must have been one of the many ravens who trusted Luperci. As Kára passed Hal she turned to look at him with her brow cocked. You. You come with me too. Troublemaker. She demanded with sass and a carnal grin. Try not to bleed out on the way. It'd be pitiful to have to explain how you died.

What happened was that damn raven attacked this fledgling and his father. Now I have to fix all three of you. She was a bit cross from the attack and the whole sitation. Now Hal was hurt too. She didn't even look at his wounds, but if she couldn't turn around and assess him now. Her pride always got the best of her. Are you okay Hal? Those wounds looked bad at a glance. We should hurry. She told him, not even turning back. The worry shone on her face for all three of her injured counterparts, so she just kept walking.

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The crow started to insult him. Hal couldn't help but snicker. The creature was adorable. Even with its vulgar mouth Hal liked the little bird. It pained him though that the younger one got hurt. So sad. He still could respect a beast that can make his dragon happy. A task that wasn't the easiest but well worth all the trouble. It always made him happy to see here happy. Here words to him were teasing and he chuckled following her. He would march through this and survive. The scratches weren't too deep. In fact they were slowly coming to an end. He yawned though. Injury always made him tired. He was a sleep healer. Every type of pain made him want to just go to bed and ignore it.

When asked about his wounds he spoke only the truth. "I'm fine I just bleed a lot they are slowing down a bit so I think I'm fine sweetie." Hal ran his fingers through his hair. He wanted to get wrapped up and head to bed right now but they had to get to the medics first. He was one though which was the odd thing. Yet he had no equipment for his wounds. So he couldn't argue that he could fix himself. Perhaps if they made their way to his home but that was further than healthy.

Oh how he wished he stayed home today. Nothing here felt just right. It was all painful and their was a stress of injury in the air. THe small bird wasn't in good shape and now they had a while to walk. Nothing was really looking that good.

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The adult crow had been hobbling behind her, also injured. The Lykoi female stopped and turned around towards the bird, kneeling down and offering an arm. She smiled when her new feathered friend gladly hopped up her arm and onto her shoulder where he perched. Meanwhile, Hal confirmed that he was indeed okay. Her eyes washed over his injuries again. She'd have more chance to examine them once they got inside and she got him sat down. Mostly it really did just look like a lot of blood. Kára stood and offered Hal a soft smile. I'm glad you're alright. But, um. Does "Sweetie" really suit me? She asked with a light chuckle.

She then turned to walk towards D'Neville mansion. The scent of blood was strong in her nose, now that the father crow was perched on her shoulder. His chest was also bleeding. Was everyone bleeding but her? She almost felt like she should have done more to that hawk than just scare it away. It'd been a troublesome creature that seemed to only cause pain to the ones she cared about. Good thing Hal took care of it. It'd be a shame if it had gotten away unscathed.


Finally they reached the mansion and to Hal's small room. Once inside, Kára snapped into leadership mode, or healer mode, she wasn't sure which. Hal sit down. Tell me where I can find the proper stuff. Eyes searched his room, waiting for guidance. The adult crow fluttered down next to Hal and gazed up at him with beady black eyes, his eyes then shifted to Lionel and teased him with a the mimicked sound of squirrel chatter followed by a mimicked laugh. Kára couldn't help but smile widely at him. She was enjoying his mockery and mimicry. I'm going to call him Omen. I think it suits him. Now where's the stuff! She shouted sternly, the look of utter determination on her face.
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His room was organized with minimum furniture. It was meant to spare time when in search but t seemed such a fiery mind couldn't think clearly. She was always in a rush and Hal simply shrugged it off. The crow could barely find something to mock about Hal so far. It was amusing. He only smiled. Lionel on the other hand scurried over to confront the crow. His paw bonked the father on the head before scurrying away fast. Lionel and Kara two energized beings handling their care. He wasn't the most comfortable with this. Hal spoke up calmly. "Kara calm down, there is a bundle of wrappings, stitches, and a bottle of alcohol to clean the wounds hand them over and I'll get it done you can't really be jittery when doing this stuff." It was true he was scared to let her handle the alcohol. You could blind someone that way.

Also he can barely stress enough how much it took to get that bottle from Krokar. The silver wolf was very keen on his selling price. Costed him some deer and a rabbit but he got it. He had no intention on going back to the silver male just to get another cause he broke the bottle. So much had to be done and he held out his hands. Then it hit him. He couldn't wrap p his own arms well. "Well uh I actually think you need to do this...just breathe in and relax we'll get this done calmly also if the little guy needs any painkillers they are in the box marked by a snake." Hal was scared. If she tried to stitch he knew he'd be worse off than before. Oh but he cared for her, he truly did.

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A loud caw came from Omen as the squirrel bashed him on the head with his paw. He hopped towards the creature, though didn't threaten to do anything. Rat!! He squawked before hopping away from the pair to a safer and calmer area. He didn't have the energy to pick a fight right now, the gash on his chest oozing crimson life force. The raven fluffed up and settled down. The fire furred female was concerned about the state of her friends and knew nothing about medicine. Frantic eyes searched the room before moving to set the smaller raven down beside his father.

