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Borders; FD to 10/9

POSTED: Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:25 pm

It was refreshing to see Tzila for a little while, but even in their shared time of grief, neither one of them wanted to be reminded for that long. She left after their visit with AniWaya, and she forward to Anathema’s old territory, and then she went back home to record what little findings she had on a map that wouldn’t lead them anywhere anyway. It must’ve been the satisfaction of feeling useful, of having something to show Axelle when she was feeling down. Lithia wished she could share that compassion, but instead of there with her mom, she stayed far away. She contributed to the cause in her own manner, wondering whether she’d be the one to single-handedly find him or to single-handedly bring the worst news of all.

But she didn’t want to think about that.

Instead, straight from her time with Tzila, she left for Inferni. There wasn’t much to be learned from AniWaya, and how could she pass up Inferni if she were aiming to travel all the way up to the Tides? Maybe the coyotes would provide her with valuable information, since from what she understood, Itzal was one of them for a short time before he joined Anathema and met her mother.

The sun hung low in the sky, casting different colors over the horizon and preparing it for night. Dusk brought on deep oranges, greens and purples that littered the clouds and behind that, a deepening blue sky shone through. The trees easily became dark silhouettes before the bright, but darkening sky. Insects chirped in the brush and birds settled down for their slumber. Lithia was nowhere near slumber. She craved answers.

With the white beast, Totem, at her side, Lithia approached the skull tipped border that she had watched on so many occasions before. She eyed the skulls, wondering if there had been any new ones added since she had been here. Snapping her eyes away from the gates, she threw her head back and howled into the sky, calling for anyone to come speak with her. She didn’t want anything of Inferni, nothing that they should have been suspicious about. She did not come asking for trade or information about them, but rather information about who they have seen lately.

The white beast relaxed at her feet, laying his head in the grass, while Lithia, armed with a dagger and her two short swords, waited quietly at the borders. Her scent was hidden, so her affiliation shouldn’t have been a problem – still. Even with sadness on her brain, she was always alert anyway.

(300+) Anyone welcome! Forward-dated to 10/9

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