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The calves were adorable, and as much as she tried to stay away she found herself being drawn back again and again. The docile nature of the caribou along with the playfulness of the calves was something she could stare at for hours. Sometimes she would sit with them and doodle on her sketch paper, a striking likeness of each and every one of them was contained within her book that was also filled with Krokar's various breathtaking landscapes.

She approached with a sack full of apples and pears from the trees in the forest and the interest was instant. They began to move towards her, the calves at the front of the herd, lowing their excitement. "You guys, at least you know who loves you. You're straght to me, as the crow flies as it would be." She laughed to herself and began to feed the docile animals around her. Noatak soon bumped the calves out of the way to take his rightful place at the head of the herd. Close behind him Anyu butted forwards curiously.

She had a respect for the large animals, they could easily hurt her but there was a sense of community amongst them, they knew she to be a protector as well as a provider. She could sit at peace with them, and all too soon her bag was empty of goodies, she made sure each of the herd got at least one treat.

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From across the field, an unruly goat bleated loudly and was answered in turn by another. Milos looked up from where he was milking Jean and frowned at the piebald doe and her yearling. For her part, Jean turned her thin neck in Amara’s directly but held perfectly still as the Drover collected the last of her milk and rose to his feet from the stool he had been sitting on. The goat cried again, eyes wild and tongue extended. ”What’re ya goin’ on ‘bout now?” he barked at Ama while Jean meandered lazily towards a particularly juicy patch of weeds.

Milos lowered the milk pail and stool over the wooden fencing, out of the reach of the ruminants, and padded curiously towards the noisy creature. Another chorus of bleats accompanied his trek and spread an amused smile across the man’s face. ”You too, Sela?” he chuckled at the smaller yearling. The young doe stared at him then snapped her oblong head back in the direction Amara was fixed on. Milos narrowed his eyes across the field and snorted a jovial laugh at the revelation.

Surrounded by the caribou stood a solitary Krokaran, golden in the summer sun, and in her hands were offerings of apples and pears, delicacies Amara and her brood greatly coveted.

Shaking his head, the Wayfarer cleared the fence and trotted towards the blonde woman at an easy pace. ”Makin’ th’ goats right jealous!” he called out, mirth in his voice. Upon hearing the bi-colored wolfdog, Jack rose his magnificent head and watched him approach with an expression Milos preferred to think was filled with delight. ”'Ello Nvda, Jack,” He waggled ivory fingers at the inquisitive buck. One of the young calves leaned forward curiously, large dark eyes watching as he neared their paddock. ”Makin’ some new friends, are ya?”

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She could hear the goats bleating too across the field and saw Milos hard at work milking. She didn't like to disturb those who were working though and kept her attention on the animals that she was lavishing love and treats onto. Next time she would be sure to visit the goats and give them some treats too. She set down her sack and pulled out her sketch book, taking a few steps back she studied the herd, its closeness. She started a few cursory sketches, the rough outline appearing in a few seconds of concentration.

She looked up as Milos approached and smiled at the dark male, "Osiyo, Milos." She laughed softly as he spoke of the goats, "They are always jealous, whether of each other or someone else does not matter." Humor swam within her eyes, Nvda had always felt a connection to the creatures of the earth, she had since she was a little girl following around at her Uncle Ibycus' feet whilst he took care of the horses and AniWaya's other livestock. She flipped closed the sketchbook and held it at her side, she never showed her drawings until they were finished, it would be bad luck otherwise.

"Yes, I've found bribery seems to work quite well when making friends. At least those who graze." She looked back at him, he was quite good looking and his body language was very open and friendly, she continued to smile softly, "I've actually been considering becoming a Herdsman. I do enjoy taking care of the darlings. Do you need any more help around here?"

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There was something in her hands as he approached but Milos hadn't noticed, too distracted by Jack and the young calf. He glanced from the looming buck to Nvda, catching the humor in her mismatched eyes and nodded exuberantly in agreement. "Truer words en't never been spoken," he laughed, offering a small shrug as though to suggest there was little to be done for that. The goats would always be the unruly, annoying things he knew and loved; if he hadn't wanted the challenge, he would never have pursued a rank as Drover.

Passing easily across the fence and into the caribous' paddock, Milos caught sight of the thing beneath one arm and glanced at it curiously. "Been readin'?" he asked, but then thought that maybe what she had was too large and thin to be a book. He tilted his head a touch. "'r drawin'?" Despite his skills with leather and cloth, the Magnate have never considered himself creative and was certainly not artistic. As it was, he was also not the slightest bit literate so whatever Nvda held at her side wasn't anything Milos would really be knowledgeable with. Still, he was interested and he recognized he knew so little about the speckled Greenhorn; it seemed only polite to ask.

Chuckling with her response about bribery, the lean man nodded again and patted the pockets of his pants. "That's why I en't never leave home without a good coupl'a handfulls o' dried fruit," he said with a smile. "Makes 'em a bit more compliant, too." Milos lifted one ivory hand to meet Jack's inquisitive nose and scratched gently at the velvet fur. It wasn't exactly what the bull had been looking for but he seemed to appreciate it all the same. Glancing sunshine back upon Nvda, a broad smile spread the length of his maw and he let out a cheerful huff. "A'course we could use th' help!" he said happily. "'Specially with th' new calves, it'd be good t' have th' extra hands."

Milos paused to scratch at his shoulder and watched as two of the calves nudged one another playfully. "Take care o' th' other animals mainly but I help out with th' caribou whenever I can. There anythin' you're curious t' know 'bout 'em? Or bein' a Herdsman?"

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