[M] Stargazing And Bone Gnawing

Lithia Napier

POSTED: Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:40 pm

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(000)My idea for this is that perhaps she could practically fall into him whilst he's enjoying the night sky. But we'll see how this goes. I'm guessing you aren't too worried about if this gets a bit Mature reading about her!! Situating this just north of Blackmoor Castle, as though he has found himself a little dip in the Trenches and has set himself up a little camp.

The sky above was dancing! It was a spectacle to behold, and there was no better place to view it then in this southern area, with the sky open above him. The ground below was cooling as the night progressed, the darkness in full swing, the stars twinkling, and meteors passing intermittently. The moon was large and deep in colour, a bloodied red. Matching eyes peered up, deep ruby, and flickering over the lively sky. Pure white fur glistened, clean of markings that usually adored the snowiness. He had had to take a dip in the ocean that surrounded this area for his meal, with the help of his vulture companion. She had directed his thrusts with a crudely shaped spear from hard wood he had found in the oak forests that sprawled just west of his position. The small shark he'd managed to capture had been an interesting find, more like a dog fish then anything, but definitely a predator judging its thick hide and sweet flesh. The teeth had intrigued the Collector, and so, he had hacked them rather haphazardly from the jaw, and was idly, whilst admiring the ceiling above him, was drilling holes haphazardly with the tip of his dagger.

There was a fire, but the meal he had was sat beside it, throwing a lurid shadow across the bowl in the Trenches that the Bone Collector had designated as his own. Blood pooled towards the flames, and occasionally sputtered and flickered as it slipped into the heat of the fire. The sputtering orange glow filled the hollow, the scent of blood burning wafted around. The tendrils of smoke spiralled up, dancing lazily to the same tune as the stars above. There was no discernible breeze, and the grey loops of smoke rose perfectly upward towards the heavens above. To the side, on a lump of drift wood, the black vulture sat hunched, her own fillet of shark next to her. Her face had flakes of the soft flesh smeared down the sides of it, her feathers tainted with the saltiness of its blood. Her head dipped again and snaffled more of the meat up, throwing it back. She ruffled her feathers happily, and the Bone Collector looked at her through his bone mask. He took his blade in hand, and sliced a strip of the shark off of his own portion, and slurped it down, equally joyous in the taste of this predator.

"One of the best meals we have yet to have here, bird." He murmured, and sliced down the length once more, making portions before setting his blade away from himself. With careful deliberate movements, the skull that seemed so glued to his visage was pulled free of his ears, and set into the glow of the flames. Using one clean hand to rub at his features, and ruffling the slicked fur that had sat beneath the skull for so many days. The deepest of the scars on his visage were across his bridge, one skirting his right eye, the other straight across his muzzle, the other following his maw a little. His ruby eyes flickered as he watched the flames, a hand lazily drawing out from his side, and taking one of the pieces of fish, and popping it into the sharpened mouth. Ears flicked back in appreciation, and his eyes closed a moment. "We have done well here, sister."

He cast a gaze out towards the horizon, the blackness of the sky so pinpointed with light that it wasn't difficult to see beyond his little hollow. The orange glow made anything close difficult to spot, but further afield, things were spotlighted in the bloodied glow of the moon. Flopping onto his back, the Bone Collector smiled to himself. "We have chosen well here, bird." He murmured, looping an arm behind his head to prop himself up enough to help himself to his meal easily.

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The Witch Doctor

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Place: The Trenches
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Hi! Let me know if I should change anything?

Being out at the dead of night reminded Lithia of her rambunctious, rebellious times as a child. She remembered when she was still adolescent, she boldly crossed the borders without anyone’s knowledge and delved into the trenches. It wasn’t that time that she ran into trouble, but there were others. Once she encountered a cougar and the other, a strange man who, despite the “tough girl” façade she tried to have, scared the crap out of her. It was that moment that she realized why rules had been in place.

As an adult, with her own skill set and knowledge, the same rules didn’t apply to her anymore. Like her mother, she could take care of her own and if she backed herself up into some situation, she could get herself out.

She originally had been heading for Grandfather’s Tears, but a faint flicker of a campfire caught her eye deep into the Trenches. Carefully and quietly, she headed towards the bright flicker. She was positioned much higher than it and whoever it belonged to made camp beneath some of the larger hills. Smart. Most passing Luperci would not have even noticed it, yet Lithia preferred to walk on the top of the hills. In the bright moonlight, she was noticeable this way, but she usually saw anyone else before they saw her.

She slowed when she got closer, crouching to the ground and peering over the hill. The wolf relaxed beside it, and beside him, a bird similar to the one she saw at the swamp witch’s camp. She wondered if this bird would give away her cover, or was it just in it for the food. It tore at some flesh at its feet and so far hadn’t been as inquisitive as the one she saw in Fellmoor. Her eyes averted back to the snow white stranger. Who was this man? And why was he so close to Anathema? Still crouching, she carefully started down the hill towards him, hoping to get a closer look, but not be seen.

She crept along for a while, not making much progress because of how slow she was going. The hill bent further towards the middle, which forced her to move a little quicker, sloppier. Something snagged her foot and sent her tumbling forward and suddenly the moon, the hill, the gravel, all of it was spinning into oblivion. When she finally stopped rolling, she hit something warm, something that moved almost as quickly as she regained her feet.

She jumped back a couple of sets and regained herself, yet the earth was spinning and she felt so woozy she could barely stand. ”I’m sorry,” she breathed, trying to get her eyes to remain on him, rather than trying to spin around in her head.

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