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omigaaawd it is time for fiyah. I figured it made the most sense to just get to it~ There's some mention as to travel/etc by Inferni members, which I hope is ok with everyone <3 Otherwise, please allow the Inferni group to post first!

The violation could not go unpunished.

Antioch had stayed up all night, thinking, patrolling. He had missed the incident, but the stench of the bastards was still thick in the air. Without knowing who they had been or why they had come, he could only assume it was meant to be an act of antagonism. They had no wolves here – no wolves living, at least, and only a few who might have looked the part.

Encouraged by the idea of retaliation, Antioch and Ferret had gathered two others and traveled south. They took the woman who had sparred with them before, knowing she would be valuable, and Belial. As plans went, they did not have one; they would try and breach the borders and see what damage might be done.

Then Antioch had an idea – or a vision, a thought, a voice told him – and so he had made Ferret bring an overburdened bag which sometimes rattled and clanked as he walked. Every so often, Antioch would hiss at him to be careful. The four did not travel as a group; the idea was that they would strike near one another but not as a unit.

It would be less likely someone would be caught that way. If they were, the others would not be far.

Ferret and Antioch made their way into the forest, scenting the wind. When they reached a point where this turned strong—and flowed south—they stopped.

While Ferret fumbled with the bag, Antioch kept a look out. Making use of pine tar taken from the Inferni store, Ferret applied hunks of this to nearby trees. Antioch paced here and there, and pointed out dry-rot branches. They worked quickly, and gathered a small pile. To this, Ferret applied the rest of the tar (by dumping it, and the jars, unceremoniously on the whole mass) and further splashed oil to make flash-fuel for the fire.

Using stolen matches, and grinning with excitement, Ferret lit the mass of branches and bounded back. When they began to catch, he took one like a torch and held it against the trees the tar had been spread on.

The wind was with them. It fanned the fire, which caught fast and hot.

Antioch had a sense of déjà vu and did not understand why, but it felt like destiny. They had to wait – the fire had to spread enough before they left or the Courtiers might be able to put it out.

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Molten gold watched as plumes of smoke slowly rose into the sky and a warm yet eerie glow appeared in the distant trees, oversize ears giving a twitch to the sound of crackling wood, nose breathing in the scent of fire. She wasn't sure what the two males were up to until it had begun, and looking at it now – not too far to the south of them where she had decided to wait – she couldn't help the contented grin as it spread upon her sharp coyjack maw.

When the duo had come to her she more than willingly agreed, more than happy to enact some vengeance upon those who had so impudently violated the sanctity of Inferni's borders, those who had harmed the only other coyote she dared call her friend, and those who had started this whole damned war in the first place.

At the start of it all she had taken it upon herself to keep close to the clan and watch their flank while those more battle ready formed the tip of the spear against the Courtiers. She did not know her enemy yet, but every day another Infernian returned to the clan broken and blooded – or not at all – she felt a fury growing within her, and when it finally came time to take up arms against them, she was no longer willing to sit back and bide her time.

Her grip on her bow tightened as she toed the invisible line between the claim of the Courtiers and the neutral lands, her gaze moving from the fiery glow beyond the trees to the spread of forest ahead of her. It wouldn't be long before they came. They had started this war when they came to Inferni with their accusations, their lies, and their audacity to attack the clan head on within their own territory. Now they would see the great error of their ways.

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(300+) Sorry for the late guys!

The group had headed south to the Courier’s borders in retaliation. They had come to Inferni’s lands, causing more trouble and the coyotes could not, would not sit back and just let that happen. Antioch came to him and Daeva with a plan so delicious it almost made the Massacre drool. He wanted to set their borders alight with the glowing flower, the flame. Daeva had been going, and his lord knew he’d follow her anywhere, but he’d also follow death anywhere. And fire was sure to bring on some sort of death or injuries that would surely bring infection, which death would come later.

The Infernians spread out, Antioch and his friend, Ferret, with the fire-setting supplies, and he and Daeva in further directions. The coyote was a little bummed that he was not able to contribute to setting the borders ablaze because he really wanted to, but he would bring death his souls by other means. Daeva brought her bow, and Belial had his dagger, if he were even to use it. He wasn’t a skilled fighter, as Antioch would know, but he would take care of his own, even if it was in a messy, haphazard fluster of arms, claws, teeth, and a dagger somewhere in the mix. He would not die here. He killed enough Luperci, and not-Luperci, in his past. He should know how to defend himself in the least.

Looking towards the direction where Daeva, Antioch and Ferret were, he could see a large, black plume of smoke rising into the sky. The trees were burning. The trees and shrubs were burning. His heart began to pound – but not out of fear, out of excitement! It wouldn’t be long now until the Courians realize there’s something burning nearby. Maybe their trees, maybe their members… Either way, Belial was ready.

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So for extra drama, CdM pNPC Haven is coming to investigate as well. While we should avoid any life-threatening injuries on him, feel free to engage him as well! He'll be using his sword while on horseback so you long-distance folks might have fun with him. ;D Vague entrance is vague~

...stupid and pig-headed, Linden concluded, glaring angrily at his father.

The taller Aatte looked even less enthusiastic about his son's outburst. The two men had been discussing what had proven to be a largely unsuccessful attempt to breach Inferni's borders.

More importantly, one that Linden – and the other scouts – had not been informed of.

Skoll is a man of action. He is doing what he thinks is right.

That doesn't change the fact he put lives in danger, the Marquis spat. He had been frustrated with Skoll's behavior but accepting of it, though this last incident was beyond the boundaries of acceptability.

His father the Knight didn't seem to think so.

No one was forced to go with him, Linden.

I'm not talking about them

A flock of birds winged overhead, screeching and noisy. The two men watched them, puzzled, but the wind was moving fast. The smell of smoke came with it, and all of Linden's fears were realized in an instant.

Things happened quickly after that.

Drogon! Haven called, and the dark horse hurried to his side. He pulled himself into the saddle as Linden hoisted his quiver onto his back and called Gunther.

Haven issued a yah and spurred the stallion.

Dad wait! Linden shouted, but his father was riding hard, and his father was leaving him behind as he always had—

By the time he and Gunther had started running, Haven was long gone. Linden readied an arrow and followed the smell of smoke.

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