The night belongs to you

POSTED: Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:11 am

(300+) Anyone welcome! These two are situated behind D'Neville by the lake. NPCs: Izual Massacre

Izual stood at the edge of the lake as Belial sat on the cool grass, attempting to pry the bottom jaw from a still bloodstained sheep skull. He chose a large enough male sheep, killed it, ate it, and figured that its skull would make a great mask for Inferni’s Devil’s Night celebration. The thin Massacre had a rough time carving the patches of skin from the ungulate’s face, however. Izual continued to make fun of him from the lake, but Belial ignored him for the most part as he worked hard on his piece.

”You’re scary enough already,” he taunted, not bothering to look over his shoulder because he could hear the grunts and the chips coming from his brother. ”I would love to wear a wolf pelt to the party… I wonder if that would be frowned upon…” he wondered calmly, finally turning to see Belial had just popped the jaw from the skull without breaking it entirely.

”These coyotes are confusing. They said supremacy was okay, but then wind up killing or exiling the ones that show it…” Belial said, tossing the jaw bone over his shoulder. It landed with a soft thud in the grass behind him. ”I’d rather be safe than sorry…” Even though he knew Izual didn’t care all that much.

Izual had been a loner for much of his life, except for when their mother forced them to be in the pack with her. When she “died” and the boys went their separate ways, it was Belial who joined another group and Izual who disappeared on his own for a long while.

”I’m so tempted, though… a nice white pelt of a female. I’ll leave a little blood on it just so everyone would know it was fresh… I’ll be the talk of the party!” Izual didn’t particularly care about being “popular”, but stunts like this made him want to be revered. Maybe he secretly wanted to be remembered as one of those crazy Infernians… like Cotl, perhaps.

”Not in a good way,” Belial remarked, scraping off some of the fleshy bits left over on the skull. Once he was finished, he fit it over his face and it seemed to fit snugly, and would fit better when a leather strap was fastened onto it. The nose hole still smelled like death, though, not that it particularly bothered him. He’d need to soak it a little better to get the rest of the fleshy bits off…

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