Hal's calm voice chimed in and her eyes shifted to focus on him. She listened carefully, moving immediately to look for the items he described. She was swift in her search, finding the items easily in the relatively empty room. I can do it Hal. She said firmly, gathering the necessary things, including the painkillers, and heading back over to Hal. She knelt before him, determined eyes focusing on his. I think we need to fix up the baby first. He's in bad shape, and Omen isn't looking to good either. Are you alright? She questioned, worry also shining through her tense gaze.

Kára picked up the baby raven and motioned for Hal to hold him. The feathered child seemed calm, but it may only be because of the amount of pain he was in. His feathers were ruffled, and eyes half shut. Hurry Hal. What do I do? Eyes lifted back to Hal's and hands readied to grab the proper utensils to fix up the bird. Guess she was learning how to be a medic today. The silver male seemed worried also, probably because she was barely a novice healer and the fate of his arm was in her hands. Kára cocked a smile and rested her hand on his leg. It'll be fine. I can do this. Trust me Hal. She assured. She didn't have a clue what to do, but she knew she was capable of learning.

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Hal was disappointed in Lionel's demeanor. Of course the rodent had seen his master be harmed by a bird and so the small brained animal was still sorting out the situation. Hal worried for the birds and his wounds. Each of them were susceptible to gangrene. The longer she took the higher chance they had to contract the limb killing disease. He met a man who would not treat a wound but instead wait till they needed to be cut off. It was a honor thing apparently. He was a warrior that let himself get hurt. He believe he deserved to lose limbs. He spoke that it was a fine trade off for suicide.

When she mentioned the youngest needed to be treated first Hal started to think critically. The baby needed to be carried. It would need aid first. Then the gushing father. Then the leaking Hal. Yes this would work. "Treat the child then Omen and finally me I have a lot more blood to lose." Hal grinned hoping to calm her nerves as he held the child gently. He needed to tell her what to do. "Get a rag and pour the alcohol on it and start dabbing all over his body black feathers don't help us find wounds, avoid his nostrils, mouth, and eyes," Hal waited for this to be completed. "Now then we just have to put any damaged limbs into splints, the wing in a strap, the alcohol may have hurt like hell but it should have stopped the bleeding."

Hal waited till she finished her duties his head turned to the desk. "Take the thickest cloth I have and strap it around his injured wing like a satchel." It was complicated but he believed in her. He trusted her.

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The Lykoi medic gave a swift nod and wasted no time doing as Hal instructed. He never mentioned if he was okay, but she listened anyways. Of course he wasn't in the best shape, but he was honest in his words. The birds were much more fragile then coyotes were. As Kára leaned down to pick up the bottle of alcohol and a rag she offered him a gaze and a smile. Don't lose too much alright? I don't need you fainting before It's your turn. She held the rag to the bottle and tipped it so that it began to soak into the cloth but not spill all over the place. She was no true healer, but she knew the value of alcohol. It'd helped her earn her horse after all and she'd traded for a bottle or two herself.

Once the rag was wet, she did as instructed and leaned forward to dab the bird's leg. The fledgling was squawking and struggling before she even reached him. The scent of the alcohol was probably strong enough to alert him. No, calm down. You're moving too much. She told him, scared to place the wet rag to his skin. She knew it would burn. She flinched as she finally gathered the courage to dab his skin and feathers. He struggled harder but Hal seemed to have a good grip on him. Sorry. She did this as quickly as she could, making sure to get all of the exposed flesh and surrounding feathers. It really was hard to see the actual wound with the surrounding feathers turned the same color, but the alcohol provided cleaner feathers and enough contrast to see them.

A large exhale came from the fire furred woman as she finished this task. The young bird calmed down a considerable amount once the alcohol was done being administered. As Hal gave her her next tasks she looked up at him with wide eyes. That sounded like a lot. Cleaning the wounds was easy, but she didn't know how to do anything he just told her to do. Luckily, he chimed in to explain further. Ears irked backwards as she searched for the thickest cloth. Once she found it she looked back up at him, unsure. She really didn't know how to wrap it the way he was telling her to, but she soon focused her burning gaze on the bird to try. Uneasy hands lifted and place the cloth under the wing first and began to move it around. Once it was back in the front, she crossed it over. It actually made more sense when she was trying it. Like this?

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He had used alcohol on many occasions. Too many got injured to apply alcohol regularly but it was always hard to see the more sensitive wounds get treated. The birds fighting was normal. He'd dare say the bird did better than a few luperci he knew. When the wounds were clear in view it became obvious. The wounds were small but numerous. That was a blessing. When blood soaks fur or feather it is either a few deep wounds or many shallow wounds. Perhaps a very sensitive vein or artery could also be considered for such a drench.

When it came to wrapping it was a hard thing to mentally to go through but when one begun to perform the task it was the easiest part. Nothing fighting you like the alcohol. When the fiery woman held the wrapping in proper position asking for his judgement Hal smiled. "That's great he should be fine now Omen's turn he and I need wrapping and alcohol on our wounds you'll do fine trust yourself." Hal grinned giving a curious thumbs up with his bleeding arm. No matter, he trusted the woman in front of him. He believed in her being.

There were two patients left. They had plenty of supplies. The key is speed. She needed to clean them up before infection could occur. Any forming bacteria could be killed with alcohol. She just needed to work fast.

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