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I'll swim and sail on savage seas

In each hand, she twirled a spear as she walked.

The woman had a jaunty air about her, each step more a bounce than anything else. Her life was good, her belly full, and she was gearing up for a day of physical endeavors. Those were all the things she loved the very best, and she could not help but feel joy. The male was a friend, of sorts. They had spent no time together outside of the lessons but she did not begrudge him that. Open and friendly, she respected the dark pelted Parhelion, though she did not know him well.

His home was well kept and cozy, and not terribly far from the one she now claimed. Cabin eight would need some repairs but she looked forward to the labor. Her heart was one most glad when she had work to do. A mischievous little gleam shined in her pale yellow eyes as she stopped twirling the spears, and thumped his front door lightly with the one held in her left hand, and rocked on her pale heels as she waited to see whether Milos was in.

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OOC: <3 Feel free to take that either way. With his insomnia, it wouldn't be unusual for him to forget if they had had a lesson set up xD I'm down with either c:

Blazing upwards with narrowed apertures of molten gold, the silvery head of Meerclar, resident queen, slipped from the flap of leather at the base of the cottage door. It had been an unfortunate time for the cat to vacate the residence, the spiritualist's knock arriving just as she was about to slide through the minuscule cat door. Her head buzzing with the sound of the sharp rap of wood on wood, she slithered soundlessly between Iroquois' athletic legs in a movement as quick and fluid as a river, flicking around once she was safely out of the way to hiss irritably at the powdery woman. "Cat here too," she growled in poor High Speech, long tail twitching fractiously. "Mind."

Ever impatient, Meerclar turned and stole away through the brush, anxious for the hunt and caring little for any words the woman may have for her.

From behind the cottage, hands coated with slurry of brain matter and water, Milos had heard the knock and scrambled to rinse the stinky muck from his fingers. "Be right there!" he called out, dashing to the sandy shore of the nearby lake. As quickly as he could, the Magnate scrubbed the tanning material from his hands with handfuls of abrasive sand and cooling water. He had just finished applying the brain slurry onto his newly scraped hide, the oils from the creature's own brain working to enrich and seal the skin before he would move onto the subsequent steps the next day.

Ivory fingers were still dripping with water as he passed between the cottages to the front of his home. The motion of Meerclar slinking away caught his attention first and he watched her disappear beneath brush before twisting his dark head around to his visitor. "Iroquois!" he barked pleasantly, mindful of how he must stink of brains. And then he caught sight of the spears and bit the inside of his cheek, thinking quickly. Had he forgotten they had a lesson today? "Er... were ya waitin' long?"

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