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Meet the pupperz

POSTED: Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:59 am

It was hard for Luca to believe just how large his pups had grown in such a short period of time. Finished his morning chores he made his way on two legs, in full dress, towards the gardens he felt a thrill of excitement. In the den the night before he and Lyris had finally decided it was time for the pack to officially meet their children. For weeks now the two girls had been playing inside the den, and sneaking towards the exit at night, and playing in the shade of the great willow during the days. Their little blue eyes were wide open and they finally were responding to their names, which came as a great relief to the parents who were tired already of chasing after them.

Most pups in Casa seemed to be introduced to the pack rather early in life, and indeed Indi and Teagan had made an appearance a half moon ago at their mother’s oath, but even then they had been bundled up against their father’s chest, hidden by a cloth sling. When he arrived across the river of the gardens he was pleased to see that Lyris was already out of the den with the girls, watching them tumble over each other as they pawed at each other’s faces playfully. “Ready?” He prompted his mate, before lifting his head up into the air and calling for the members of Casa to come celebrate their new family.

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POSTED: Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:48 pm

plz excuse my uber messy post. come say hi to the babes! (+300)

With every day that passed, Lyris found that picking up her daughters became bit by bit more difficult. Just this morning, the Cavallo realized she had to pick up Indi and Teagan one at a time, first carrying her pale koi-pelted pup out to the willow and then her darker-patched, whose blue eyes were beginning to lighten; a sign that Teagan was not born with the eyes she would wear. Indi's, on the other hand, were blue as the sea and showed no new signs. Lyris was convinced the Knight would keep her cerulean gaze.

Once out in the sunlight, the mother shifted from her canid to bipedal figure, stretching gratefully her sore muscles in her new skin. Nudging the babes past the drooping wall of the willow, Lyris lay on the grass while Teagan and Indi tumbled. She was surprised and oddly relieved that her hair did not have the length to become tangled with dirt or twigs; instead, the sheared style gave her reprieve. In the warmth of the sun, Lyris would like nothing more than to steal a brief nap, but never dared while babysitting. The gurgling river, however shallow it may be, was only just across the way and the very last thing she wanted was curious Teagan or rambunctious Indi rolling in...

Before long, familiar footsteps twitched her ears, and the new Artiglio straightened, sitting upright to smile at Luca as he approached in his Mani garb. Lyris had considered retrieving her new fox-lined cloak from their house, but thought better of it, too unconcerned to bother with a petty attempt at appearing formal. At her mate's questioned the scarred female simply nodded, and as their father howled Indi and Teagan paused in their play and rolled closer to Lyris, though couldn't be concerned enough to wait for what Luca's call entailed. In a vicious leap, Teagan pounced on her mother, and Lyris dramatically rolled back, releasing an oof as Indi followed her sister's prompting. It would not be long before more Cavaliers began to arrive, eager to see the soon to be knights.

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